HOEM 2010 race recap

Yesterday, I ran the House of Esther Ministries 5k.  Oh my, was it amazing.  I ended up placing.  Not only in my age group, but I actually placed in the top three females overall! We’ll get to that in a second though.

Time: About 28 minutes & 7 seconds.
Not a PR, but close.

Justin came with me as my own personal hydration assistant.  There weren’t very many people running in the race, probably just around 40 or so.
Location: Mount Trashmore.

Fueling: None until the finish line.  This is definitely something that needs to be kept in mind if I ever run the race again.  With the heat and the difficulty of some portions of the course, it’s really important to bring your own hydration.  At the finish line, they had a booth set up with water, some sort of sports drink, granola bars, and apples.
Timing: Because the event was so small, they used poster boards to write down the participants information and hand wrote the times and numbers on a piece of paper when people came across the finish line.
The course: They had volunteers set up along the route to let people know which way to go.  As for difficulty, we ran up mount trashmore twice.  The first time, the slope wasn’t very steep so it wasn’t too bad; however, the second time up was pretty intense.  My time slowed down a lot on the second time and I struggled to not give up.  When I reached the top, there was a girl coming up behind me and I tried to push myself as hard as I could to not let her pass me.  Unfortunately, I just couldn’t push myself hard enough and she ended up passing me shortly after we came back down.
I knew that there was one other female that had ran off ahead from the beginning, but I hadn’t seen any other females in front of me until that girl.  My thoughts were correct, and at the finish line I discovered that I had finished 3rd 🙂

I must share this.

Disclaimer: if this boy finds my blog or my facebook, he’ll probably think I’m a wacko.  With that said…

Doesn’t this guy look JUST LIKE Taylor Lautner?


I’ll be keeping this baby forever!

So, I still have no idea why my computer is so bipolar when it comes to letting me access my pictures through wordpress.  I can’t believe it actually showed the pictures from this race.  Hopefully, it’ll keep letting me post pictures!

After the race, we came back to my house and went for a run.  Who does that? haha.  We only made it about 1.7 miles or so before I had to walk and then we didn’t run again until the sprint to my driveway.

Work tonight. It’s burning up out, so I’m really not looking forward to this!


30 responses to “HOEM 2010 race recap

  1. LOL…I am the girl that ran past you at the end. I was struggling but determined to keep up with you as I ran behind you around the lake. I couldn’t believe you let me pass you. Unfortunately, I was so tired and in so much pain that I went to rest in my car and missed the medal presentation. I was shocked to find out that I placed second as I thought there were several women further ahead. I did win first place last year, but that’s mainly because the registration was not done by active.com and was not publicized outside of the church. Thanks for pushing me to run harder and faster yesterday. I can’t believe you went home and ran more. I returned to the park later but only to walk my dog halfway around the lake. By the way, where can I find a guy who will spray me with water during races???

    • Awesome!! How’d you find my blog? I kind of hope he doesn’t find it… or, I hope he does if he’s single 😉 haha I didn’t let you pass me on purpose! haha I tried SO hard to keep my lead in front of you but I just couldn’t push any harder than I already was at the end. I’ll have to try again next year 🙂 lol. That’s awesome that you got first last year! You can borrow Justin and he’ll spray you while you run 🙂 haha. It does make things a lot easier if you have hydration. Are you running any other races?

  2. Oh yeah. If you go to active.com reviews of the race, the Taylor Lautner look-alike wrote a review of the race.

  3. traynharder23

    i saw on facebook. DAMN HE ISSSSS TAYLOR LAUTNER!!! EEEEHHHHH!!!!

    and wow. good job. i need to get on the racing now! -D

  4. He totally does look like Taylor Lautner.

    And you go on the 3rd place!! Woot woot!!

    And look at how skinny and defined you look!! 😀

  5. Congratulations on the award! I live really close to Mt. Trashmore and didn’t even know this race happened! Maybe I’ll do it next year.

    I just found your blog and its great!

  6. Congrats! Ha! That guy does look just like that actor.


    I had no idea who Taylor Lautner was so I googled it.

    and you are so right! hahahaha

    great job !!!
    I started doing some circuit training and weights. I miss running but I am trying to shake things up and my quads are NOT happy with me!


    • Thank you! How do you NOT know who Taylor Lautner is??? haha I need to take your lead and start doing other types of working out too! I’m too lazy! haha

  8. Yah! Congrats on your race, that’s awesome. I’m hoping to do a 5k or 10k each month for the next few months until I run my first half marathon in Oct. I want to get my pace faster and get more comfortable with running alongside a ton of other people.

    • Thank you, Jennifer! Setting a goal like that has actually really helped me keep up with my running this year. Too bad I usually procrastinate and pick one for the end of the month! haha. Have you ever done a race before? Running with other people changes so much! But it’s in a good way, in my opinion. I always run a lot faster in races. Just make sure you don’t burn out at the beginning by starting off to fast! Pace yourself 🙂

  9. I have that same medal 🙂 I think 2 actually, from 2 different races. Gotta love medals in bulk. Even though they are the same, they both have such great meaning.

    • Awesome! I guess it’s a popular one! The funny thing is, on the back it says “men’s bronze” or something. I guess they gave me the wrong one lol. This one will always have a really big meaning for me 🙂 How many medals do you have all together?

  10. Bryan O'loughlin

    hahahah! I dont think your a wacko for taking pictures of me when I was not looking and then posting them to your blog, dont all girls do that?

    Good job, we both got 3rd! woooo!

    • If they don’t, they should 🙂 haha. You probably get that whole Taylor Lautner thing a lot though. lol Yeeeeah! We’re awesome like that! I wish I could run a 5k as fast as you did. Did they give you my medal? Mine says “men – bronze” I was going to ask you at the race, but I didn’t want to freak you out lol.

      • Bryan O'loughlin

        Yeah like 10 times a day, but I got to keep myself humble haha. You will be as fast as me one day, just push it, I am slow for a guy anyways. Maybe they did, mine does not say Guy or Women on it. We can switch if it makes you feel better =]

      • That’s completely necessary. lol. I don’t want people thinking I’m stealing medals from someone else. I have to be legit, you know? lol. Your time at the race seemed pretty fast considering the course. How’d you like running up Trashmore that second time? Suuuucked lol.

  11. Bryan O'loughlin

    I loved it! I almost walked, I felt like I was getting no where even though I was giving it all I had.

    You enjoy it?

    • Umm… running straight up a hill like that? Totally loved it… 😦 haha. I was determined not to walk though. I haven’t walked during a race yet, and I don’t want to start now! I looked down at my garmin after the hill and it was HORRIBLE for my pace! lol.

  12. Bryan O'loughlin

    Good! Keep it up. With out that last trip up the hill my time might have been a minute better. You have one of those Garmin watches? Those things are something else!

    • I will 🙂 My time probably would have been better too. That’s what hill training is for though! Yes!!! I love my Garmin watch 🙂 It’s amaaaazing. I couldn’t take it with me this morning though because it was dead 😦 I’m so bad at charging it!

  13. Bryan O'loughlin

    I hate hill training it hills my shins! I almost bought one, but just got a normal one, the Garmins ones are so big! you have to charge that thing?

    • I don’t like hill training either, but it’s important lol. I got to a 10k once to find out that it was basically rolling hills. That was not fun at all. lol. I have a timex that I got for my 19th birthday, which is what I used this morning. But I got the Garmin for Christmas this year and I LOVE it. You do have to charge it though lol. Pretty regularly.

  14. I googled to find out if the race results were somewhere online and your blog was listed. It’s funny because I’ve never blogged before this. I do local races every now and then. My friend, Susan, got me into it. However, she’s much faster than I am and usually places in the top 3. I am going to run the Rock n’ Roll 1/2 marathon in September. I tend to do crazy things so I’m also registering for the Metro Dash on 7/11. Sounds interesting. I think I’m running one this weekend too if Justin is available for water duty…

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  16. OK, I can’t BELIEVE how much he does look like Taylor! Almost EERILY close! Lucky guy to look like that!!! NICE!

    Well done on placing in the top sister!! Way to go!

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