Mud run! & a walk through the trails

So when did WordPress change things up?  Threw me off for a second there.

The Asymca Mud Run was awesome.

Pretty sweet right? I got to meet Chuck!  He ran with a group and they ended up getting 1st in their division!

I’m still waiting for the pictures to come up on

The race was not exactly what I expected.  I knew there would be a few water stands around the course, I also knew that there would be a sandy portion and obstacles along the way; however, I didn’t realize that the majority of the course would be sand.  Running in sand is crazy hard.

My final time was 1:00:50.
Not bad for how difficult the course was.  I ended up getting my knees all scratched up climbing over the wall obstacle.  Gotta love battle wounds! Makes me feel hardcore.

I cannot believe the mud didn’t stain that shirt.

Obsessed with watermelon at the moment.

Peanut butter & jelly with a side of watermelon (no, I didn’t eat all of that at once)

Scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, ham & cheese + toast.

August 4th:

I stopped by CNU to drop me off some paperwork and couldn’t resist getting lunch across the street.

I ordered the tuna salad sandwich, he heard “chicken salad sandwich” so whatever.  It was delicious 🙂  I decided to be healthy and choose an apple to go with it and oh man it was the best apple I’ve ever tasted.  What kind is that thing???
Then I went over to Borders to purchase…

Operation Beautiful!!
I haven’t gotten very far yet, but it’s amazing from what I’ve read!

Yay Caitlin!

Other happenings:

Jordan and her boyfriend came over for dinner.

We had wings, burgers and green beans.

My plate. I ate most, but not all of it.

We had apple pie for dessert.

With ice cream, obviously.

Waffle with cottage cheese, strawberry jam, butter and syrup.

My true [fruit] love is still cantaloupe, but watermelon is nice and refreshing.

Walk with Lexi:

This bridge always makes me feel like I’m running through a rainforest for some reason.

Cotton flower(?)

Dinosaur Deer tracks

My cell phone charger is all screwed up 😦 Not sure how that happened.


I have been living off eggs, burritos, & peanut butter and jelly for a while now.  Seriously, I need to get out of the house and drive myself to a grocery store.  It’s horrible.  Last night, I went to Melinda’s and her dad made us dinner 🙂 Those pictures will be in the next post. I figured this one had enough pictures already!


Well…. yeah… Nothing much to say about that. Supposed to be a 9-10 mile run.  Things change.  Horrible.

Now that‘s the kind of pace I like to see.

Just ignore the paces… Eww.  It was HOT because I apparently don’t learn from my mistakes and therefore don’t learn to wake up early to go run. I stopped around 5 miles and came home to refill my water bottle, go to the bathroom, take a goo & eat watermelon.  Eventually, I was able to force myself back into the heat.  Unfortunately, I was actually aiming for 10 miles today but didn’t quite make that distance.


9 responses to “Mud run! & a walk through the trails

  1. my charger did the same thing!! I taped it to hold it together more…but it didn’t work hahaha! I’m going to have to buy a new one soon because I feel it’s not going to last much longer !

    • Sounds like these chargers are just crap since they’re the same one! Gah 😦 well that makes me feel like it’ll just happen again if I buy a new one. I was actually just thinking about taping mine together too lol. I do need to get a car charger. Maybe it’s just the wall ones that have the problem?

  2. It cracks me up because you are covered in mud and he doesn’t have nearly as much on him. Cute pic, though!! 😀

    When does school start?

    • I know! I thought it was because he already washed off but now I’m not thinking that’s the case. I’ll have to ask him. He did tell me that I got him more muddy than the race did! I move in next wednesday! (and yes, I’m FREAKING OUT! haha) I’m in a dorm with all sophomores because of my credits and I’m the only transfer student so I guess it’ll just be me and the RA on our floor for a few days until the others move in.

  3. I love this post, especially that picture! : )
    That PBJ looks so good. I’ve been eating tons of eggs and burritos lately too…they are my go to meals since they can be made quick and easy. But they are so delicious I don’t see anything wrong with it!
    Now I also really want a big belgian waffle and some apple pie. Whoa…or apple pie on top of a waffle! Got any leftovers you could bring me?

    I think that is a Braeburn apple, and yes, they are delicious!

    • For real! That picture is awesome 🙂 haha The thing about my burritos that I didn’t really mention is that they’re the frozen ones my dad gets for me at costco haha. I looked at the nutritional info once and it didn’t look horrible though. There’s still one waffle left and one piece of apple pie. We always have homemade apple pie in the freezer though waiting to be used up though! Sweet! I’ll have to look for those and find out if that’s really what it is!

  4. Love the shirt picture, haha. My shorts are now semi-tan&black, and my shoelaces are sooo stiff. How are you tracking your running time like that?! I need to do that, but I’m watchless and obviously not very tech savvy. When is the next run that your running?

    • Were you ever able to get them clean? Just wash them for 3 hours. Worked for me haha. I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 for my running. It tracks the distance and speed and everything and hooks up to the computer to log your runs. Before I got it, I would use my timex watch for the time and or I would just drive the course to track the distance. The next run I’m doing is the rock n roll va beach half marathon. & then October 9th- hog jog. 16th- race for the cure. 30th- Wicked 10k. The Hog Jog is a lot of fun but it’s SO hilly. Seriously, it takes you on like every hill in Smithfield. I saw that there’s going to be a Wild Hog run the day of the Hog Jog that will take you through some of the trails, but I don’t know the details about that.

  5. Wow I can’t imagine running a long time in sand. That would be so hard! Awesome pictures though, and I love your new running shoes which I saw in your other post. I over-pronate too and getting new shoes specifically for my feet made my feet happy as well. 🙂

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