Crossover Challenge 15k

What a race!

Christina and I woke up around 6:45 this morning, but neither one of us started getting ready until 7:00.  I had my usual, oatmeal, before heading off to the race.

We started to worry a little on our way to the starting line.  It started to rain right when we left her place!  Thankfully, it stopped raining by the time we got there 🙂

Registration was from 7:00-7:45 for the 15k & I didn’t preregister.  By the time we got there, it was already 7:50!  Thankfully, the time wasn’t an issue and I got registered right away.  Then, I headed off to the porta potties. 
Bad News: The line was super long and our race was about to start.
Good News: Everyone else in line was doing one of the later races so they all let me cut in line!

This may be TMI, but if you’re a runner, I’m sure you’ll understand.

My body refused to let me go to the bathroom before the race.  This wasn’t the first time I’ve had this issues; however, it was the first time it caused a problem during the race.  Around the 4 mile mark, I really had to go.  I really didn’t want to stop, but right after the 10k mark, it got unbearable.  We were running through a park at this point, so I picked a few trees and left the course.  I stopped my garmin while I was doing my thaaang so I would see the actual running time in addition to my official time.

Unfortunately, my stomach is still very unhappy.  It’s been giving me problems ever since the race :(  I’m not sure exactly what I did to make it so angry, but I’m sorry!

Garmin time: 1 hr 27 minutes 59 seconds (I’m pretty sure that’s what the seconds were.  My garmin started back up again sometime after the race though, so I’m not positive.)
Clock time: ~1 hr 29 minutes (I’ll have the official time when it’s posted)

The post race food options were pretty good considering how small the race was.

  • bananas
  • halves of muffins – a few different flavors
  • halves of bagels
  • pudding

I had half of a blueberry muffin & grabbed 2 pudding cups + a lot of bananas.  They were loading us up with the extra food right before we left & we love our free food so we both stocked up!


I’m going to go relax for a little while and possibly ice my legs.  I’ll have a recap of the past couple days next 🙂

Preview: Christina and I really do love free swag & this weekend, we got a lot of it!
+ I’ll be posting about the practice 15k that I did with my dad a couple days ago!

p.s.- I didn’t take any pictures at the race.  Christina got a picture of the two of us after the race that I’ll be posting once she sends it to me.  Also, a photographer is going to send us a picture that he took of the two of us during the run :)  I can’t wait to see it! I’ll probably look completely ridiculous, like I usually do while running!


5 responses to “Crossover Challenge 15k

  1. I always get worried that during my first half marathon that I’ll have to stop and go to the bathroom. But I hate to do that because when I stop for more than a few seconds I feel that my pace after that slows down a bit. Great job on your run though!

    • Actually, I run a lot slower when I have to go to the bathroom, so I was able to speed up a lot after going! Usually, it’s the same for me too though. If I stop to walk, I end up wanting to stop and walk a lot more than I normally do! Thank you 🙂 I’m terrified that I’m going to have this problem in other races 😦 hopefully we’ll both luck out on our first half marathons 🙂

  2. Congrats Sammi! You are a rockstar! Sorry about the tummy troubles…but I have definitely used my fair share of trees on running routes! haha! Have you ever heard of runner’s diarrhea?

    • I think I may have read that before, but with my memory, it was nice to get a refresher! The tight clothing is something I need to work on! The running skirt I wore today is pretty tight around the waist and I did notice that the tightness was making it worse! Next time, I’m going to bring toilet paper with me 😉 Some of those tips, I think I’d probably have a hard time following! Not eating 2 hours within the running time… I’d have to wake up really early! haha

  3. fattiefatterton

    I’m so happy for you!! Yay!!! I bet you feel so great (except for the tummy stuff).

    Exercise stimulates the um, yeah, so that’s why you usually have to go during.

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