Ups and downs

Do you ever get your meal set up on a pretty plate looking photogenic and then forget to actually take the picture?  I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

Some ups:

Cantaloupe & toast

adho mukha svanasana
— I am not a yoga person.  Figuring out the name took quite a bit of searching!

“Really??  More pictures? Is this photoshoot almost over yet?”

Cherry pop-tart. Toasted.  Add ice cream. Enjoy.

Exercise yesterday:

Spinning with my mom! I’ve missed spinning oh so much.  It had been over a month (maybe even two??) since my last class and I was feeling it.  The instructor was hardcore and, as always, she brought on the pain.  Running with resistance is killer and she made us do a quite a bit of that during one of the songs. 
I need to start doing those classes regularly again.

Dinner last night:

We started off [with my dad] making us guacamole.  He used lime juice instead of lemon juice last night and it was a nice change.

Keeping with the Mexican theme…

Mango margarita with blue salt? Yes please.

Going German for the main course.

Sausage on a bun with german mustard.

So good.

Prepping for tonight’s dinner:

3 dozen wings

In the smoker.

With hickory wood chips for flavoring.


Scrambled egg, onion, ham & cheese burrito

Yogurt with thawed strawberries & raw oatmeal

The downs:

Yesterday, we found out that a woman that lived in our neighborhood a few years back passed away from ovarian cancer.  My heart goes out to her husband and three young kids.

Plans for today:

  • Make peach/strawberry cobbler
  • Run errands
  • Run “Predict your time” race in Norfolk.
  • Eat hot wings
  • Eat cobbler


I’m hanging out with someone I haven’t seen since fourth grade.  Excited 🙂


7 responses to “Ups and downs

  1. So exciting! All your food looks amazing, so jealous.

  2. Hey how did the race go?! I’m sure you did awesome. Wow your smoker looks awesome- it makes mine look so old school haha. I love doing whole turkeys and Briskets on it.

    Definitely craving a Pop Tart with ice cream now…

    • It’s my dad’s smoker, I barely even know how to use it! haha he loooooves it though. I think he’s done a brisket in there, but he normally just does wings and stuff like that. He makes the wings and then freezes them for later. Yum 🙂

  3. Love the doggie yoga. 😀

    How was the race?

    • Hey! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier! I’ve just been so busy lately – Good thing though 🙂 I was so excited when she did that position again, I missed it the first time. The race was great! I did a lot better than I was expecting! 9:18 avg pace. Wrote about it on the blog, but didn’t post too many details. I’m really happy about how I did though and it was a really fun low key race

  4. your puppy pics are so cute! and toasted poptarts with ice THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE.


    • Thanks! I like taking pictures of Lexi 🙂 I take a lot! haha It really IS how it’s done! SO DELICIOUS! but I need to stop eating that so much! The nutritional facts are horrible!

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