Switzerland (part 2)

Miss part one?
Now, for part two.

I choose the steak.  Just like this picture, it wasn’t very good.  The potato was really the only part that I liked.

For the dessert, I decided on the Brown butter apple tart.

The dessert… oh my… delicious. I actually wasn’t expecting for it to be as good as it was!

The raspberry yogurt with granola… YUM!!!!


We landed in Switzerland!

The hotel gives you free champagne when you check in! Of course, I got some!

Train station.

He didn’t realize I was taking a picture lol.

We got off on the wrong stop (oops!) and walked around looking for our final destination.
We ended up getting on a (wrong) bus, then getting off and getting on the (correct) bus.  We weren’t lost… we were on an adventure 🙂

Eventually, we got there!  The Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory!

I loaded up a bag like that with a variety of their little chocolates. & also bought a few other bars which I’ll be talking about on the blog as I go through them 🙂
I spent almost $30 on my chocolates.  Well worth it 😉

New boyfriend??? Just kiiiiiidding!

Yeah, I was just using him for his chocolate.

When we left, we went by the boat stop to check the times and then headed off for a beverage 😉

This little restaurant was right near the boat stop, which made it the perfect spot.

Can you guess which one was mine and which one was his?

Only another year & 2 days until I can [legally] do that in the U.S.

Can you see the Alps in the background?


When the boat arrived, we figured we were still thirsty…

Beer is hydrating… right?

As we sat on the boat watching the gorgeous scenery, we munched on some of the chocolates my dad picked for his bag.

This chocolate was SO good!  I really wish I put some of these in my bag!

We passed by the chocolate factory.

We also saw quite a few bizarre looking trees.

I think these are awesome.

It started raining a tad bit once we got off the boat.  Love love love that umbrella!

We stopped by a restaurant that my dad often goes to when he’s in Switzerland.  My sisters went here back when they went on a trip with him a while back.

Another beer may have been consumed.

Poulet Cordon Bleu. Nom Nom Nom.

That salad was actually quite delicious! & you all know, I’m not a salad person!
When we got back to the hotel, I took off for the business room so I could get on the computer 🙂 Which is where I was when I wrote that last post.  Then I went back to the room for some dessert that we had picked up earlier that day.

So good.  I can’t remember what it’s called; however, it contained raisins and apple slices.  Yum!
Sleep Sleep Sleep. Zzzzz…
Then, breakfast time!

Cappuccino, blueberry yogurt, & bread with an amazing cheese.

Not sure what kind of cheese it was; however, it contained hazelnuts, apricots, and figs(?).

End naked zone? Interesting… (that was right beneath our window).  There was a little spa area down there and I was thinking I should have brought my bathing suit; however, that obviously wouldn’t have been absolutely necessary. (I’m not that brave though!)

Time to go home!

See my dad back there? 🙂

Menu time!

Oops. You can’t really read that, can you?

Cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, Feta cheese wrapped in grilled zucchini, skewered marinated prawns & a cherry tomato stuff with Boursin cheese.  Non of which was very good (that may just be my personal taste though)

(I actually didn’t even try the prawns though because ewww lol.)
Ate while watching a Robin Williams stand up routine. So hilarious.

During his break.

I had a glass of champagne… or two.

Penne with Vegetable Bolognese: Penne rigatoni with arugula and mozzarella cheese, topped with hearty vegetable Bolognese and fresh mushrooms (I pulled out all the mushrooms though)

Best.part.ever. Passion fruit vanilla tart.  Holy yum.

Amazing. Seriously, amazing.

After. I would have licked the plate if there weren’t people around.

Well, that’s it for the Switzerland pictures!

Once we got to Philadelphia, we found out that the 3 o’clock flight that we were originally going to take was delayed which was perfect for us since we landed at 2:58. (Our flight from Switzerland was delayed because of a sort of domino affect from the Tuesday flight that we took to Switzerland)

We went to the gate and found out that there was a maintenance problem with the airplane.  They eventually got it taken care of and we made it home pretty early 🙂

Well.  I’ve been working on this post for WAY too long.

Have a great Saturday!


3 responses to “Switzerland (part 2)

  1. fattiefatterton

    I love the pictures of you with the big guy on the wall. Hilarious!

    I am obsessed with that umbrella. So pretty !

  2. these pictures made it seem like you had so much fun!!

    i wish i could travel abroad

  3. Okay I feel dumb now, so your Dad is the one flying the plane? No wonder you said in a comment to me that you practically grew up on a plane. Sorry it’s just the blonde hair coming through. I love all of your pictures! I’ve been to a chocolate factory before, but never in Switzerland. I’m glad you had such a great time!

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