Up and running again :)

The other night, I ate some homemade applesauce.
Justin 010 
That’s my “why are you taking a picture of me?” face.
yeeeeah 003 
Egg burrito 🙂
yeeeeah 008
Yogurt & strawberries
yeeeeah 007
Justin 001
Smoked hot wings. Yum! I think my dad ate two.  I ate the rest & then I downed a gallon of water to cool off my mouth. (okay, not a gallon.)

Yesterday, Justin and I went running and we called Jordan to come with us.  She had just finished running so she biked instead.  It was around noon, so “hot” doesn’t even describe it.
2.63 miles
23.52 minutes
Not bad, not bad.  I’ve missed running SO much!!!! I seriously gave it my all and ended up feeling like I was going to puke for the last .5 mile or so.  The worst part? Justin was literally running in circles around me lol.  Way to make me feel SLOW! haha. & Jordan obviously could have gone faster as well since she was biking.
To re-fuel after, Justin made mac & cheese from scratch.  I REALLY wish I could make stuff without a recipe.  For some reason, I’m too scared to. 
yeeeeah 001 
It was absolutely delicious.
yeeeeah 002
I ate most of what was on my plate, minus a little bit that I saved for later. (lunch today?)

yeeeeah 001 
Breakfast 🙂 Scrambled eggs made with half & half, toast with butter & toast with strawberry kiwi jam. Yum!
Plus, a cup of coffee.

So, I believe I have my accounting exam tonight 😦 The tests in that class are so hard.  Not looking forward to it 😦
Tomorrow morning: statistics exam. 
Wednesday: take home portion of economics exam is due + multiple choice portion will be taken in class. & my accounting project is due.


Time to go get ready for the day!  There’s going to be a lot of studying going on here 😦

Good news: Summer is right around the corner!


10 responses to “Up and running again :)

  1. Yay! Was the run pain-free despite feeling like you were going to puke?

    Good luck with tests this week!

  2. Glad you’re back up and running!!! I hope all the stressors in your life end up settling down soon. ❤

    PS – remember when I told you I was applying to grad school? I got into one of the two I applied for!

  3. The mac n cheese looks so yummmyyy

  4. traynharder23

    nommy mac and cheese. and next time you’re online…i want deets! and pictures! of you know what

  5. love your “why are you taking a picture of me ” face!


  6. I love homemade apple sauce!!!
    hahaha you and I have similar why are you taking my picture faces! Classic pic, love it! =D
    YAAAY! Glad your running agin, congrats girl! ❤ ❤

  7. I love mac and cheese! I must say that my mom-in-laws recipe is to die for! But yea about following recipes to a “T” I only do that with desserts. With casseroles and side dishes, there’s not much need to be so exact, and I do a lot of cooking out of my head. But with baking, it’s more likely to taste awful if your not precise.

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