August 3rd of epicness

Happy birthday, Melinda!

My favorite person turns 20 today 🙂

&&& of course… Congratulations to Caitlin!
Her book, Operation Beautiful, comes out today!

Aka – Sammi is going to the bookstore today.

Yesterday, I woke up at 11:00 after going to sleep before midnight & I was still tired.
This morning, I woke up at 7:00 with only 6 hours of sleep and was wide awake.
Whaaaat? Doesn’t even make sense.


Not bad. Not bad.

Picture overload:


[cantaloupe & half baked ice cream]

[The left side of the bottom piece had butter & cinnamon sugar, right side: just butter, top piece: peanut butter]

cheesecake factory:

food thief.

Peanut butter cup chocolate cake cheesecake.

Cheesecake & half baked ice cream

Jordan’s boyfriend’s dog, Cooper.

Lexi can’t take a normal picture. Ever.

Oatmeal Creme Pie Razzle

Apparently Cooper really really really wants to eat burritos.  He went CRAZY!

Jordan… um… did his ears?  Poor puppy. P.S.- notice the nailpolish.

Cantaloupe, cheesecake, half baked ice cream, peach cobbler.
Basically, I took all of the sweets we had in the fridge and sampled  them.

That bowl of deliciousness is the reason I run.


Eye doctor appointment at 1:3o, because I’m on my last pair of contacts (whoops!)

Work at 5:30.

…? Something fun?


7 responses to “August 3rd of epicness

  1. Wow all that food looks awesome! We really need to eat some together! I can do that back bend thing too.

    Favorites: pbj, of course; cinnamon sugar buttered toast, burger, soft serve, and yeah for peanut butter cheesecake! And not getting boring vanilla (while still delicious) like my little brother!
    It seems like your runs are getting a lot better- keep it up! Let me know if you have any questions on want any workouts!

    • Thanks! It tasted pretty awesome too! & you’re right about needing to eat food together lol.

      I saw the peanut butter cheesecake on Run, Eat, Repeat’s blog and KNEW I had to try that one haha

      They are getting a lot better & honestly, I’m not really sure how. I guess I’m just improving. I don’t think I’m really changing anything so I guess it’s just from increasing how often I run.

  2. Well, NOW I’m hungry! oh my GOODNESS.
    nice back bend too. I love how that feels. AAAHHHH.

    have a great day!
    ps, LOVE the puppers nail polish! very chic

    • I know!! Looking through the old food pictures makes me hungry too! haha Back bends DO feel absolutely amazing. haha yeah! Apparently Jordan’s boyfriend agreed to her painting the dog’s nails because Cooper peed on the bed haha

  3. wow! you have been eating well that’s for sure.

    What is this razzle you speak of? where did you get it?

    How was the cheesecake? and last question what camera do you use???

    • A razzle is kind of like a blizzard. Soft serve ice cream with a yummy treat mixed in 🙂 They have them at Lisa’s Sweet Shoppe which is on this side of the James River Bridge. The cheesecake was and is amazing!!! I still haven’t finished it all yet! Gotta make treats like that last lol. Camera: Canon PowerShot SD960 IS Digital Elph. I LOVE it. It has so many different features and takes amazing food shots with the Digital Macro setting.

  4. Awesome splits again. 😀

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