This morning’s run:
2.79 miles
28 min 11 sec
10:05 avg. pace

Colby just started running, so we kept the pace on the slow side.  It was so nice to be able to run without any expectations about my performance.

I know I was planning on doing 9 miles today; however, my dad will be available to run with me tomorrow, so I’m going to just wait.  It was either that or run the other 6ish miles by myself, which I don’t feel safe doing.  Or I could have driven to the gym, but I’d rather run on the road in preparation for a road race (and in general, I hate the treadmill!)

It’s probably for the best since I have that business test due today! Eek! 

Time to get crackin’ on that!

Sorry for the lame post.  I would love to procrastinate and write a nice long post; however, that would not be the best idea right now with my homework.

I do have a couple pictures for you though!
sandwich 001
sandwich 002 
My wheat bread contained:

  • mayo
  • 2 slices american cheese
  • spinach
  • 1 slice turkey
  • a layer of smoked brisket

What’s your favorite thing to put between bread?


One response to “Postponed

  1. My favorite sandwich is PB&J…classic!!

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