Blog’s first vlog

My sisters and I bought my dad a video camera for Christmas.  It’s a Flip Video which is super simple to use and pretty small.


When my dad realized he wasn’t going to be able to come to my 8 mile race, he offered for me to borrow the Flip video so I can record during the race.

This morning, I took it for a test drive run!

I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to say!


6 responses to “Blog’s first vlog

  1. We have one of those and love it! Have fun with that new toy!!

    P.S….YOU ARE AWESOME and your 2.64 miles at 8:48 pace is FAB!!! 🙂

  2. Whoaa! haha that was cool, I only got a little sick when watching it

  3. That was really good, a fun start to vlogging!

    Pretty funny to see what the shaky world looks like when you’re running, too.

  4. you ran 8 miles in 1: 16 minutes?

    oh my gosh girlie!

    that’s bookin’
    (for me)

    I ran 4.7 yesterday in 1:08

    i am blaming it on the asthma!

    it’s GORGEOUS where you live, lucky duck!

    I have a flip camera! love it!

    • It was bookin for me too! haha That’s still awesome! Keep it up and you’ll surprise yourself how much you improve! I’m sure you already see an improvement! Asthma is no joke! Jon Alan has asthma and it freaked me out pretty badly a few times back when he was doing wrestling! Hey, your backyard is gorgeous from what I’ve seen!

  5. That’ll be fun to start recording parts of your runs! The part with the bridge was really pretty.

    Go you for running while recording and talking…all without tripping…I don’t know if I could do all of that at once haha.

    p.s. your dad is so cool for hooking you up with a camera and also that he doesn’t care that he’s on the blog. yay dad!

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