8 mile run + chafing


I can’t wait until I get into the double digits. It won’t be much longer!

Loving it.

Friday, I was actually aiming for 9 miles; however, my knees started hurting around 7.5 so I decided to cut it short.  I try to listen to my body as much as possible and running through knee pain is not good. It was SUPER hot (obviously considering I didn’t leave until 11:30!) so I decided to try out my camelbak. Can you say – hydration?  It helps SO much! Plus, it’s so nice being able to drink water whenever you want without having to carry a water bottle in your hand.  Why did I wait this long to try it out? Oh yeah, I’m lazy. That’s right.  Well, I’ll be using this a lot on future runs!
Problems with the camelbak:

  • It bounced around – fix – I tied the straps around my waist to hold it in place
  • The left shoulder strap kept rubbing my shoulder – fix – I twisted the strap around so the outside part was on my shoulder. I think there’s something on the inside edge that it sharp or something.
  • Can you say “back chafing?” – fix – ??? Please???? I didn’t notice the chafing until I got in the shower!  Ouch!

I took two energy gel packs with me. Gu “Mint Chocolate” & Carb Boom! “Strawberry Kiwi.”  I’m starting to like the flavors of gels. My favorite is still the Hammer Gel “cinnamon apple” though.  I took the first one around 3 miles & the second around mile 6.

I totally took pictures of the chafing, so you’re in for a treat when I get those pictures up here! haha.  Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your back? REALLY HARD!!

The Sunday run was meant to be – fast – slower  – fastIs there a name for that? Tempo? I don’t know. I looked down at my watch around .3 miles and saw that my pace was around 7:30!! What?? That was not on purpose. At all. I slowed myself down after I saw that.  Lap 2 actually would be a lot slower; however, there was some guy walking the trails.  All you need in order to run faster is a creeper to run away from.
The plan is to make it to 9 or 10 miles sometime this week!


The ASYMCA mud run!!  I’m so excited!  I know a few people running it.  Unfortunately, my race bff isn’t going to be able to participate.  She’s having some medical problems, so make sure to keep her in your thoughts!
Christina: I’m going to kick this race’s butt in your honor girl!

Jordan just got into town, so we’re going to hit up some thrift stores. Work at 5, but I promise to post food pictures asap!  Especially the ones from cheesecake factory!

Have a wonderful day!


3 responses to “8 mile run + chafing

  1. Nice work on your runs! I don’t know how you do it with a Camelback though…that must add a lot of weight!
    And definitely post the Cheesecake Factory pictures so I can see what I am missing!

    Get ready for Saturday!!

    • Go to sleep Chuck! haha Thanks 🙂 I think the hydration from the camelbak made up for the weight. I honestly didn’t notice the extra weight at all. I’ll post it sometime in the morning. Saturday is going to be awesome!! You better be getting ready for it too! Carb loading Friday night? lol

  2. Look at those splits!! Great job girl!!

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