Recap, recap, recap

Last night, I was not in the blogging mood.  Blog reading- yes. Blog writing- no.

My stomach was giving me problems from mile 4 of yesterday’s race, up until I went to bed last night.  So far, it seems to be better today, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Let the recapping begin!

Starting with Wednesday, April 14th
Recapping 001
Eggs in a basket.
Recapping 004
Runny yolks = love.

April 15th
Recapping 001 

Gnocchi.  This time, I pan fried it and the results were so much better!  The sauce was the rest of our barilla marinara sauce + barilla sweet pepper sauce. Then, I topped off the dish with fresh parmesan cheese.
Recapping 003
That ended up being a meal with a purpose because shortly after consumed, my dad and I went on an epic run.
Distance: 9.32 miles
Time: 1:32:59
Avg. Pace: 9:58
The splits:
Mile 1: 9:32
Mile 2: 10:33
Mile 3: 10:01
Mile 4: 9:47
Mile 5: 9:54
Mile 6: 10:07
Mile 7: 10:01
Mile 8: 9:34
Mile 9: 10:12
Last .32:  9:54 (pace)

Our objective was basically just to enjoy the run, while trying to reach my 9 mile goal.  Check & Check!

By the time we got back, it was already 5:15 pm!  Whoops!  I had work at 5:30 so I really had to hustle.  Even though I got ready as fast as I could, I still ended up being a tad bit late.  By a tad bit, I mean about 20 minutes! Oops!
Recapping 005
My right leg was killlling me after that run & work did not make it any better.  Icing was a must before going to sleep.  It was pretty much my first time ever icing and it definitely did the trick 🙂
(P.S.- I’m the type of person that fits the lyric, “she likes the christmas lights all year round,” as you can see from my sheets.)

April 16th
Recapping 004
Strawberries with a [big] hint of yogurt + ham & cheese omelet
Recapping 005
My dad and I walked around to check out the spring blooms on the fruit trees & such in our backyard.

Recapping 011 

Gorgeous flowers or weeds?  I’m going with the fist option 😉

Recapping 010 
Kiwi plants
Recapping 013 
& now onto apple trees
Recapping 016
Recapping 018
Recapping 019 
Recapping 024
Recapping 026
Make a wish!
Recapping 033 
Pecan trees are followed by
pecan pie.
Recapping 036
Recapping 046
Lexi was loving walking around with us. Plum trees in the background.  I love the gorgeous purple color of plum trees 🙂
Recapping 047
Spring is most definitely in the air!

After spending some quality time with the lawnmower and my dad’s ipod (I really do love the old billboard top hits:19xx cds!  Have you ever listened to the words of “surf city” by Jan & Dean?  I guess I never had because I was kind of shocked by the whole “Two girls for every boy” part.  I think I just never noticed because I was pretty young the last time I heard it!  What dirtbags 🙂 lol
Still love the song though!

Recapping 053
Prior to leaving for Richmond, I munched on cheese, turkey, mayo and spinach sandwiched between an everything bagel thin.

Christina and I headed out to The Lucky Buddha shortly after I arrived.
She is friends with the owner so we got hooked up 🙂
Recapping 055
Christina order the “Spicy Tuna Roll – Tuna, spicy mayo, cucumber, avocado, daikon sprouts & toasted sesame seeds,” while I gave into to “DB Burger – Teriyaki burger with pineapple, spinach and red onion on a burger roll served with [waffle style] sweet potato fries.”
Recapping 057
I tried a piece of Christina’s sushi and she helped me finish off my meal.  From what she said, I’m pretty sure she had a bit of entree envy ;)  The burger was absolutely amazing!  The pineapple was such a great add on!
Part of the perks to knowing the owner involved us getting a huge additional order of sweet potato fries!  That may have been what caused my stomach to get so upset though.  I probably wouldn’t have changed how many I ate considering how amazing they were.

After dinner, we headed out to watch the flying squirrels play against the Reading Phillies. 
Recapping 059  
Best part of the game?  The fact that the tickets were free 😉 thanks to her connections at work.
Recapping 064
The man riding the pink flamingo was throwing out free hot dogs and the flying squirrel was happy to help.
Recapping 065
Then a limo drove by with a girl shooting out free t-shirts.
There was a competition against the different sections of the audience where the section with the best/most dancers would get free pizza!
Recapping 070 
We won 😉 In order to avoid confusion, I didn’t dance lol.  I’m kind of shy when it comes to that sort of thing!  Christina got up & did her thing though and then she ran out to snag a box for us.  I had one piece & when we were done, we handed the rest over to some kids so they could fight over the rest. 
Later on, some guy two rows ahead of us left and gave his bag of peanuts to Christina’s friends who were sitting in front of us.  They were nice enough to share.
Recapping 072 
We love free stuff! haha

April 17th – race day
Mile 1:
Mile 2: 9:22
Mile 3:
Mile 4: 9:20
Mile 5: 9:40
Mile 6: 10:06
Mile 7: 9:13
Mile 8: 9:08
Mile 9: 9:19
Last .4: 9:33 (pace)
Total distance: 9.4 miles
Total time: 1 hr 27 min 49 sec.

Avg. Pace: 9:20 (I believe it was 9:18 right after the race)

The pace from the last .4, the total time, and avg. pace are up a little from the actual because my garmin started up again after the race for a few seconds before I noticed.

Recapping 002 
Post race, Christina made us both egg omelets with cheese + ham + onion + peppers & we each had a banana on the side.
My stomach was giving me some trouble, so I decided to head on home rather than going to the chili cookoff with her.
On the ride, I devoured a nice and juicy pear.  I love when they get bruised!  It makes them so much more juicy!
After the pear, I really wanted to reach in the back and grab one of the pudding cups I got at the race.  Driving safely beat satisfying my craving, so I waited until I got home.
Recapping 003
It was worth the wait.  I love pudding and this was the first time I have had it in months.
Recapping 004 
Of course, pudding didn’t fill me up.  Grilled Cheese & tomato soup was a must!  I ended up adding some baked goldfish 🙂
Recapping 005
Recapping 006
Dinner was steak with A1 😉 + sweet potato with buttah and cinnamon + broccoli.
Nom nom nom.  I finished everything minus a couple bites of the steak.
A few pieces of unpictured chocolate and peanut butter was also consumed.
My dad and I went on a walk with Lexi, which didn’t end so wonderfully because of the stomach issues
Before falling asleep, I snacked on an excessive completely necessary amount of Ginger Snaps to try and make my stomach feel better.  It’s feeling fine today, so I’m guessing they did the trick 🙂
food 007
Okay.  Question: If my stomach is feeling fine now, then why did I just eat like 5 more ginger snaps while taking this picture?
food 001
2 fried eggs (runny yolks = a must), steak, 2 pieces of buttered toast
food 003
Strawberries and banana for some fruit 🙂
food 005


The end!

Today’s going to be a rest day.  Work at 3 😦 grrrrrross. I am thinking about doing some push ups and ab work… maybe, just maybe 🙂


8 responses to “Recap, recap, recap

  1. LOVE this post!! Hah your sheets are AWESOME! So sweet. I love christmas too! Sounds like you had a good time and a great race!

  2. I’m sad you didn’t tell me you were in Richmond. I got done with work by like 9pm Friday night and I had all day Saturday off. Booo.

  3. Great job on the race! I hope your leg feels better soon.

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