If you want a pop-tart, eat a pop-tart.

It wouldn’t be running to fit without changing plans.

That race yesterday? It didn’t happen. I’ve decided that some people are just lame (you know who you are) and I didn’t really feel like driving 45 minutes to run a 2k race without anyone to hang out with.

Moving on…

I went out to a little place called East Side Pizza with Jessica and some friends.  Jes and I shared a white pizza with broccoli.  The slices were about the size of my face.  I had two & then one for lunch today.

Up & running:

This morning my dad and I ran trails.
5.7 miles in about an hour.

My brain for the end of the run sounded like this:
Cantaloupe.  Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe.

Motivation comes from the strangest places sometimes.

Post Run:

  • Ate cantaloupe.  Surprise surprise!
  • Drank lots & lots of water.
  • Walked right into the pool in my workout gear (minus the Garmin, Socks & Saucony’s)
  • Got into bed to watch America’s Next Top Model via Youtube & fell asleep for a couple hours

My entire body felt like passing out when I woke up.  I’m not sure if it’s from the run or lack of sleep or what.

Breakfast/lunch: Brunch.

Jordan left pop-tarts here and they have been taunting me.
I finally gave in this morning and ate a s’mores pop-tart with coffee.


Rather than devouring the second one, I stored it and ate a slice of pizza instead.

Plans for the day:

Showering & work.  That’s about it.

Quote of the post:

“Run like hell and get the agony over with.”

– Clarence DeMar

Was I thinking that during this morning’s run?
Oh yes, I was.  [At least up until the “cantaloupe” part.]


8 responses to “If you want a pop-tart, eat a pop-tart.

  1. jeez, how’d I get behind. POW.

    loved your post. love cantaloupe.

    I have a love/hate relationship with poptarts. I hate that I love them…

    cherry and frosted! mmm

    • What did you get behind on? I’ll fill you in 🙂 haha

      Thaaaanks! Cantaloupe is amazing. Everyone should be required to love it.

      Yeah. I try not to eat pop tarts very often because they don’t have stellar nutritional facts. They taste freaking amazing though!

      The cinnamon frosted ones are my favvvv. I had cherry ones last night 🙂 & I ate the other s’mores one at work 🙂 haha

  2. Nice run! I love running trails. I never do though, ha. Make sure you eat before you run- you’ll be a lot stronger

    • We have been running the trails a lot lately because they have more shade than the road 🙂 Shade beats less hills any day. Yeaaaah… well, my dad usually wakes me up to run and I don’t have time to eat before we leave. I always have oatmeal before races though and I do notice a big difference when I do that. Maybe I’ll have to start waking up even earlier so I can get some fuel in me first!

  3. Gotta LOVE cantaloupe!
    And this new philosophy – “If you want something… Just eat it!”

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad everyone is sharing my opinion on cantaloupe 🙂 we should throw a giant “bloggers eating cantaloupe party” 🙂 haha I guess I should probably add “in moderation” but that takes the fun out of things!

  4. Awww you didn’t do the race 😦 I didn’t realize it was 45 minutes away haha. I wouldn’t of driven that far for a short little race like a 2k anyway!!!

    • I know! I’m just not motivated enough! haha. Most of the races I do are at least 30 minutes away (except the race in my town once a year) I’m glad you understand me ditching that one! 🙂

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