Camera fail

What kind of blogger allows her camera battery to die and then forgets to charge it?
*raises hand*

Yesterday, I went to take a picture of my lunch and the camera told me to charge the battery.  Not wanting to walk upstairs while my food got cold, I decided I would just charge it when I was finished with lunch.
Because I’m a failure, I’ll just post pictures of what things could have looked like, but they didn’t.
Lunch was a frozen burrito (that looked nothing like this picture)

that I tried to make pretty for the blog.  Which meant, I surrounded it by scoop tortilla chips

and then drizzled cheese dip on the chips. 

It probably just looked lame and my camera was doing you all a favor by being dead.
Then, I went out to a local mexican restaurant with my dad and realized that I forgot to charge it again!  Gaaah!  Thankfully, I ate more boring food 😉
Dinner was a cheese quesadilla (yum!)
, bean burrito, & rice. 

So, there ya have it.  I also ate more of my chocolate bunny

while procrastinating on my homework (*cough*and.watching.90210*cough*)

As I believe I have mentioned before, this teacher wants us to have at least 3 sources for each question.  Ridiculous considering how many questions he gives us for the tests.  Last time, I did one source for each question and got a 100%.  This time, I did one source per case (there was more than one question per case for most of them).  He always responds to you when you submit the test, probably to let you know he got it.  Last night, I had an email saying “nice work…” (he always ends emails with “…” so don’t worry about that! haha.  So, I guess my sources were sufficient?  I’m just waiting to get the grade back now.  Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’ll be another 100%.


I am doing a project in statistics and I would like to survey you all!

Out of the following activities, which do you prefer?

  1. Dinner
  2. Movie
  3. Television
  4. Golf
  5. Swimming
  6. Reading a book
  7. Playing tennis
  8. Attending a football game
  9. Attending a baseball game

The project includes surveying guys and girls and comparing the gender preferences; therefore, if you have a husband/boyfriend/boy-who-is-a-friend/random male stranger who is sitting in the same room as you/whatever, I would really appreciate it if you ask that person as well 🙂


Peace out.


7 responses to “Camera fail

  1. ohhh how fun!

    I am WAY A mood girl so if you asked me tomorrow I might answer different.

    It’s a toss between movie and maybe some phyical thing…I don’t own tennis raquets but if I did and had a court nearby I might pick that too.

    add Hiking I might pick that.

    i’ll ask my husband
    I am guessing he’d pick TV
    or DINNER.


  2. ps

    My camera dies on me all the time

    life of a blogger!

  3. Fattie Fatterton

    For me, Reading. For Bob, TV.

  4. Dinner duhhh I love food! How can you even argue with that! Also, I used to love 90210 but then I missed a few episodes and now I am like seasons behind!!

    • They’re only in like the second season so you’ll be fine 🙂 haha just catch up! There’s SO many good things that you’ve missed!!!!

      Dinner is amazing 🙂 What would alex say to the question? lol

  5. movie for me and my husband 😉

  6. I said #6…read a book and Keith said #8…attend a football game! Fun…hope this helps Sammi!

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