One word: Ouch!

When will I learn to stretch and ice my legs after I run?

Last night, I had to go to work. Some people may think I’m crazy for working the night after a race; however, races are on weekends and weekends are the busiest time to work.  I hate to take off weekends if I don’t have to, so I sucked it up and left my name off the request off book.  (I did take off the night before the race, which I probably shouldn’t since it’s not like I can sleep well before a race anyway!)

For the majority of the night, my legs were fine. That changed around 9 or so when my legs started aching.  Being on my feet all day was really taking it’s toll on my body.

As soon as I got home, I filled up a water bottle with ice and water, got in bed, and placed the bottle on my legs.  So much better.
My legs aren’t hurting anymore today; however, I’m still going to take today off from running.  Instead, I’m going to take Lexi to the d-o-g p-a-r-k and then my dad will meet us over there when he’s finished with his run!

Moving onto food…

YVR 8 miler 152
I had 1/2 a sweet potato when I got home from the race yesterday
YVR 8 miler 155
Then these crackers once I realized I was still hungry.

Other eats that have been consumed lately (before yesterday) include (but are not limited to):
YVR 8 miler 001 
An apple butter & peanut butter sandwich
YVR 8 miler 003
I usually don’t like the heels, but I work with what I’ve got!  Plus, I hate throwing away the heels.  It feels like a waste of good food to me, so I try to eat them when I can [make myself].

YVR 8 miler 005 
A vitatop with sugary strawberries while watching The Box with Jon Alan. 

What a strange movie!  It ended up being pretty sci-fi, which I was not expecting.  All in all, it was creepy, but not completely bad.  I didn’t understand a lot of it (and I still don’t).  This may mean I should watch the movie again, but I’m not sure I will!  The ending was pretty depressing, to say the least.

Friday’s eats:
YVR 8 miler 004 
Breakfast was cheerios + milk + strawberries
YVR 8 miler 007
For lunch: I sliced a hardboiled egg, microwaved it, added butter & cheese, and microwaved it again.
Probably could have gone without the butter!  My taste buds think I’m country though, which means I love my buttah!

YVR 8 miler 022
Gotta love spring!

After lunch, Lexi and I went over to the dog park.
YVR 8 miler 013
YVR 8 miler 010 
She met a Siberian Husky named Kelso.  They actually didn’t interact very much. 
YVR 8 miler 012 
YVR 8 miler 025
Did you ever play the “do you like butter” game? 
Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?
YVR 8 miler 026 
For my pre-race dinner, I had whole wheat penne pasta with marinara sauce & jarred artichoke.

YVR 8 miler 028 
I believe this has become a staple meal for me!

Well, Lexi is getting antsy so I think it’s time to take her to the p-a-r-k!


3 responses to “One word: Ouch!

  1. Wow girl! What a trooper!! Yeah I’m nervous because I am working a kiosk job for 6 hours friday and 5 hours saturday and then my half marathon is the next day. Hope all that standing doesn’t hurt me too much!!

    • Yikes! My half marathon isn’t until September and I’ve already requested off a few days before and after the race! I’m sure you’ll be fine though 🙂

  2. traynharder23

    hhahhaha trooper you are! working and racing! dammnnnn!!! =D

    i always forget to stretch after i run. WOOOPS. getting down with my foam roller nowadays. hehhe.

    i don’t like butter! and i’m southern! eek!

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