New kicks

In exactly a week,

I’ll be moving into the dorms at school!  So excited!

It’s kind of nerve wrecking though because I’m going to be the only transfer student on my hall.  That means that from Wednesday – Saturday, I guess it’s just going to be me and the RA on the hall.
My roommate came to visit yesterday!  She’s super nice and I really think we’re going to get along.  Since I’m moving in Wednesday, she said that she’s going to try to move in early too!

I got new shoes! (Adidas Supernova Sequence 9)

When I went to pick up my race packet, I decided to get a pair of shoes to replace the Saucony’s I’ve been wearing.  For the race, I didn’t want to wear my old Nike’s because they aren’t correct for my running style (over-pronation) nor did I want to wear my Saucony’s if I didn’t have anything to switch to after the race.  After trying on several pairs of shoes, I knew that these were the ones.  As soon as I put them on, my feet felt happy. They really feel like pillows for my feet.  It’s amazing 🙂

My knees from the race.  all.scratched.up

Dinner at the bff’s:

Mashed potatoes

Caramelized onions with garlic.

Tomato slices with cheese, balsamic & basil. I had one…. well, a tiny bit of the tomato + all of the cheese. Not a fan of tomato.

+ steak Yum!  I definitely ate more potatoes than what was originally on my plate.  Plus, more onions because they were delicious.

We also munched on cantaloupe from her garden and I had a piece of fudge.

Melinda, Gypsy & Me. (Don’t let Gypsy’s cute appearance fool you, she’s vicious.)

Fuel for yesterday’s run:

2 pieces of peanut butter toast, watermelon, water.

Post run:

Frozen strawberries and vanilla yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon.

Lexi decided to join me.  She loves the pool.


I haven’t yet left my room.  Breakfast is going to be happening as soon as I hit “publish.”  Today is the last day that I can hang out with Melinda before she leaves for school.  She doesn’t leave until Sunday, but I’m leaving tomorrow to go on a road trip with Lydia to visit Shelby down in Myrtle Beach.  We are all extremely excited.  I’m not sure how much blogging, if any, I’ll do while I’m down there, but I’ll be back Saturday (just in time for work.)

Have a great Wednesday!


6 responses to “New kicks

  1. oh my gosh, College life!

    way to go chica and enjoy it all!

    I just dropped off my teenager to his new school and 11th grade. MAN it’s going fast!

    love your new shoes. I just got a pair and I like my old beat up ones better. Go figure.
    and i LOVE that you did a mud run. we have a muddy buddy here and I am dying to try it. Hubs is not so enthused! haha

    have a great day my sweet!

    • I’m totally stoked for it! Has he started looking at colleges yet? Which kind did you get? the same ones that I got? Muddy Buddy sounds awesome!!!! Who cares if he’s not crazy about it, drag him to it 🙂

  2. You are going to have such a blast as college- savor every moment! I miss it so much lol. You have a pool?? I’m so jealous…it would be awesome to have one with this heat. Actually, my buddies apartment has one…I know where I’ll be this weekend.

    You eat shes for your pre-run fuel? : ) That PB looks awesome though, I love it!

    • Well you can come visit me and pretend you’re still in college. Hey, maybe I’ll even let you go to my classes for me… lol. Yep! : ) come over whenever you want (well, when I’m here. which won’t be very much soon) You don’t eat shoes for pre-run fuel?? lol. I’m actually thinking about switching over to toddlers since they have so much energy, ya know? What happened to “I’m going to bed”?? Liaaaaa.

  3. Hey! Feeling “orientated”? I bet you are having a blast! Let me know. How is the cafeteria food? Do they have a waffle maker?? : )

    • Did you type in your email address incorrectly or did you get another one without the “.”? lol. I’m starting to have a blast. The first few days were supa laaaame. Unfortunately, the dining halls have been closed at really weird hours since I got here. I’ve only eaten there twice & it is only one of the dining halls that I’ve been to. The food seems decent so far. There wasn’t a waffle maker this morning 😦 but I heard there usually is.

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