8 mile run. Check!

I did it 🙂
This morning, my dad and I set out for a slow long run.  I didn’t wake up extra early or anything, so it was pretty hot by the time we started.  The heat actually didn’t get to me as much as I thought it would!  Don’t worry, that’ll change when the temperature gets up higher (by the way, the “heat” I’m referring to wasn’t even 70 degrees!)

The first loop was our normal one, but the second two were extended about .4 miles each by going on some foot bridges.

Split it up:
Mile 1: 9:03
Mile 2: 9:14
Mile 3: 9:22
Mile 4: 9:38
Mile 5: 9:29
Mile 6: 9:45
Mile 7: 10:08
Mile 8: 9:43

Total time: 1 hr 16 min 25 sec

After we finished the 8 miles, we still had about .2 mile to go before getting home so we walked the rest of the way. I’m sure we could have ran the rest, but I didn’t want to push it further than that today.
I’m really happy with my time!  It was actually faster than I was expecting overall.  This race is still kind of freaking me out though.  Jon Alan is going to come with me for support (yay!) but I’ll be running it by myself!  I did run my first two races by myself though, so I’m sure I’ll be fine! 

random 005 
Breakfast included:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Strawberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 a pear

Yum!  Pears + cottage cheese = amazing. Seriously, go try it!

random 007

Back when I went running with Caitlin, a blog reader named Kate contacted me about where I got the tank top I was wearing that day.  We’ve been emailing back and forth about exercise clothes and she offered to send me some lululemon products!
Way too long 009
I was beyond words excited when I received the package a couple days ago!
Way too long 011 
I was doing a lot of this: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 the whole time I was unwrapping it!
Way too long 013
This socks are the best socks I’ve ever worn. 
random 001
They fit perfectly and they’re even specially designed for each foot! 
random 002
I’m extremely picky when it comes to socks.  Like, “sitting down in the middle of the mall to throw off my shoes and take off my socks” picky.  At least that’s what my mom has told me.  The seams that go across your toes is the part that bugs me.  A lot of socks are thicker in that area and it makes things very uncomfortable.  I am very happy to say that these socks did not give me that problem :) 
Way too long 014
The second item was this cute little tank top!  I love the halter top design!  Plus, it has a built in bra.  I haven’t worn it for exercise yet; however, I’m not sure how supportive it’ll be for me.  It’s a size 6 which was exactly what the website said for me according to my measurements.  When it put it on, it felt a little loose in that area, so we’ll just have to wait and see!  Next time, I’ll probably go for a smaller size, but I can still wear this for cycling and other lower impact activities!
Way too long 015
I will try the tank top out on a short run sometime soon to see how supportive it is.  Plus, I’ll be wearing it to next week’s Wednesday night cycling class!
(I’m not going to the class tonight because my mom has a hair appointment and I’m pretty sure the eight miles I ran today is sufficient enough for my cardio for the day!)


I have microeconomics homework to do for my class tonight.  So most likely I’ll end up painting my nails and then finally doing my homework closer to class time.  Actually, my room needs to be cleaned up some too, so maybe I’ll procrastinate a little by doing that as well 🙂

(Hey, at least I’m honest!)

What’s your go-to activity when procrastinating?


5 responses to “8 mile run. Check!

  1. GO SAMMI GO! I am so proud of you….little runner girl! 🙂

  2. Great job one running 8 miles. I was a little scared the first time I ran 8. I thought it would kill me, but it actually wasn’t bad at all because I paced myself. That top you got is really cute!

  3. Woot woot 8 miles!! You go!!

    I am jealous of your Lululemon stuff!

  4. Sammi, you were so picky about your socks that I had to actually cut the part that goes over your toes. And yes, I remember you planting your butt down in the middle of the mall, ripping your shoes off to adjust your socks. These kind of memories make me smile!

    • I remember you cutting out the toes 🙂 My socks were bugging me this morning actually when I got dressed to go running! I wish they would come out with seamless socks! Yeah, you smile now, but you were probably quite irritated back then! lol

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