Well, that was a bad run.

Thursday: 3.12 miles 33:10
Friday: 3.26 miles 33:31
Saturday: 4.5 miles 49:52

That’s what I get for not running regularly. I need to write up a training schedule to prepare myself for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon that I’m running on September 5th.

For Thursday, I ended up walking about 5 times.  Ridiculous considering I’ve ran three times that without having to walk.  Friday, I didn’t walk at all.  Today, I stopped and walked once around 4.3
I’m trying to stay positive about my runs.  They’ll get better. My times and distances will get better.  & everything will go back to normal 🙂

Last weekend, I went to Illinois with my dad & Jordan for my cousin Cody’s wedding.

On the way there, we all got cinnabon!

Healthy Delicious

Avanti’s!  They have the best bread ever.  We actually have the recipe for their bread and we use it for making pizza dough.

Homemade mints.  About 400 or 500 were made.  Roses, bells, etc.

We went to this really cool restaurant unlike anything I’ve been to before.


Corn fritters = amazing. (No, that wasn’t my beer. I wish.)

Mini corn dogs? Oh yes.

Loved these.
Then, it was wedding time.

Work soon, I need to hurry this post along! (You know me, I’ll never finish it if I don’t post it now!)

I did run once while we were there.  The pace was probably around 10 min/mile.  Walking was involved.  ~ 4 miles.

School news:

I signed up for my first semester of classes at Christopher Newport University!

  • German 101 (yay!)
  • Computer art (hopefully it’ll help me spice up the blog)
  • Business Statistics
  • Calculus (when I applied, they accepted 3s from ap calc exams, but they just changed that to accepting only 4s & 5s 😦 bummer)
  • Ancient and Medieval World (history)

8 responses to “Well, that was a bad run.

  1. Ooh, exciting that you signed up for courses next semester! I just signed up for mine as well, for grad school!!

    And don’t stress about your runs. They WILL get better!

    • Awesome! I think I congratulated you already on getting into grad school, but in case I didn’t, CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂

      I know they will, it’s just annoying for now! haha

  2. Those runs are fine! Y0u’ll be ready for the Rock n’ Roll! Not sure if I’m going to do it yet…1/2 Ironman the next week.

    What are those restaurants the pictures are from? They look good and I want to go haha

    • They’re just so slooooow compared to how I was running a few months ago! haha. I’ll be ready for it if I actually start training! I need a training plan or something. That’s awesome! Where’s the 1/2 ironman?

      The restaurants were in little towns in Illinois. Makes me want to move there though!

  3. awwwwwwwww, love wedding pics. so so happy moments!

    and big deal on the runs. I am totally lagging now that i’ve taking a little break and doing circuits.

    back to the chest spasms I thought were over.

    you’ll do great! I’m running tomorrow! woo hoo

    • I just plan love weddings! haha

      Eek! What’d the doctor say about the chest spasms? (I’m sorry, I have close to a 1000 posts to catch up on in my reader right now lol)

      Yay! How’d the run go?

  4. Sammi, this is such an exciting time in your life. 😀 I’m so happy for you on your school news.

    And honey, you will be okay with running – we all have off days.

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