Graduation + macbook pro!

Do you ever start a post and then forget to save it? Well, that happens to me ALL the time.  I believe wordpress saves drafts automatically, but I guess live writer doesn’t.

What’s been going on here?

  • Graduated from my community college
    As I mentioned in a previous post, I wasn’t really looking forward to the actual ceremony; however, I’m really glad I went to it.  I sat with a couple of my friends, Tiffany and Jessica, and made the most of it!
  • Bought a macbook pro! (13 inch)
    I was looking into getting a 15 inch, but after talking to one of the sales people at the apple store, I decided to save the money and buy the 13 inch. Saved me about $600 🙂 My old computer is a 15 inch so this one is taking me a little getting use to. I think I’ll really be happy about the size in the long run!  It’ll be so nice to have a smaller computer when lugging it around from class to class (and all over my house).
  • Shopped. A lot.
    I actually didn’t buy that much, but I’ve been to one particular mall around here more these past couple weeks than I have these past couple years.
  • Ate ice cream. A lot.
    Norfolk Ice Cream Company = Amazing.
  • Watched a lot of movies.
    Why did it take me so long to watch The Blindside????(!!!!)  I can’t believe I didn’t bawl my eyes out!  The cast was perfect for the roles in the movie.  I don’t think they could have possibly done a better job.
    Letters to Juliet
    was terrific! It was somewhat predictable (how often are movies surprising?), but it was absolutely wonderful 🙂  Oh, how I love chick flicks!
    Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian was really good as well. Funny, funny, funny.
  • Exercised a little.
    I’ve been majorly slacking when it comes to exercising.  Which is really bad considering all the ice cream (cheesecake and apple crisp and other food) that I’ve been consuming like crazy. Oh well, you only live once!  I did run yesterday.  Right around 10k & it took right around 1 hour 2 minutes.   6.2 miles through trails after completely slacking on running for a while?  I’ll take that time!  I seriously need to start stepping it up though!  My right leg has been bothering me off and on (IT band possibly?) 😦 ‘Sup injuries?  So I’m keeping a close eye on that so I don’t mess myself up.

So, I’m watching the most recent Saturday Night Live and something that Alec Baldwin said cracked me up!

…and all of you watching at home tonight, or more realistically, Monday morning on a computer.

It’s Monday morning.  I’m watching it on next to this blog screen. Seriously! Hilarious.

Now who’s ready for pictures?

Half of a grilled cheese.

I went to a spinning class with my mom and then went to her place for dinner. Hugh Jass salad?  Yeah, my eyes were way bigger than my stomach, so I only ate about half.

I could live off dessert.  Especially if it involves chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream, whipped cream & a banana.  Yum!

Homemade tuna melt.  Nom nom nom.

So good, it needed two pictures.

Green beans, sweet potato, & brisket.

Apple crisp & ice cream.  Delicious! Nice & warm out of the oven 🙂

Plan yogurt mixed with vanilla flavoring & berries + oatmeal + cereal

Oatmeal & yogurt, oh so epic.

Loving egg burritos lately!  I’ve been eating them like crazy.

More yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal.

See, more egg burritos (pre rolling)

Chocolate covered pomegranate  with peanut butter on top. I think I ate like a hundred of these.

Justin and I checked out a little tea shop downtown.

His uncle told him to check it out and my mom agreed that they make really good sandwiches and soups.

I got the Citrus Chocolate tea.  Yum!  It really did taste like chocolate.

How could I resist using this?  Honey ❤

Justin decided to get the Potato, onion & cheddar tart

It was actually a lot better than I was expecting!  I don’t remember what the sauce was… but it was really good too!

The problem with not taking a picture of the menu & then not blogging for a while is that you forget the descriptions.  I’ll try to remember what was on my sandwich… chicken, apples, I believe some sort of honey mustard sauce on cinnamon raisin bread.  With a side of fruit.

The first time we went to the Norfolk Ice Cream Company, I tried out their Cake n Batter ice cream.  The second time around, I ordered a scoop of  Dulce De Leche Cheesecake & Goldmine with Cookie Dough on top. My favorite part of this? The cheesecake chunks that were found in the cheesecake scoop.

Justin wanted me to take a picture of his too lol.

Anna’s!  Chicken florentine. Penne pasta, some sort of cream sauce, lightly breaded chicken, spinach, cheese. Yum!  I wasn’t digging the spinach though 😦

Cheesecake factory cheesecake. Yum. Peanut butter cup 🙂

Cookie dough cheesecake.

Homemade pizzas using the best pizza dough in the entire world (it’s my opinion, and that’s all that matters!)

Asparagus, black beans, chicken, pineapple, onions… that’s it. I think. Lol.

❤ new running shorts!
I’m really excited for what’s going on between now and next Monday!
Today, I’m hanging out with my friend, Melinda, who I haven’t seen in way too long.  She’s only in town for about a week before she has to go back to her school for summer classes and today is really the only day we both  know we’re free.

Tonight, I’m going out to eat with my mom, Nana, and Justin.  I’ll make sure to remember to take pictures 🙂

I’m leaving tomorrow for Switzerland 🙂 The Norway trip was ditched after looking at the bookings for the flight. There wasn’t a very good chance that I was going to make it on and I would have been stuck in Philadelphia for the night if I couldn’t get a seat.  The good thing is, the Switzerland flight has plenty of seats available!  Leave Tuesday, arrive Wednesday, fly back Thursday.

Not sure what exactly will be going on next weekend.  I’m thinking about trying to pick up a shift Friday night.  Saturday…?  Sunday, I’m probably going to go for a run with Melinda’s aunt.

Then… Monday is my birthday! I’m turning 20, so goodbye teen years!  I’m excited! Love, love, love birthdays!  (especially, my own!)

Well, I do have more pictures; however, I’d rather not sit here for another couple hours posting a ridiculously long blog post.  I’ll have the rest in the next post 🙂


8 responses to “Graduation + macbook pro!

  1. fattiefatterton

    Wow, you have so much fun stuff going on!! So I’m a nerd and I can’t figure out – are you going to Switzerland for a day or for a week?

    I’m so excited for all that you’re doing.

    And I gained 10 lbs looking at the ice cream.

    • I’m leaving tomorrow and getting back this thursday lol. So, I’m just going to be there Wednesday pretty much 🙂 That is, unless they cancel the flight back or if I get stuck over there because of the flight getting full or something. Apparently, a british airline’s flight attendants are about to go on strike or something which could cause the flight to fill up and get me stuck. &&& then there’s that whole volcano thing. If the ash moves over to my flight’s route too much, the flight may get cancelled.

      That ice cream was freaking amazing. I don’t even want to know the calorie count.

  2. Man girl you definitely did have the ice cream, and I love it! My husband and I made our own banana splits last night. Can you believe that is the first one that I’ve ever had? Such a shame, because it was awesome! I can’t believe your going to Switzerland! Have fun! So many people ask me if I’m from there originally because of my super blonde hair. Then they hear my way country accent and know that there’s no way that could be true. 🙂

    • Ice cream is amazing, add banana and it’s even better 🙂 Now I want a banana split! haha. Well, I’ll definitely have plenty of pictures when I get back 🙂 I’m not sure if I have a country accent or not. I would assume I at least somewhat do, but I don’t know lol.

  3. I was a tad hungry before I scrolled down to see the rest of your post but NOW I am starving. no good! no good indeed.

    CONGRATS on graduation! gosh I am jealous. (in a nice way)

    and YAY for a macbook pro! I have one (the 15 inch) and love love love it. I’m a mac user (convert ) for life!

    and i love your I run shirt! so want one!

    happy Tuesday

    • Do you blog directly on or do you use some other sort of program instead? WordPress is driving me NUTS lol. Sorry for making you so hungry! haha that happens to me basically every time I get on anyone’s blog! lol. Thank you 🙂 Happy Tuesday to you too 🙂

  4. AH! I’m glad I found your blog again. Somehow I lost the link or something! Anyway, looks like life has been quite exciting lately for you! 🙂

    • It has been quite exciting!! 🙂 I’m glad you’re blogging again though 🙂 I need to catch up on my reader! I have 581 posts in there! haha

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