Samstag (Saturday)

Lets start from where I left off…

Kletterwald Neroberg

These pictures were taken on the blue (easy) course.

It ended up being a pretty big workout, which left me in pain for a couple days!  I don’t think my arms have ever been that sore before!

After that last post, we went out and got ice cream.

Watermelon (Wassermelone) and tangerine (Manderine). Very refreshing!

Eaten with a view.
Later on… more food.

&&& coffee.

Dinner time.

Something I’ve never seen back home.

Seriously, what’s dinner without beer?  (I only had one, don’t judge!)

Unser Wiener Schnitzel

Who can eat all of that? Not I.  I had part of one piece, some fries, & about half of the cucumber salad in the background.

Wiener Schnitzel + Cranberry sauce = amazing.

I don’t remember this picture being taken…

My dad joked around about getting dessert, so I decided to order the Germknodel.

Interesting.  It was pretty good 🙂 Huge though.  We didn’t finish it all.

Some sort of prune(?) filling on the inside.

Well, I’m out of time for now!! I’ll post more later!


4 responses to “Samstag (Saturday)

  1. looks like your having an amazing time!

    You deserve it 🙂 The beer looks so refreshing and I bet it taste delicious

    • I am 🙂 lol. The beer is amaaaazing! I’m not usually a beer drinker, but as you can see, I’m turning into one! After a couple beers, anything tastes good lol.

  2. traynharder23

    AMAZING!!!! hahahah i love your pictures (family jewels. we are such a pair.)

    miss you lots, and when you get back- gchat your homie

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