Rock ‘n’ Roll recap

I was on the blog showing Jenn what my hair looked like back in December and then I started looking through all of my old posts & you know what?
I really miss blogging.
I feel like I never do it anymore (because I kind of don’t get around to it anymore) and it’s making me really sad now 😦

Honestly though, I have no idea how bloggers like Caitlin, Tina, Meghann, etc. have the time to blog as much as they do.  Just to give you an idea of how out of the loop I am with the blog world right now, I didn’t even know Meghann got a new blog until just now.  Seriously, when did that happen?

With all the excitement of school, hanging out with friends, & schoolwork, I really don’t have the time to blog.

Speaking of work, I haven’t done that in way too long.  My bank account is slowly dwindling away and it’s kind of freaking me out a bit.  I really need to start working again.
This is going to be a short post because I’m working on a homework assignment right now; however, I need to post about the big event.

I did it!
I ran my first half marathon!

Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. Oh wow.
Finish time: 2:22:13

I’m going to be smart about this and say something.
I should not have ran the half marathon in that condition.
That being said, I am glad that I did it and extremely proud of myself.

At points, I really didn’t think that I was going to finish & later on, my dad told me that he had his doubts about me finishing as well.
I felt horrible.
I woke up the morning of the race and felt completely sick.  While I was making breakfast, I even took my temperature because I thought I had a fever.  I felt like I was going to throw up, but still didn’t want to miss out on the race and was hoping it was just pre-race jitters.

During the race, I had to stop a few times because I couldn’t breathe.  Taking a gu at mile 6.7 was a stupid idea considering I already felt like my throat was covered in goo from being sick [gross, but it’s life].  I would come to a complete stop, bend over and basically hyperventilate.   There were a few times that I started crying out of frustration, but I quickly learned that doing so only made it even harder to breathe.
Thankfully, I only really consider myself having walked once.  The other times that I stopped was because of being sick.  I also started to stop and walk at the water stations because it was too difficult to drink while running and I knew that I really needed to hydrate as much as possible.  There was one water station that I actually drank 3 cups of water/cytomax.

The race itself was a really nice one.  It was pretty flat, other than the bridge that was had to go over – not fun.  I ended up bringing my phone so I could listen to my pandora application during the run, which I ended up being really thankful for even though there were several bands along the route.

Pain. My legs hurt like crazy.  I sat down after the race and seriously wondered how I was going to manage standing back up.
Gross: I had the typical “I can’t go to the bathroom” problem that I usually have race morning.  Thankfully, it ended up not being a problem at all during the race.
Uh-oh: My right foot is messed up.  Seriously, messed up.  I’m not sure what I did to it.  I went to the doctor a few days after the race because of my sickness and I brought up my foot to the nurse practitioner.  She told me that it sounded to her like a tendon problem.  There’s no swelling or bruising in the area; however, I’m not ruling out the possibility of it being a stress fracture.  Right now I’m just trying to wear really supportive shoes and stay off of it as much as possible.  She gave me medicine to help with the pain, but it hasn’t made the pain go away completely.
The worst part about my foot is probably the fact that I can’t really exercise like I would like to.  As I mentioned since I got to school, my eating habits are HORRIBLE.  Way too much ice cream & carbs are being consumed for me to not be running.  People have suggested for me to try out the elliptical, but I don’t want to chance hurting my foot even more. I really need to start doing something though.  Lifting weights? Floor exercises? Gosh. I’m too lazy for this!

Well. I really need to get back to my homework now!


What do you do when you can’t do your normal exercise activity?

Almost race time!

At 6:30 tomorrow morning, I’ll be finding my spot in corral 17 of the Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon

What’s going through my mind right now?

  • I did not train as well as I should have
  • I kind of have a cold right now

I’m confident that things will work out though.

My plan for the race is to start off around a 10 minute pace and try to stay at that speed for as long as possible.

Time for some honesty:

I’ve been eating way too much ice cream. This definitely needs to change asap.  It’s like I think that I have to eat it at every meal because I’ll never be able to eat ice cream ever again.  I don’t even know.  It’s ridiculous.

For the most part, I’ve been eating grocery type food for breakfast, but occasionally I get something from the dining hall.  No, I didn’t eat all of that bacon.

Jennifer and I went out to Cold Stone one day (for lunch…)

My willpower is horrible, I know.  I got the peach cobbler ice cream : )

There’s a chick fil a on campus that takes dining dollars, so Jenn & I decided to go there one night when the dining halls were closed.


This isn’t a new thing.  I’ve actually been sick for quite a while now, and it’s not fun.  I went to the doctor on the 24th and nothing was really determined when it comes to what I have.  She did put me on antibiotics though just in case it’s some sort of infection… well, I’m guessing that wasn’t it.

Instead of going back to campus, I went to my house to make some real food.

Toast & a scrambled egg burrito.

With a side of antibiotics.
You know what really doesn’t make sense? The directions are to take one capsule every 8 hours for 10 days.  Every eight hours?? That’s like 3 am one morning, 5 am another… what in the world?

Dining hall food… enough said.

More dining hall food… saturday’s and sunday’s they have brunch rather than breakfast & lunch so I’ve been going to those with some friends since we don’t have class.

Garlic bread, some sort of chicken alfredo, mashed potatoes & green beans.


Jordan just moved back to VA from Georgia and she came to visit me!

She brought Cooper and we went out to PetSmart to buy him a new crate.

We also stopped at Taco Bell for lunch.  I could resist trying their Frozen Margarita.  It actually tasted pretty good : )

Chicken Chalupa Supreme (no tomatoes)

Another night, I went home so I could do laundry.  Obviously, I texted my dad asked him what was for dinner.

Venison Cheeseburger and Asparagus

More college food.

I have actually been doing a pretty good job when it comes to eating veggies.  If only I can stop myself from gorging on ice cream at every meal.

Friend time:

Jenn, Robert & Troy

Troy, Robert & Matt


Joey & Johnny
Johnny & Jenn

Robert & me
Matt, Robert, Sean & Troy

As you can see, Jenn & I mainly just hang out with the guys; however, I do have more chick friends than what is pictured.  Guys are just way easier to get along with.

My roommate is great, but I’m never there.  Everyone in those pictures lives in the same building, so I spend all my time over there.  I’m actually going to put in a transfer to move over there sometime this week.


Monday/Wednesday/Friday is a workout for me.  I have 10 minutes to walk from Philosophy to Business Statistics and then 10 minutes to walk from Busn Stat to German.  It takes about 8 minutes speedwalking to get to those destinations.  I actually kind of feel myself getting shin splints from the walk.  Not good.  Tomorrow after the race, I’m going to stop by my sister’s and pick up my bike so I can get around more quickly.
Tuesday/Thursday I have plenty of time in between classes; however, they’re my least favorite classes.  Applied Calculus & my 300 level Philosophy class.


I’m going to get all of my gear together, plug in my garmin, & get ready for bed.

Sleep is probably going to be impossible tonight.  The mixture of my cold & the pre-race nerves are going to make me restless mess.


What would you do if you had a cold when you are registered for a big race?

I love college

I’ve been totally MIA. 
The sincerest of apologies.

Road Trip:

As I mentioned, I went down to Myrtle Beach, SC with Lydia to visit Shelby.

We definitely had a blast.
The first night, it was just the three of us hanging out.  Then the next day Shelby had work so Lydia & I went to visit her until she got off and then we went to a club 🙂 Friends were made, but that will be discussed in a later post.

This is the closest I got to food pictures being taken on the trip:

That wasn’t mine, but I did eat one of those at one point.


Not going to lie, I haven’t ran since Wednesday.  (eek!) but Wednesday’s run was a 7 miler, which I guess makes it a little better.  My Garmin has been hating me lately because I haven’t been charging it, but my dad has a running app on his phone so we used that.

Distance: 7 miles
Pace: 9:42 min/mile.

We stopped around 2.5 miles because I had to use the restroom (story of my running life).  I also worked on my hydration during the break.  Thankfully, it was pretty early in the morning, so the heat wasn’t too bad.


I’m going to miss fried eggs & toast while I’m at school.  I need to make friends with someone that has a kitchen asap.

The turtle & a fig. Love figs : ) (That’s my dad’s hand, I promise my hands aren’t that manly looking)

Wore this at one point or another. I rarely match for working out so I was proud of myself! (Spin class)

Homemade salsa

Bbq sandwich + squash + corn on the cob


Wednesday, my dad helped me move in to school.  I was the one that looked like a total alcoholic with my 7 beer boxes.  The truth is, they were just what I used to move my stuff.

The quality on these pictures is amazing isn’t it?  Yeah, that’s what happens when you take them on your phone and don’t really try to hold it very steady.

Transfers moved in the Wednesday between Freshman move in and upperclass move in which means I had the suite to myself until yesterday.

That evening, my mom stopped by and we went to T.G.I.Fridays for dinner and then did a little lot of shopping.

I decided on the Dragonfire Chicken.

I ate most of it and it was pretty good. The broccoli was a tad on the cold side but I loved the mandarin oranges.

When I got back on campus, my mom left and I ran into my RA.  He said he was going to see a Mentalist perform.  I obviously had to tag along for that one.  When we got there, I realized I actually saw the same performer back in high school at one of the DECA conventions.  He did some of the same tricks that I had seen before & I still have no idea how he does it.
After that, there was a karaoke event going on in another building.

There were even props!! (Note the blue hair)  Some were umm… interesting while others were seriously amazing.  One girl in particular totally rocked this stage.

Thursday was transfer orientation.  I ran into a girl on the way over there and we ended up sticking together for the day.  For lunch, they had one of the dining halls open and I got mac & cheese, green beans, a roll and a seriously dangerously delicious dessert that reminded me of a swiss cake roll.

After orientation, I had to take a calculus readiness test.  Let’s not talk about that.

At the orientation, I found out that there are a lot of classes that I don’t have to take because of my associates degree.  The transfer coordinator told us to make sure that we aren’t signed up for any classes that we’ve already fulfilled so Friday I called my advisor to talk to him about it.  When I first saw an advisor this summer, it was just a fill in because my real one wasn’t on campus this summer… he didn’t mention anything about my associates degree and I didn’t realize that was something I needed to point out.  I was signed up for two classes I didn’t need.  Thankfully, I was able to switch around my schedule that afternoon.
Now I’m taking…

  • Business statistics (statistical thinking)
  • German 101
  • German Culture or something like that
  • Calculus
  • Religion (I think western religions specifically)

On another note: I’m allergic to something in my room.  It’s horrible.  My hands, feet & knees are itchy and I just want to cut them off.  Or just burn my skin.  Does anyone have any acid I can pour all over myself?  I’m pretty sure that’d be more pleasant.  &&& my throat has been hurting.  Tonsils kind of swollen.  Good news:  Benadryl makes Allergy Plus Cold medicine. I’ve been popping them like an addict.  It’s ridiculous.  (When I say “popping them like an addict,” I really mean that I’ve just been taking 2 every 4 hours.  I’m one of the rare people that actually read the directions and follow them when it comes to medicine.) I thought it was my new soap but I only used it once and it hasn’t gotten any better.  Then I thought it was my hand towels, but I washed them and haven’t really been using them and it’s not going away.  Now, the suspect is the carpet in my room.  I think it’s time to bring back the whole “the floor is lava” thing and not let any part of my body touch it.

Friday night, I attempted to go to one of the dining halls for dinner.  They were both closed for whatever reason.  I ran into two girls (Danielle & Jenn) that were having the same problem and we decided to go to Panera together.  I had grilled cheese and picked an apple as my side.  The apple is being saved for later : )
Then yesterday, I helped one of my suitemates move in & then my friend Sarah who lives on the floor above me.  After that, I went to the mall with Jenn and can you say “army boys?” They were everywhere.  I recently became friends with someone in the army & her boyfriend is currently at a military school, so I think that’s why we were both noticing it.  I think camo is the new thing for this season too, since we kept seeing that everywhere as well.
Oh oh oh!!  We went into one store & this guy that worked there totally picked out entire outfits for us to try on. He was actually really good at guessing sizes.

Lunch was eaten at Dairy Queen.  Did you know they have mini blizzards now?  It’s pretty awesome.  I got a mini double fudge chocolate cookie dough thingy blizzard along with a bbq sandwich.

I promise I’ll start taking food pictures again.  I’ve been so bad about it.

Last night: Jenn & I headed over to watch a talent show, which I think was technically being put on for the freshmen.  There was a girl that totally beasted on some yo-yos.  & another girl who broke it down to some hip hop.

Coming up:

There’s a club fair going on tonight that I’m definitely going to.  I really want to get involved, so this is going to be wonderful for that.
Classes start tomorrow : (
Friday, there’s a few things going on.  First, an ice cream making thing at 5pm followed by a highlighter party!  (Sarah, that’s totally a real party. I don’t care what you say.)

I’m really looking forward to the dining halls getting on a normal schedule.  They’ve been closed at super bizarre times lately and it’s making it really hard to figure out what I’m going to do for food.


What’s your favorite part about college?

New kicks

In exactly a week,

I’ll be moving into the dorms at school!  So excited!

It’s kind of nerve wrecking though because I’m going to be the only transfer student on my hall.  That means that from Wednesday – Saturday, I guess it’s just going to be me and the RA on the hall.
My roommate came to visit yesterday!  She’s super nice and I really think we’re going to get along.  Since I’m moving in Wednesday, she said that she’s going to try to move in early too!

I got new shoes! (Adidas Supernova Sequence 9)

When I went to pick up my race packet, I decided to get a pair of shoes to replace the Saucony’s I’ve been wearing.  For the race, I didn’t want to wear my old Nike’s because they aren’t correct for my running style (over-pronation) nor did I want to wear my Saucony’s if I didn’t have anything to switch to after the race.  After trying on several pairs of shoes, I knew that these were the ones.  As soon as I put them on, my feet felt happy. They really feel like pillows for my feet.  It’s amazing 🙂

My knees from the race.  all.scratched.up

Dinner at the bff’s:

Mashed potatoes

Caramelized onions with garlic.

Tomato slices with cheese, balsamic & basil. I had one…. well, a tiny bit of the tomato + all of the cheese. Not a fan of tomato.

+ steak Yum!  I definitely ate more potatoes than what was originally on my plate.  Plus, more onions because they were delicious.

We also munched on cantaloupe from her garden and I had a piece of fudge.

Melinda, Gypsy & Me. (Don’t let Gypsy’s cute appearance fool you, she’s vicious.)

Fuel for yesterday’s run:

2 pieces of peanut butter toast, watermelon, water.

Post run:

Frozen strawberries and vanilla yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon.

Lexi decided to join me.  She loves the pool.


I haven’t yet left my room.  Breakfast is going to be happening as soon as I hit “publish.”  Today is the last day that I can hang out with Melinda before she leaves for school.  She doesn’t leave until Sunday, but I’m leaving tomorrow to go on a road trip with Lydia to visit Shelby down in Myrtle Beach.  We are all extremely excited.  I’m not sure how much blogging, if any, I’ll do while I’m down there, but I’ll be back Saturday (just in time for work.)

Have a great Wednesday!

Mud run! & a walk through the trails

So when did WordPress change things up?  Threw me off for a second there.

The Asymca Mud Run was awesome.

Pretty sweet right? I got to meet Chuck!  He ran with a group and they ended up getting 1st in their division!

I’m still waiting for the pictures to come up on

The race was not exactly what I expected.  I knew there would be a few water stands around the course, I also knew that there would be a sandy portion and obstacles along the way; however, I didn’t realize that the majority of the course would be sand.  Running in sand is crazy hard.

My final time was 1:00:50.
Not bad for how difficult the course was.  I ended up getting my knees all scratched up climbing over the wall obstacle.  Gotta love battle wounds! Makes me feel hardcore.

I cannot believe the mud didn’t stain that shirt.

Obsessed with watermelon at the moment.

Peanut butter & jelly with a side of watermelon (no, I didn’t eat all of that at once)

Scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, ham & cheese + toast.

August 4th:

I stopped by CNU to drop me off some paperwork and couldn’t resist getting lunch across the street.

I ordered the tuna salad sandwich, he heard “chicken salad sandwich” so whatever.  It was delicious 🙂  I decided to be healthy and choose an apple to go with it and oh man it was the best apple I’ve ever tasted.  What kind is that thing???
Then I went over to Borders to purchase…

Operation Beautiful!!
I haven’t gotten very far yet, but it’s amazing from what I’ve read!

Yay Caitlin!

Other happenings:

Jordan and her boyfriend came over for dinner.

We had wings, burgers and green beans.

My plate. I ate most, but not all of it.

We had apple pie for dessert.

With ice cream, obviously.

Waffle with cottage cheese, strawberry jam, butter and syrup.

My true [fruit] love is still cantaloupe, but watermelon is nice and refreshing.

Walk with Lexi:

This bridge always makes me feel like I’m running through a rainforest for some reason.

Cotton flower(?)

Dinosaur Deer tracks

My cell phone charger is all screwed up 😦 Not sure how that happened.


I have been living off eggs, burritos, & peanut butter and jelly for a while now.  Seriously, I need to get out of the house and drive myself to a grocery store.  It’s horrible.  Last night, I went to Melinda’s and her dad made us dinner 🙂 Those pictures will be in the next post. I figured this one had enough pictures already!


Well…. yeah… Nothing much to say about that. Supposed to be a 9-10 mile run.  Things change.  Horrible.

Now that‘s the kind of pace I like to see.

Just ignore the paces… Eww.  It was HOT because I apparently don’t learn from my mistakes and therefore don’t learn to wake up early to go run. I stopped around 5 miles and came home to refill my water bottle, go to the bathroom, take a goo & eat watermelon.  Eventually, I was able to force myself back into the heat.  Unfortunately, I was actually aiming for 10 miles today but didn’t quite make that distance.

August 3rd of epicness

Happy birthday, Melinda!

My favorite person turns 20 today 🙂

&&& of course… Congratulations to Caitlin!
Her book, Operation Beautiful, comes out today!

Aka – Sammi is going to the bookstore today.

Yesterday, I woke up at 11:00 after going to sleep before midnight & I was still tired.
This morning, I woke up at 7:00 with only 6 hours of sleep and was wide awake.
Whaaaat? Doesn’t even make sense.


Not bad. Not bad.

Picture overload:


[cantaloupe & half baked ice cream]

[The left side of the bottom piece had butter & cinnamon sugar, right side: just butter, top piece: peanut butter]

cheesecake factory:

food thief.

Peanut butter cup chocolate cake cheesecake.

Cheesecake & half baked ice cream

Jordan’s boyfriend’s dog, Cooper.

Lexi can’t take a normal picture. Ever.

Oatmeal Creme Pie Razzle

Apparently Cooper really really really wants to eat burritos.  He went CRAZY!

Jordan… um… did his ears?  Poor puppy. P.S.- notice the nailpolish.

Cantaloupe, cheesecake, half baked ice cream, peach cobbler.
Basically, I took all of the sweets we had in the fridge and sampled  them.

That bowl of deliciousness is the reason I run.


Eye doctor appointment at 1:3o, because I’m on my last pair of contacts (whoops!)

Work at 5:30.

…? Something fun?

8 mile run + chafing


I can’t wait until I get into the double digits. It won’t be much longer!

Loving it.

Friday, I was actually aiming for 9 miles; however, my knees started hurting around 7.5 so I decided to cut it short.  I try to listen to my body as much as possible and running through knee pain is not good. It was SUPER hot (obviously considering I didn’t leave until 11:30!) so I decided to try out my camelbak. Can you say – hydration?  It helps SO much! Plus, it’s so nice being able to drink water whenever you want without having to carry a water bottle in your hand.  Why did I wait this long to try it out? Oh yeah, I’m lazy. That’s right.  Well, I’ll be using this a lot on future runs!
Problems with the camelbak:

  • It bounced around – fix – I tied the straps around my waist to hold it in place
  • The left shoulder strap kept rubbing my shoulder – fix – I twisted the strap around so the outside part was on my shoulder. I think there’s something on the inside edge that it sharp or something.
  • Can you say “back chafing?” – fix – ??? Please???? I didn’t notice the chafing until I got in the shower!  Ouch!

I took two energy gel packs with me. Gu “Mint Chocolate” & Carb Boom! “Strawberry Kiwi.”  I’m starting to like the flavors of gels. My favorite is still the Hammer Gel “cinnamon apple” though.  I took the first one around 3 miles & the second around mile 6.

I totally took pictures of the chafing, so you’re in for a treat when I get those pictures up here! haha.  Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your back? REALLY HARD!!

The Sunday run was meant to be – fast – slower  – fastIs there a name for that? Tempo? I don’t know. I looked down at my watch around .3 miles and saw that my pace was around 7:30!! What?? That was not on purpose. At all. I slowed myself down after I saw that.  Lap 2 actually would be a lot slower; however, there was some guy walking the trails.  All you need in order to run faster is a creeper to run away from.
The plan is to make it to 9 or 10 miles sometime this week!


The ASYMCA mud run!!  I’m so excited!  I know a few people running it.  Unfortunately, my race bff isn’t going to be able to participate.  She’s having some medical problems, so make sure to keep her in your thoughts!
Christina: I’m going to kick this race’s butt in your honor girl!

Jordan just got into town, so we’re going to hit up some thrift stores. Work at 5, but I promise to post food pictures asap!  Especially the ones from cheesecake factory!

Have a wonderful day!

Racing Solo & shopping :)

What do you do when you want to run a race but don’t have anyone to go with you?
You run it by yourself of course!

& I did.

Memorial Scholarship 5k
Norfolk Botanical Garden
Tuesday July 27, 2010
6:30 pm

Time: 28:05 (chip timed)
For my age group (female: 20-24) I came in 5th out of 8.  Not great, not horrible.

Honestly, it was fun!
I would rather have people there with me though. It got boring after a while of standing around by myself.  I’m starting to like doing things by myself though.  Maybe I’ll have to hit up a movie for one sometime soon.

Food time:

Roll & enjoy.

Love hot wings.  Homemade sauce.

I really wanted cobbler with ice cream.  Unfortunately, after I put the cobbler in the microwave I noticed that we are all out of ice cream.  Yogurt helped me pretend.

I think the ice cream cone bowl gave it a nice little “haha you don’t have real ice cream!” touch 😦


A mix of peach(?) yogurt & plain yogurt with granola & raw oatmeal.
With a dash of phone charging and teddy bear (because I’m an adult.)

I obviously don’t take pictures of everything I eat.  If I did, I’d never get through a post because I would have WAY too many pictures.

Girl time:

I’ve been having a lot of “me time” lately which is a highly sugarcoated way of saying “I have nothing to do and no one to hang out with, so I’m going to hang out in my room by myself and facebook creep on people until I get tired and go to sleep.”

Yesterday, I stopped by CNU to drop off some paperwork and then went on over to the mall to do some light heavy shopping.

The purchase of Sweet Deceit means that once I start it, I’m going to be MIA until it’s over.

I may have gone a little crazy in Wet Seal. I wasn’t going to get the pink shirt; however, I realized that the white one was only like $2.49-ish so it was obvious that I needed to get it in another color too.  They were having a deal where if you bought a pair of jeans, you got your whole purchase 20% off, so there’s a pair of not pictured black jeans in my closet now too.
I managed to force myself out of the mall after going into only two stores.  Then, I may or may not have gone to Target 🙂  Hey! I’m moving into a dorm this fall, I kind of need to shop for that (excuses, excuses.)

Hangers – I think I’m going to need a lot more than that, shower caddy, measuring cups & measuring spoons.
I tried to justify buying a marshmallow roasting stick too, but couldn’t think of a good enough reason I would need that.


Met up with my mom for the 6:15 spinning class [of death].  Will was instructing which meant that my legs now hate me.  He’s big into the whole “running with resistance” thing.  Somehow, he managed to make my legs feel like they were about to catch on fire, while also making my arms feel like they were about to fall off.
Obviously, it was a good workout.

Dress up!

Melinda came over and dropped off 2 cantaloupes, a watermelon, a ton of peppers, beets, cabbage, tomatoes, a sweet potato… etc… from her parents garden.
Then we decided to play dress up 🙂
She tried on my new clothes, I tried on her old clothes.

Her dress.  My new shoes ❤  My hair looks just as bad as my floor. Love it.
I’m thinking about breaking into her house and stealing that dress asking to borrow that dress sometime.


Ran this morning. Wanted to stop and crawl back to my house before I even hit the 0.1 mile mark.

The total distance ended up being around 3.7(?) Honestly, my Garmin is not in reaching distance, so you’re not going to get exact numbers on that one.  The time wasn’t great, but that’s to be expected when running in the heat, the morning after an hour of spinning, while dehydrated.  I need to do a long run sometime in the immediate future. Like tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll set my alarm and wake up early and run 9 miles?  We’ll see.

For now:

I think I’m going to go read that book until I’m forced to go to work at 5:30.

Oh oh oh!  My mom & I are going to the Cheesecake Factory Sunday! Beyond excited.

Roller Coaster – Metaphorically Speaking

& not in a good way.

Kind of like when I rode Manta at SeaWorld.  It’s fun while you’re on it, but then it ends and you feel like you’re going to throw up.

I haven’t really been single since fall of 2006.  That’s a really long time ago and it’s taking some getting use to.
I have one thing to say about this:
I cannot wait until school starts.

Pancake Truffles:

I used Caitlin’s recipe, but substituted whole wheat pancake mix for blueberry pancake mix and a tiny bit of Bisquick.  (We don’t have any whole wheat pancake mix.)

Kind of made a mess.

Coffee was a must.

As was syrup

Overall, pretty delicious.  I had a hard time getting the mix to stick to the bananas though, which is when I added the Bisquick.  I’m not sure if the changes to the recipe had an impact or not.


Apparently that was all that was on my camera for this post.


I went running by myself yesterday.  Rare but nice.  I think I really need to start doing that more often.  It really is freeing when you don’t have to worry about anything else other than what your body is telling you to do at that exact moment. I stopped to walk when I wanted (ugggh.) and I just zoned out of real life.  The Pandora app on my phone is AMAZING for running.  I figured I really needed to bring my phone with me since I was going to be alone, and using that app made things perfect.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPod but I think listening to the music without headphones was much more enjoyable anyway.

Typed in “Fergie” and everything was right in the world : )


I’m out of things to say & it’s breakfast time so I’m going to go eat something and hope it’s photogenic enough for the next post.

Long time no post- race recap

Whoaaa WordPress. You change your look or is my computer just making it all crazy like that?

Start from the beginning:

Peach/Strawberry cobbler

The race:

Distance: 6k
Predicted time: 35 minutes
Actual time: ~ 34:40

Staying behind definitely paid off.  They were hanging out pizza, bananas, beer, etc. & then after they went over the closest predicted times, they threw up freebies!
I got a tee shirt and a water bottle, while my dad got a little spray bottle of sunscreen.

Hot wings:

I wasn’t in a great mood when I got home Tuesday night so I went straight for the dessert.
[Picture is from a different day]


Whaaaat? Seriously?  Way to make kids feel good about themselves.  I really hope they don’t make this a regular thing in magazines.

Guess what

Miss RunningToFit has been having a lot of fun lately.

I hung out with someone I haven’t seen since 4th grade.

Why do my eyes look CRAZY?  Note to self: Don’t take pictures facing the sun.


Well I still have a banana from the race which I’m going to use to make Caitlin‘s Pancake Truffles.
Hopefully I have all of the ingredients.  Wish me luck!