Why do you blog?

Do you blog because it gives you access to a group of people who share your interests that you normally wouldn’t be able to find in real life?

Or is it because you’re lonely?

Maybe you just have too much time on your hands?

Or you want an excuse to take pictures of everything you eat?

Do you have so much on your mind, that it’s easier to just write it all down?

Or do other blogs give you inspiration on what to write, and you have to get that out?

What’s your reason?

As you’ve probably noticed, my blogging goes through phases.  Sometimes I’ll blog a lot, while others, not much at all.  I started this blog for an assortment of reasons, both conscious and subconscious.

The conscious reasons:
Reading other blogs made me happy, and I wanted to make others happy in that way.
I was hoping it would give me healthier eating habits.
It gave me a place to talk about my running when I felt like I was annoying people in the “real world.”

The subconscious reasons that not even I was aware of:
I was lonely.
I had too much time on my hands.
It gave me a place to talk to people that I actually had things in common with.

The truth is, it’s often a bad sign when I’m blogging.  Sometimes it’s just because something fun happened that I want to share, but others, it’s because something is lacking in my life.  I blog when I don’t have anyone else to talk to.  I blog when I have nothing to do.  I blog when I’m lonely.  Right now, it’s a combination of reasons.  Loneliness & inspiration. The bad thing is, the latter is because of the former.

So tell me, do you blog for the same reasons I do?
What’s your reason?


This morning’s run was… a start.
~ 2.63 miles
~ 26:25 time

I thought about going for a second time around the loop; however, I decided to end things on a slightly good note.


French toast made using greek bread that my dad brought home, topped with homegrown peaches, and pure maple-cranberry syrup.
I used a pretty plate so I would have pretty pictures; however, wordpress hates me and isn’t registering the pictures.

Well, I’m going to go finish enjoying my breakfast.

Have a great day!


4 responses to “Why do you blog?

  1. I blog for the opposite reason – when I am feeling good and have ideas and stories to share. I blog when I am on the train, so it’s more like a time filler for me, and a way to connect with others. I cut back when I am feeling crappy/bored with it.

  2. I started blogging because I felt as though I had things to say and I wanted a place for them. It was more for my friends to read than anyone else.

    Then I discovered that writing things out was great therapy. It was as though anything that bothered me, rather than it festering inside, I could take it out of my body and release it through my fingertips.

    Love you darling.

  3. I blog because I feel like it helps other people and in turn it helps me when I see things on other’s blogs!

  4. I started blogging because my sister in law put a gun to my head and said I HAD TO start one.

    but really, I’m on my 3rd blog now, and I would have to say it’s an addiction. (but a good one)

    I am a woman who is spazzy, hyper and chatty. I needed an outlet! haha

    and now I have a group of really great people in my life whether I’ve met them or not, and it makes me happy.

    plus, yes, plenty of like minded ladies out there.

    it makes me sad to hear you say you blog when you are lonely…and I am super happy when you share your running and traveling adventures with us all. I don’t get out much!


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