I want cookies!

Yesterday, while catching up on missed blog posts, I came across Tina’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Cookies.

The pictures looked amazing and I had all of the needed ingredients so I headed straight for the kitchen!

Jon Alan is allergic to coconut, so I waited and only put 1/4 cup of shredded coconut in the second half of the batch.  The coconut ones definitely came out better.  It helped plump them up and gave them a little extra flavor.
Way too long 020 
Left: No coconut, Right: coconut.  See the difference?

Way too long 025
I tried one of the non-coconut cookies right away to make sure they weren’t poisoned (that excuse doesn’t make sense when you made them yourself…) and then I plated one non and one coconut one because that’s what adults do. 
Way too long 037 
After class, I bought milk [so I’d have an excuse to eat more cookies.] 
Way too long 039 
This was when I discovered the negative aspect of the coconut.  Have you ever tried coconut flakes in milk?  It’s kind of icky.  Don’t let the flakes fall out of the cookie and into the milk if you dip them! 🙂

She wrote to bake for 15-20 minutes but I took them out before the 15 minute mark.

My total: 18 cookies (baked, not that I ate!)

My cookies always come out thinner than they’re supposed to.  I’ve looked up reasons for that, but all I’ve found is to check the expiration date on the baking powder. Any other ideas?

Dinner last night was a repeat of a recent meal.
Way too long 031
I did leave out the sundried tomatoes this time.  Partially because I was too lazy/hungry for that.
Way too long 033


Lunch: Oats in a Jar!
Way too long 006
The nutella was so amazing! 
Way too long 008 
With pumpkin granola on top!  Yum!
I must buy nutella asap, use it like crazy & make this again! 


I wanted cheerios; however, the tiny bit of milk we have left wasn’t smelling too great (past the expiration date) so I used yogurt instead. 
Way too long 001
Then I added some strawberry slices.  Yum!
Way too long 003


Now for today:
Way too long 001
Breakfast was a banana + peanut butter
Way too long 002
So good!  Something weird about this breakfast, it actually filled me up! 

Before I left for class, I noticed a brown spot on Lexi’s side. 😦 She rolled around in something.  I didn’t know where the dog shampoo was, so I decided to just stop by Wal Mart on the way home to buy some more.  Since I’ve been out of my normal shampoo for the past couple weeks now, it was just what I needed to buy some more shower supplies for myself as well!

One thing was on the schedule before I could give Lexi her bath: A Run!
I actually ran by myself today 🙂 Crazy huh?
2.92 miles
I don’t remember the time and I don’t feel like sitting here while my garmin tries to find satellite reception (Okay, I could get the cord and plug in the garmin; however, that would require me getting out of bed.  Not.going.to.happen.) I’ll let you all know the time tomorrow 🙂

Bath time!
Way too long 003 
Don’t let this innocent face fool you!  She’s horrible when it comes to taking baths!  She went straight to the grass when I took her outside and then I basically had to drag her over to the hose.  It was pretty terrible.  She kept shaking out all the water too, which just made it take even longer. I felt bad though because the water was pretty cold; however, it’s not like I wasn’t getting soaking wet and cold too!
Way too long 007
Baths make her sleepy.  I think it’s all the excitement and running around she does when she gets dried off that made her so tired.

I was starving by the time I was able to cook myself something to eat!
Way too long 012 
1/2 a microwaved sweet potato + a large carrot + hummus.
Way too long 013
Please don’t kick me out of the blog community, but I’m not sure if I like carrots and hummus.  Actually, I’m not sure if I like either one all that much at all!  Carrots = one of those vegetables that I can’t eat on it’s own.  & I’m not so sure how I feel about the flavor of hummus.
Way too long 015 
The sweet potato was obviously the highlight of the meal.
Scratch that! The plate was!  How cute is that plate? $2 at Wal Mart!

Way too long 016
Floating cookie!
Way too long 019
Just kidding! Optical illusion 😉
I had a cookie 🙂 Nom nom nom!  I wish I had a cookie right now!  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just snap your fingers and get whatever food you want right in front of you?  Wouldn’t it be nice if I wasn’t so tired that I was just typing anything that comes to mind?


& because my post is already quite illogical, here’s my breakfast from two days ago!

 Way too long 001
It was pretty awesome. 


Now, it’s time for me to go to bed. 

I’m sleepy.

Good night!

(Why did I just get the urge to say “y’all” or is it spelled “ya’ll” I’m from the country, I should know this… or I should just stop pretending I care and go to sleep already!)


P.S.- Ew.  I just remembered what I’m going to write about tomorrow.  It’s gross.  Really gross.  Food gross, not like bodily function gross.  Not sure which is worse though.  Stay tuned with an airsick bag handy for that post (a trashcan or an enemy’s purse would also suffice.)


6 responses to “I want cookies!

  1. It’s y’all, I know because my phone puts in the apostrophe automatically and I say it a lot!

  2. It’s y’all because it’s a combination of “you all”

  3. YUM Sammi! I want everything you ate yesterday! 🙂

  4. Man I kind of wished that I spent the day with you so I could eat the same food. I loved all of your meals and snacks today!

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