Guten Tag!!

Remember how I was supposed to go to Germany for Spring Break, but had to cancel the trip because my passport was expired?  Well, guess where I am blogging from right now 🙂

Wiesbaden, Germany.
My dad and I arrived in Frankfurt around 5:30 am local time and immediately went to a little grocery store for the necessities.  Aka- Beers & sandwiches.
Then, we hopped on a train to Wiesbaden.  I wasn’t able to finish my beer before we reached our stop, so of course, I ended up walking to our final destination with my suitcase handle in one hand, and my beer bottle in the other.
Who needs running when you have a heavy suitcase and a long, partially uphill, walk?
Apparently, I do.  We took a little nap when we got here and then went for a 4 mile run around the park in the picture above (kurpark) around noon.  While we were getting ready to leave, I realized just how bad our run was going to be.  I was exhausted and sore from the walk through town.  Plus, dehydrated.

  1. 10:40
  2. 10:38
  3. 10:15
  4. 12:something

Let me explain the 4th split.  There was a long, steep hill that I tried to make it up, but failed. My dad said that he has yet to actually run all the way up that hill. We made it most of the way to the top before I had to stop to walk (umm… more like stop to kneel down for a while before finally walking the rest of the way).  After that, we walked a little while before we started running again.
All in all, very successful run!
The park was gorgeous and took up most of the distance we covered.

(I obviously didn’t take these pictures considering I haven’t been able to get pictures up here for the past couple of weeks.  Thank you, google images!)

We got back and enjoyed some coffee [with bailey’s, duh] while overlooking part of the city.

Wilhelmstrasse fest (basically a street festival) started yesterday a few blocks away from where we are staying, so we’ll definitely be spending quite a bit of time there this weekend.  I’m not sure what the plan is exactly; however, we’ll probably be heading over to Hamburg on Sunday.  My sophomore year of high school, my family hosted a German exchange student named Robert that goes to Uni Hamburg, so we’re going to go visit him there.  The reason we would probably go on Sunday is that trucks are forbidden on the autobahn on Sundays, so traveling will be a lot smoother if we go that day.

Well, it’s time to hit the town!
Auf wiedersehen!


2 responses to “Guten Tag!!

  1. Wow Sammi! So fun…enjoy your vacay!

  2. fattiefatterton

    Can your dad adopt me so that I can go on these trips too?


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