Races – Future

Future races (pre-registered):

Date:         Race:                                                                    Location:

8/7/10 ASYMCA Mud Run 8k                                  Norfolk, VA
9/5/10 Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon  Virginia Beach, VA
10/16/10 Race for the Cure (5k) Virginia Beach, VA
10/30/10 Blue Moon Wicked 10k Virginia Beach, VA

Possible future races:

9/25/10   Neptune Festival 8k                                    Virginia Beach, VA
10/2/10   St. Mary’s Run 5k                                         Virginia Beach, VA
10/2/10   Hilton 5k Run                                               Newport News, VA
Hog Jog (5k) Smithfield, VA
10/23/10 I Need a Light House 5k                            Virginia Beach, VA
10/24/10 Samaritan House 5k                                  Virginia Beach, VA
11/6/10     Yorktown Battlefield 10 Miler & 5k Yorktown, VA
11/13/10   Making a Difference 5 mile run              Newport News, VA
11/25/10   Turkey Trot 10k                                         Virginia Beach, VA
11/25/10   Toys for Tots 5k & 10k Newport News, VA
12/4/10     Jingle Bell 5k                                             Norfolk, VA
12/4/10     Run with the Son 5k                                 York County, VA
12/11/10   Santa Shuffle 5k                                         Portsmouth, VA
12/31/10 Resolution Run 4 Mile                              Richmond, VA
1/1/11        New Years Day 10k Midlothian, VA


2 responses to “Races – Future

  1. I just signed up for the CrossOver Challenge (15k) Please please please come run it 🙂 Haha can you tell I dont want to run this one by myself? I hope you can make it out!

  2. You should add the 8K mudd run at Little Creek in August to your list! That one is so much fun 🙂

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