YVR Video



I really need to learn how to talk when Iā€™m running!  As you see, I got quite tongue tied a certain parts!

P.S.- Happy Easter to everyone celebrating today!


6 responses to “YVR Video

  1. That’s so fun! Did the runners around you say anything about you filming?

    It’ll be nice to have this to remember the race!

    • No one said anything to me about it! Which actually really surprised me lol. It was probably weird at first for those around me because I would just start talking (pretty much to myself) randomly. They probably thought I was a weirdo šŸ™‚

  2. Great run! I hope to be able to run that distance someday soon :)!

  3. you go girl! was someone really running the race pushing a stroller ? (I saw one in your first shot of the before the race part)


    it was so pretty where you were! nice job!

  4. Aw you are so cute! I think it’s so awesome that you were able to record yourself during parts of the race. I’m not sure if I could even take the time to talk during my races. When I’m in the zone I’m in the zone!

  5. You have such a nice, friendly voice! This was so cool! Ha. Are your shoes okay with the mud now? šŸ˜›

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