I love college

I’ve been totally MIA. 
The sincerest of apologies.

Road Trip:

As I mentioned, I went down to Myrtle Beach, SC with Lydia to visit Shelby.

We definitely had a blast.
The first night, it was just the three of us hanging out.  Then the next day Shelby had work so Lydia & I went to visit her until she got off and then we went to a club 🙂 Friends were made, but that will be discussed in a later post.

This is the closest I got to food pictures being taken on the trip:

That wasn’t mine, but I did eat one of those at one point.


Not going to lie, I haven’t ran since Wednesday.  (eek!) but Wednesday’s run was a 7 miler, which I guess makes it a little better.  My Garmin has been hating me lately because I haven’t been charging it, but my dad has a running app on his phone so we used that.

Distance: 7 miles
Pace: 9:42 min/mile.

We stopped around 2.5 miles because I had to use the restroom (story of my running life).  I also worked on my hydration during the break.  Thankfully, it was pretty early in the morning, so the heat wasn’t too bad.


I’m going to miss fried eggs & toast while I’m at school.  I need to make friends with someone that has a kitchen asap.

The turtle & a fig. Love figs : ) (That’s my dad’s hand, I promise my hands aren’t that manly looking)

Wore this at one point or another. I rarely match for working out so I was proud of myself! (Spin class)

Homemade salsa

Bbq sandwich + squash + corn on the cob


Wednesday, my dad helped me move in to school.  I was the one that looked like a total alcoholic with my 7 beer boxes.  The truth is, they were just what I used to move my stuff.

The quality on these pictures is amazing isn’t it?  Yeah, that’s what happens when you take them on your phone and don’t really try to hold it very steady.

Transfers moved in the Wednesday between Freshman move in and upperclass move in which means I had the suite to myself until yesterday.

That evening, my mom stopped by and we went to T.G.I.Fridays for dinner and then did a little lot of shopping.

I decided on the Dragonfire Chicken.

I ate most of it and it was pretty good. The broccoli was a tad on the cold side but I loved the mandarin oranges.

When I got back on campus, my mom left and I ran into my RA.  He said he was going to see a Mentalist perform.  I obviously had to tag along for that one.  When we got there, I realized I actually saw the same performer back in high school at one of the DECA conventions.  He did some of the same tricks that I had seen before & I still have no idea how he does it.
After that, there was a karaoke event going on in another building.

There were even props!! (Note the blue hair)  Some were umm… interesting while others were seriously amazing.  One girl in particular totally rocked this stage.

Thursday was transfer orientation.  I ran into a girl on the way over there and we ended up sticking together for the day.  For lunch, they had one of the dining halls open and I got mac & cheese, green beans, a roll and a seriously dangerously delicious dessert that reminded me of a swiss cake roll.

After orientation, I had to take a calculus readiness test.  Let’s not talk about that.

At the orientation, I found out that there are a lot of classes that I don’t have to take because of my associates degree.  The transfer coordinator told us to make sure that we aren’t signed up for any classes that we’ve already fulfilled so Friday I called my advisor to talk to him about it.  When I first saw an advisor this summer, it was just a fill in because my real one wasn’t on campus this summer… he didn’t mention anything about my associates degree and I didn’t realize that was something I needed to point out.  I was signed up for two classes I didn’t need.  Thankfully, I was able to switch around my schedule that afternoon.
Now I’m taking…

  • Business statistics (statistical thinking)
  • German 101
  • German Culture or something like that
  • Calculus
  • Religion (I think western religions specifically)

On another note: I’m allergic to something in my room.  It’s horrible.  My hands, feet & knees are itchy and I just want to cut them off.  Or just burn my skin.  Does anyone have any acid I can pour all over myself?  I’m pretty sure that’d be more pleasant.  &&& my throat has been hurting.  Tonsils kind of swollen.  Good news:  Benadryl makes Allergy Plus Cold medicine. I’ve been popping them like an addict.  It’s ridiculous.  (When I say “popping them like an addict,” I really mean that I’ve just been taking 2 every 4 hours.  I’m one of the rare people that actually read the directions and follow them when it comes to medicine.) I thought it was my new soap but I only used it once and it hasn’t gotten any better.  Then I thought it was my hand towels, but I washed them and haven’t really been using them and it’s not going away.  Now, the suspect is the carpet in my room.  I think it’s time to bring back the whole “the floor is lava” thing and not let any part of my body touch it.

Friday night, I attempted to go to one of the dining halls for dinner.  They were both closed for whatever reason.  I ran into two girls (Danielle & Jenn) that were having the same problem and we decided to go to Panera together.  I had grilled cheese and picked an apple as my side.  The apple is being saved for later : )
Then yesterday, I helped one of my suitemates move in & then my friend Sarah who lives on the floor above me.  After that, I went to the mall with Jenn and can you say “army boys?” They were everywhere.  I recently became friends with someone in the army & her boyfriend is currently at a military school, so I think that’s why we were both noticing it.  I think camo is the new thing for this season too, since we kept seeing that everywhere as well.
Oh oh oh!!  We went into one store & this guy that worked there totally picked out entire outfits for us to try on. He was actually really good at guessing sizes.

Lunch was eaten at Dairy Queen.  Did you know they have mini blizzards now?  It’s pretty awesome.  I got a mini double fudge chocolate cookie dough thingy blizzard along with a bbq sandwich.

I promise I’ll start taking food pictures again.  I’ve been so bad about it.

Last night: Jenn & I headed over to watch a talent show, which I think was technically being put on for the freshmen.  There was a girl that totally beasted on some yo-yos.  & another girl who broke it down to some hip hop.

Coming up:

There’s a club fair going on tonight that I’m definitely going to.  I really want to get involved, so this is going to be wonderful for that.
Classes start tomorrow : (
Friday, there’s a few things going on.  First, an ice cream making thing at 5pm followed by a highlighter party!  (Sarah, that’s totally a real party. I don’t care what you say.)

I’m really looking forward to the dining halls getting on a normal schedule.  They’ve been closed at super bizarre times lately and it’s making it really hard to figure out what I’m going to do for food.


What’s your favorite part about college?


4 responses to “I love college

  1. So happy and excited for you!! Man, that is a bunch of serious/rough classes. You go girl!!

    My favorite part about college was just being away from home for the first time and living in the dorms. I was practically an only child and so it was so much fun for me to have 300 other people available to me 24/7.

  2. I saw the pictures of your dorm and for a second I thought it was pictures of my room (with my hutch and my sheets and my duvet – I didn’t know you took all of that). haha
    And no one on craigslist wants to buy the turtle. =[

  3. Your allowed to take a break from running it’s a necessity sometimes. It happens a lot in college no worries.

    Your dorm pictures bring me back to my times at CNU they look identical! I hope you have so much fun!

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