Roller Coaster – Metaphorically Speaking

& not in a good way.

Kind of like when I rode Manta at SeaWorld.  It’s fun while you’re on it, but then it ends and you feel like you’re going to throw up.

I haven’t really been single since fall of 2006.  That’s a really long time ago and it’s taking some getting use to.
I have one thing to say about this:
I cannot wait until school starts.

Pancake Truffles:

I used Caitlin’s recipe, but substituted whole wheat pancake mix for blueberry pancake mix and a tiny bit of Bisquick.  (We don’t have any whole wheat pancake mix.)

Kind of made a mess.

Coffee was a must.

As was syrup

Overall, pretty delicious.  I had a hard time getting the mix to stick to the bananas though, which is when I added the Bisquick.  I’m not sure if the changes to the recipe had an impact or not.


Apparently that was all that was on my camera for this post.


I went running by myself yesterday.  Rare but nice.  I think I really need to start doing that more often.  It really is freeing when you don’t have to worry about anything else other than what your body is telling you to do at that exact moment. I stopped to walk when I wanted (ugggh.) and I just zoned out of real life.  The Pandora app on my phone is AMAZING for running.  I figured I really needed to bring my phone with me since I was going to be alone, and using that app made things perfect.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPod but I think listening to the music without headphones was much more enjoyable anyway.

Typed in “Fergie” and everything was right in the world : )


I’m out of things to say & it’s breakfast time so I’m going to go eat something and hope it’s photogenic enough for the next post.


8 responses to “Roller Coaster – Metaphorically Speaking

  1. I never go running by myself except on a treadmill…big weeenie i am!

    never heard of pancake truffles too! look yummy!
    have a great day…smile big chica!

    • I don’t usually. It’s really refreshing and nice when I do, but not safe enough for me to do all the time. I watch too much Criminal Minds to get into a set schedule of running by myself!

      They were pretty good 🙂 I think Caitlin made up the idea herself. You have a great day too 🙂 & smile even bigger!

  2. hahhahah “typed in fergie and everything was right with the world” so funny!

    • It is SO true though! My friend Christina and I always listen to Fergie & stuff like that when we do races together. It makes the run so much more fun!

  3. You go girl!! I know it’s rough right now, but it will get better !

  4. Those look so good- definitely making them this weekend. Running by youself really is relieving and can really let you zone out. I can’t run with and iPod or anything though…its just too big to have on my arm when I’m going

    • Normally I talk when I run with others, but it’s kind of pointless to with the heat which I think is why I like running by myself so much lately. I actually just held my phone the whole time haha. I should probably check and see if it would fit in my spibelt though and use that. The main problem is making sure it doesn’t get wet from my sweat/water bottle (kind of have a habit of squirting myself with the water bottle when it’s really hot)

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