Freedom Run 5k

Ready for another non picture post?
I tried uploading the pictures to my mobile me account; however, I still can’t put them to wordpress using mobile me.  Looks like I might have to just use photobucket or something :/

Yesterday, I ran my “May” race.  As you may remember, I decided at the beginning of 2010 to run at least one race per month this year.  I was able to talk Justin into running it with me 🙂

The race: Yorktown Freedom Run

The distance: 5k

Total time: The official time is not yet posted and I forgot to stop my garmin when I hit the finish line; however, it was between 28-29 minutes.  Not a PR.  Also, not a disappointment.  I’m actually really happy with my time considering it was hot & I haven’t been running very much lately.

The course: When I was looking up information on the race, I realized a key element.  This race was not a road race. “The race starts and ends next to Grafton High School and consists of unpaved roads and paths, some paved roads, trails around lakes and through scenic fields and woods.” Umm, what’s up with me deciding to do trail races without realizing that they’re trail races?  When I read the description, I didn’t fully grasp what they meant.  There was quite a while (for a 5k) that we were running through the grass, which is not something that I have ever really done before.  My conclusion: I really like venturing out of my comfort zone and running on grass, dirt, sand, etc. (There was a little section where the ground was pretty sandy.)

More details: Thankfully, this was a chip timed event.  Unfortunately, not everyone was able to get the timing device because everyone needed to go over to the starting line.  They still took up the little strip at the bottom of everyone’s bibs though, so they were still able to get the times of people that didn’t have the timing device.  Justin and I were actually the last two that they gave the timers to.

The spread: The organizers of this race did an absolutely terrific job obtaining post-race food.

  • Bananas
  • water
  • oranges
  • donuts
  • cookies
  • brownies
  • corn bread
  • 2 types of bagels (with cream cheese)

Food eaten by me: Orange slice, a donut hole, part of a brownie & a forth of a blueberry bagel with cream cheese.

T-shirt: Everyone received race t-shirts, cotton not technical t’s, & I read that those who pre-registered were guaranteed the requested size.  Being a procrastinator, I registered at the race and by the time I got there, they were out of smalls, so I got a medium.

My right foot: Yep, it’s been hurting.  Last time, it was my left foot.  It’s the same area, just the opposite foot.  Maybe I need new shoes?  Maybe it’s from wearing my running shoes when I’m not running?  Not really sure.  I am going to stop wearing my running shoes to work though and I’m going to look into getting new shoes.

I didn’t take any pictures at the race, which obviously doesn’t really matter since I can’t get the pictures on wordpress right now anyway!


One response to “Freedom Run 5k

  1. Fattie Fatterton

    You’re awesome!! Go you!!

    Sorry about the foot still hurting. 😦

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