Rock ‘n’ Roll recap

I was on the blog showing Jenn what my hair looked like back in December and then I started looking through all of my old posts & you know what?
I really miss blogging.
I feel like I never do it anymore (because I kind of don’t get around to it anymore) and it’s making me really sad now 😦

Honestly though, I have no idea how bloggers like Caitlin, Tina, Meghann, etc. have the time to blog as much as they do.  Just to give you an idea of how out of the loop I am with the blog world right now, I didn’t even know Meghann got a new blog until just now.  Seriously, when did that happen?

With all the excitement of school, hanging out with friends, & schoolwork, I really don’t have the time to blog.

Speaking of work, I haven’t done that in way too long.  My bank account is slowly dwindling away and it’s kind of freaking me out a bit.  I really need to start working again.
This is going to be a short post because I’m working on a homework assignment right now; however, I need to post about the big event.

I did it!
I ran my first half marathon!

Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon. Oh wow.
Finish time: 2:22:13

I’m going to be smart about this and say something.
I should not have ran the half marathon in that condition.
That being said, I am glad that I did it and extremely proud of myself.

At points, I really didn’t think that I was going to finish & later on, my dad told me that he had his doubts about me finishing as well.
I felt horrible.
I woke up the morning of the race and felt completely sick.  While I was making breakfast, I even took my temperature because I thought I had a fever.  I felt like I was going to throw up, but still didn’t want to miss out on the race and was hoping it was just pre-race jitters.

During the race, I had to stop a few times because I couldn’t breathe.  Taking a gu at mile 6.7 was a stupid idea considering I already felt like my throat was covered in goo from being sick [gross, but it’s life].  I would come to a complete stop, bend over and basically hyperventilate.   There were a few times that I started crying out of frustration, but I quickly learned that doing so only made it even harder to breathe.
Thankfully, I only really consider myself having walked once.  The other times that I stopped was because of being sick.  I also started to stop and walk at the water stations because it was too difficult to drink while running and I knew that I really needed to hydrate as much as possible.  There was one water station that I actually drank 3 cups of water/cytomax.

The race itself was a really nice one.  It was pretty flat, other than the bridge that was had to go over – not fun.  I ended up bringing my phone so I could listen to my pandora application during the run, which I ended up being really thankful for even though there were several bands along the route.

Pain. My legs hurt like crazy.  I sat down after the race and seriously wondered how I was going to manage standing back up.
Gross: I had the typical “I can’t go to the bathroom” problem that I usually have race morning.  Thankfully, it ended up not being a problem at all during the race.
Uh-oh: My right foot is messed up.  Seriously, messed up.  I’m not sure what I did to it.  I went to the doctor a few days after the race because of my sickness and I brought up my foot to the nurse practitioner.  She told me that it sounded to her like a tendon problem.  There’s no swelling or bruising in the area; however, I’m not ruling out the possibility of it being a stress fracture.  Right now I’m just trying to wear really supportive shoes and stay off of it as much as possible.  She gave me medicine to help with the pain, but it hasn’t made the pain go away completely.
The worst part about my foot is probably the fact that I can’t really exercise like I would like to.  As I mentioned since I got to school, my eating habits are HORRIBLE.  Way too much ice cream & carbs are being consumed for me to not be running.  People have suggested for me to try out the elliptical, but I don’t want to chance hurting my foot even more. I really need to start doing something though.  Lifting weights? Floor exercises? Gosh. I’m too lazy for this!

Well. I really need to get back to my homework now!


What do you do when you can’t do your normal exercise activity?


6 responses to “Rock ‘n’ Roll recap

  1. We know you’ve been out living your life – which then gives you great stuff to blog about!! 😀

    Congrats on the race!! You are one tough gal to be able to do that while sick – I couldn’t do it while healthy, lol. Good for you!!

  2. I’m glad your enjoying yourself. It is hard to blog college and blogging I give credit to everyone who does it.

    Congrats on your first 1/2 marathon.

  3. well…mmm…you probably shouldn’t have run ..I agree

    BUT CONGRATS for doing it anyways!

    when I can’t do my exercise, I just don’t. I rest…feel guilty and then get right back to it.

    I don’t have any better advice for you but I am glad you popped in and said HI

  4. Hey girl! How you doing?? Hows school? Fill me in babe!

  5. I’m the same way with blogging. I honestly have idea how others manage to do it so often. I’m just excited that I’ve managed to blog an entire week this week. lol

    Congrats on running your first half!!

  6. Hope you are doing well!

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