Lovely morning.

Run, Sammi, Run.

Hit the trails for 3.2 miles.
Give or take 32 minutes.

Back it up…

I decided to take Chuck‘s advice and eat before today’s run.

Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers

There was actually a noticeable difference in my performance today that I really do think the crackers had something to do with.


I am in love with this running skirt.
They are usually pretty expensive from what I’ve seen on the website, so when I saw it on sale at Running, etc., I was all over it.

Body Glide disaster.

Sad face.

Farmer’s Market.

As I’ve mentioned recently, cantaloupe is my fruit obsession at the moment.
I ran out a few days ago, so I grabbed Lexi’s leash and we hit the road.

You don’t walk her, she walks you.

Sweeeeaty mess. (Figured a shirt would be more appropriate than my sports bra for this one.)

Fresh Squeezed Limeade?  How could I turn that down?

In addition to cantaloupe, 12 ears of corn were also purchased.
$5 for a dozen? Lovin’ it.  Is corn always that cheap?

Exhausted much?

Speed bump.

My computer is bipolar.


I’ve had issues before where iphoto and wordpress get into disagreements and decide not to communicate properly.

This morning, they broke up again.  I uploaded pictures & wordpress can’t seem to understand that.


Flickr to the rescue!  I don’t know why I waited this long to set up an account.  One of the options on my new phone is to publish pictures directly to flickr.  Meaning: awesome.


Thursday, I took the day off from running and hit the water.  Mainly, I was just hanging out.

I did manage to swim a few laps though.

Hot right?  Yeah… haha.
I also did some pull ups on the diving board.  Using the water to help go against gravity is the only way I can do pull ups.  I don’t mind a little help every now and then!

Friday… exercise didn’t really happen all that much.

I’ve been doing random push ups & planks lately.  If I try to record each individual exercise move I do, I start slacking.  Too much pressssure.  Keep things casual!

For today:

Work at 4.
It was pretty slow last night, but I still managed to do pretty well. I wouldn’t mind that again 🙂

Yeah. That’s basically it.
I have a lot going on, I know.


4 responses to “Lovely morning.

  1. I’m glad to hear that eating helped! That was a pretty good snack to eat too. I’m looking forward to see how you improve over the next few months before your race!

    • It definitely did! I knew it would, I’m just soooo lazy! haha. I do always eat before races though. Few months? More like less than 2… 😦 haha.

  2. whoooo rocking the sports bra. 🙂 Running on an empty stomach is like driving a car without gas. Not cool haha. That’s why I’ve started running at night even thought it may be cooler in the morning, I just don’t want to wake up super early to eat something then wait a little bit for it to settle and then run. I’ll probably try it though soon since I’ve just been informed we’ll be practicing in the morning? So I guess I need to start waking up early.

    • yeeeeah girl! hah! It’s too hot for clothing. I just can’t deal with the heat. That’s a really good way to describe it. I need to remember that next time I feel like being lazy and not eating. Running at night doesn’t work for me because I work nights. I don’t wake up all that early though, so it’s hot by the time I go 😦 What time is practice going to be?

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