Life is good


6.05 miles
10:34 average

mile 1: 10:06
mile 2: 10:56
mile 3: 10:13
mile 4: 10:41
mile 5: 11:17
mile 6: 10:23
.05 mi: 23 secs (7:28 pace)

I’ll take it.

Before the run:

with homegrown peaches.
Yum! (& coffee.)
By the way: That picture was taken using the camera on my computer.
Ghetto or genius?
Actually, just lazy.
My phone was upstairs and my camera was charging.

Running clothing.

Post run. If it wasn’t obvious.
Life is good shorts. I love them.

I started out with a tank top, because I forgot to take it off before I left.  It was ditched halfway through the run.

Yesterday’s Noms.

Breakfast. Kind of brunch because of how late I ate it (or maybe just lunch…)


Love corn on the cob.

Barbecue Chicken, roasted vegetablessweat potato, zucchini, squash, broccoli– with Montreal steak seasoning (so good) & corn, of course.

Not pictured:

2 pieces of cheese pizza at work with ranch dressing.
healthy yummy!

Planning ahead.

Today– Work at 4.  (surprised?)
Tomorrow– running & then most likely a 6:15 pm spin class with my mom.  I haven’t been to a spin class in forever. This will be interesting.
Tuesday– Predict your time race.  I will not flake out on this one. I will not flake out on this one. I will not…

Right now – Hitting “publish” & going to look for food. See ya!

Quote of the post:

“Learn to run when feeling the pain, then push harder.”
– William Sigei


5 responses to “Life is good

  1. yay for 6 milers!!

    • 🙂 My dad told me today that we’re going to be running 3 loops sometime this week (each loop is about a 5k) I’m scccccared! haha. That time isn’t going to be very good!

  2. Congrats on the amazing run, girlie!
    Loved the random post 🙂

  3. Wow all that food looks really good- especially that bbq chicken! That’s my favorite way to make, and on the grill. I can’t have a grill in my apartment which is killlllling me though! haha
    Perfect pre-run meal too. And nice run!

    • Why are you awake at 1:30 in the morning? lol. I barely at any of that chicken. For some reason, I get really full on stuff like that really quickly. The corn was the only part I was able to finish. There isn’t any possible way to have a grill? Thanks 🙂 they’re getting better.

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