Tasty Tuesday

A big thanks to all the comments regarding my race!

As I mentioned in my last post, my pictures are now showing up on wordpress.  In celebration of that, I’m going to be posting food, food, and more food!

Let’s get started.

Heart to heart cereal with almond milk.

Quesadilla with cheese & artichoke hearts

Carrot cake with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream ❤

Fruit & yogurt

Fried eggs, sausage patty & toast.

Peanut butter banana crunch of amazingness.

Nachos and salsa.  Yum.

I don’t remember exactly what this was.  Chicken, onions, squash…?  Tasted good 🙂

My first trip to Chipotle.

Giiiiant.  I managed to eat about half.

Major noms.  It’s not a secret that I love tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Not food, but that bird stood there looking into my room for like 5 minutes.

French toast deserves multiple pictures.  Topping it with homegrown peaches and pure maple cranberry syrup = wonderful.

True love.  Oatmeal + peanut butter + nutella + cereal + cinnamon raisin peanut butter

A P.F. Chang post will [probably] be next!  For now, it’s time to go eat breakfast.

P.S.- Run this morning: 2.63(ish) miles in 26:21.  Gaah.  I’m tired of these 10 minute paces.  I need to work on that!


3 responses to “Tasty Tuesday

  1. oh good. Now I am starving!

    I love your food. It kills me!

  2. mmmmmm nachos!!! So yummy!

  3. “Carrot cake with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream <3" Uh YES PLEASE!!

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