Racing Solo & shopping :)

What do you do when you want to run a race but don’t have anyone to go with you?
You run it by yourself of course!

& I did.

Memorial Scholarship 5k
Norfolk Botanical Garden
Tuesday July 27, 2010
6:30 pm

Time: 28:05 (chip timed)
For my age group (female: 20-24) I came in 5th out of 8.  Not great, not horrible.

Honestly, it was fun!
I would rather have people there with me though. It got boring after a while of standing around by myself.  I’m starting to like doing things by myself though.  Maybe I’ll have to hit up a movie for one sometime soon.

Food time:

Roll & enjoy.

Love hot wings.  Homemade sauce.

I really wanted cobbler with ice cream.  Unfortunately, after I put the cobbler in the microwave I noticed that we are all out of ice cream.  Yogurt helped me pretend.

I think the ice cream cone bowl gave it a nice little “haha you don’t have real ice cream!” touch 😦


A mix of peach(?) yogurt & plain yogurt with granola & raw oatmeal.
With a dash of phone charging and teddy bear (because I’m an adult.)

I obviously don’t take pictures of everything I eat.  If I did, I’d never get through a post because I would have WAY too many pictures.

Girl time:

I’ve been having a lot of “me time” lately which is a highly sugarcoated way of saying “I have nothing to do and no one to hang out with, so I’m going to hang out in my room by myself and facebook creep on people until I get tired and go to sleep.”

Yesterday, I stopped by CNU to drop off some paperwork and then went on over to the mall to do some light heavy shopping.

The purchase of Sweet Deceit means that once I start it, I’m going to be MIA until it’s over.

I may have gone a little crazy in Wet Seal. I wasn’t going to get the pink shirt; however, I realized that the white one was only like $2.49-ish so it was obvious that I needed to get it in another color too.  They were having a deal where if you bought a pair of jeans, you got your whole purchase 20% off, so there’s a pair of not pictured black jeans in my closet now too.
I managed to force myself out of the mall after going into only two stores.  Then, I may or may not have gone to Target 🙂  Hey! I’m moving into a dorm this fall, I kind of need to shop for that (excuses, excuses.)

Hangers – I think I’m going to need a lot more than that, shower caddy, measuring cups & measuring spoons.
I tried to justify buying a marshmallow roasting stick too, but couldn’t think of a good enough reason I would need that.


Met up with my mom for the 6:15 spinning class [of death].  Will was instructing which meant that my legs now hate me.  He’s big into the whole “running with resistance” thing.  Somehow, he managed to make my legs feel like they were about to catch on fire, while also making my arms feel like they were about to fall off.
Obviously, it was a good workout.

Dress up!

Melinda came over and dropped off 2 cantaloupes, a watermelon, a ton of peppers, beets, cabbage, tomatoes, a sweet potato… etc… from her parents garden.
Then we decided to play dress up 🙂
She tried on my new clothes, I tried on her old clothes.

Her dress.  My new shoes ❤  My hair looks just as bad as my floor. Love it.
I’m thinking about breaking into her house and stealing that dress asking to borrow that dress sometime.


Ran this morning. Wanted to stop and crawl back to my house before I even hit the 0.1 mile mark.

The total distance ended up being around 3.7(?) Honestly, my Garmin is not in reaching distance, so you’re not going to get exact numbers on that one.  The time wasn’t great, but that’s to be expected when running in the heat, the morning after an hour of spinning, while dehydrated.  I need to do a long run sometime in the immediate future. Like tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll set my alarm and wake up early and run 9 miles?  We’ll see.

For now:

I think I’m going to go read that book until I’m forced to go to work at 5:30.

Oh oh oh!  My mom & I are going to the Cheesecake Factory Sunday! Beyond excited.


Roller Coaster – Metaphorically Speaking

& not in a good way.

Kind of like when I rode Manta at SeaWorld.  It’s fun while you’re on it, but then it ends and you feel like you’re going to throw up.

I haven’t really been single since fall of 2006.  That’s a really long time ago and it’s taking some getting use to.
I have one thing to say about this:
I cannot wait until school starts.

Pancake Truffles:

I used Caitlin’s recipe, but substituted whole wheat pancake mix for blueberry pancake mix and a tiny bit of Bisquick.  (We don’t have any whole wheat pancake mix.)

Kind of made a mess.

Coffee was a must.

As was syrup

Overall, pretty delicious.  I had a hard time getting the mix to stick to the bananas though, which is when I added the Bisquick.  I’m not sure if the changes to the recipe had an impact or not.


Apparently that was all that was on my camera for this post.


I went running by myself yesterday.  Rare but nice.  I think I really need to start doing that more often.  It really is freeing when you don’t have to worry about anything else other than what your body is telling you to do at that exact moment. I stopped to walk when I wanted (ugggh.) and I just zoned out of real life.  The Pandora app on my phone is AMAZING for running.  I figured I really needed to bring my phone with me since I was going to be alone, and using that app made things perfect.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPod but I think listening to the music without headphones was much more enjoyable anyway.

Typed in “Fergie” and everything was right in the world : )


I’m out of things to say & it’s breakfast time so I’m going to go eat something and hope it’s photogenic enough for the next post.

Long time no post- race recap

Whoaaa WordPress. You change your look or is my computer just making it all crazy like that?

Start from the beginning:

Peach/Strawberry cobbler

The race:

Distance: 6k
Predicted time: 35 minutes
Actual time: ~ 34:40

Staying behind definitely paid off.  They were hanging out pizza, bananas, beer, etc. & then after they went over the closest predicted times, they threw up freebies!
I got a tee shirt and a water bottle, while my dad got a little spray bottle of sunscreen.

Hot wings:

I wasn’t in a great mood when I got home Tuesday night so I went straight for the dessert.
[Picture is from a different day]


Whaaaat? Seriously?  Way to make kids feel good about themselves.  I really hope they don’t make this a regular thing in magazines.

Guess what

Miss RunningToFit has been having a lot of fun lately.

I hung out with someone I haven’t seen since 4th grade.

Why do my eyes look CRAZY?  Note to self: Don’t take pictures facing the sun.


Well I still have a banana from the race which I’m going to use to make Caitlin‘s Pancake Truffles.
Hopefully I have all of the ingredients.  Wish me luck!

Ups and downs

Do you ever get your meal set up on a pretty plate looking photogenic and then forget to actually take the picture?  I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

Some ups:

Cantaloupe & toast

adho mukha svanasana
— I am not a yoga person.  Figuring out the name took quite a bit of searching!

“Really??  More pictures? Is this photoshoot almost over yet?”

Cherry pop-tart. Toasted.  Add ice cream. Enjoy.

Exercise yesterday:

Spinning with my mom! I’ve missed spinning oh so much.  It had been over a month (maybe even two??) since my last class and I was feeling it.  The instructor was hardcore and, as always, she brought on the pain.  Running with resistance is killer and she made us do a quite a bit of that during one of the songs. 
I need to start doing those classes regularly again.

Dinner last night:

We started off [with my dad] making us guacamole.  He used lime juice instead of lemon juice last night and it was a nice change.

Keeping with the Mexican theme…

Mango margarita with blue salt? Yes please.

Going German for the main course.

Sausage on a bun with german mustard.

So good.

Prepping for tonight’s dinner:

3 dozen wings

In the smoker.

With hickory wood chips for flavoring.


Scrambled egg, onion, ham & cheese burrito

Yogurt with thawed strawberries & raw oatmeal

The downs:

Yesterday, we found out that a woman that lived in our neighborhood a few years back passed away from ovarian cancer.  My heart goes out to her husband and three young kids.

Plans for today:

  • Make peach/strawberry cobbler
  • Run errands
  • Run “Predict your time” race in Norfolk.
  • Eat hot wings
  • Eat cobbler


I’m hanging out with someone I haven’t seen since fourth grade.  Excited 🙂

Life is good


6.05 miles
10:34 average

mile 1: 10:06
mile 2: 10:56
mile 3: 10:13
mile 4: 10:41
mile 5: 11:17
mile 6: 10:23
.05 mi: 23 secs (7:28 pace)

I’ll take it.

Before the run:

with homegrown peaches.
Yum! (& coffee.)
By the way: That picture was taken using the camera on my computer.
Ghetto or genius?
Actually, just lazy.
My phone was upstairs and my camera was charging.

Running clothing.

Post run. If it wasn’t obvious.
Life is good shorts. I love them.

I started out with a tank top, because I forgot to take it off before I left.  It was ditched halfway through the run.

Yesterday’s Noms.

Breakfast. Kind of brunch because of how late I ate it (or maybe just lunch…)


Love corn on the cob.

Barbecue Chicken, roasted vegetablessweat potato, zucchini, squash, broccoli– with Montreal steak seasoning (so good) & corn, of course.

Not pictured:

2 pieces of cheese pizza at work with ranch dressing.
healthy yummy!

Planning ahead.

Today– Work at 4.  (surprised?)
Tomorrow– running & then most likely a 6:15 pm spin class with my mom.  I haven’t been to a spin class in forever. This will be interesting.
Tuesday– Predict your time race.  I will not flake out on this one. I will not flake out on this one. I will not…

Right now – Hitting “publish” & going to look for food. See ya!

Quote of the post:

“Learn to run when feeling the pain, then push harder.”
– William Sigei

Lovely morning.

Run, Sammi, Run.

Hit the trails for 3.2 miles.
Give or take 32 minutes.

Back it up…

I decided to take Chuck‘s advice and eat before today’s run.

Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers

There was actually a noticeable difference in my performance today that I really do think the crackers had something to do with.


I am in love with this running skirt.
They are usually pretty expensive from what I’ve seen on the website, so when I saw it on sale at Running, etc., I was all over it.

Body Glide disaster.

Sad face.

Farmer’s Market.

As I’ve mentioned recently, cantaloupe is my fruit obsession at the moment.
I ran out a few days ago, so I grabbed Lexi’s leash and we hit the road.

You don’t walk her, she walks you.

Sweeeeaty mess. (Figured a shirt would be more appropriate than my sports bra for this one.)

Fresh Squeezed Limeade?  How could I turn that down?

In addition to cantaloupe, 12 ears of corn were also purchased.
$5 for a dozen? Lovin’ it.  Is corn always that cheap?

Exhausted much?

Speed bump.

My computer is bipolar.


I’ve had issues before where iphoto and wordpress get into disagreements and decide not to communicate properly.

This morning, they broke up again.  I uploaded pictures & wordpress can’t seem to understand that.


Flickr to the rescue!  I don’t know why I waited this long to set up an account.  One of the options on my new phone is to publish pictures directly to flickr.  Meaning: awesome.


Thursday, I took the day off from running and hit the water.  Mainly, I was just hanging out.

I did manage to swim a few laps though.

Hot right?  Yeah… haha.
I also did some pull ups on the diving board.  Using the water to help go against gravity is the only way I can do pull ups.  I don’t mind a little help every now and then!

Friday… exercise didn’t really happen all that much.

I’ve been doing random push ups & planks lately.  If I try to record each individual exercise move I do, I start slacking.  Too much pressssure.  Keep things casual!

For today:

Work at 4.
It was pretty slow last night, but I still managed to do pretty well. I wouldn’t mind that again 🙂

Yeah. That’s basically it.
I have a lot going on, I know.

If you want a pop-tart, eat a pop-tart.

It wouldn’t be running to fit without changing plans.

That race yesterday? It didn’t happen. I’ve decided that some people are just lame (you know who you are) and I didn’t really feel like driving 45 minutes to run a 2k race without anyone to hang out with.

Moving on…

I went out to a little place called East Side Pizza with Jessica and some friends.  Jes and I shared a white pizza with broccoli.  The slices were about the size of my face.  I had two & then one for lunch today.

Up & running:

This morning my dad and I ran trails.
5.7 miles in about an hour.

My brain for the end of the run sounded like this:
Cantaloupe.  Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe.

Motivation comes from the strangest places sometimes.

Post Run:

  • Ate cantaloupe.  Surprise surprise!
  • Drank lots & lots of water.
  • Walked right into the pool in my workout gear (minus the Garmin, Socks & Saucony’s)
  • Got into bed to watch America’s Next Top Model via Youtube & fell asleep for a couple hours

My entire body felt like passing out when I woke up.  I’m not sure if it’s from the run or lack of sleep or what.

Breakfast/lunch: Brunch.

Jordan left pop-tarts here and they have been taunting me.
I finally gave in this morning and ate a s’mores pop-tart with coffee.


Rather than devouring the second one, I stored it and ate a slice of pizza instead.

Plans for the day:

Showering & work.  That’s about it.

Quote of the post:

“Run like hell and get the agony over with.”

– Clarence DeMar

Was I thinking that during this morning’s run?
Oh yes, I was.  [At least up until the “cantaloupe” part.]