Monument 10k Race Recap

Final results are in!
Time: 55:48
5k time: 29:08
Age place: 150 out of 881
Sex place: 2232 [not sure how many females total]
Place overall: 7076 out of around 37,000

Very happy with the official results!


The race was amazing!
Christina and I woke up around 7:20 and started to get ready.  I brought some instant oatmeal and two bananas with me because oatmeal + banana = my pre-race go to meal.  I had the cinnamon bun oatmeal.
Monument 10k race 001 
While she was finishing getting ready, I took some pictures around her apartment for the blog.
Monument 10k race 002
The couch were I slept.
Monument 10k race 003 
The kitchen.  I LOVE her apartment.  I’m really disappointed that I forgot to take a picture of her bathroom because it’s amazing!  A shower with a glass door & a bathtub/shower combination on the other side of the bathroom.  It was huge too.  About the size of her bedroom!
Monument 10k race 005 
There’s even a balcony overlooking some of the high rise Richmond buildings as well as the river. The picture definitely does not do it justice.

Then my dad picked us up and it was off to the race!
Monument 10k race 011
There were porta potties lining the street in front of the starting line!
Monument 10k race 012
The race had already started by the time we got there so I’m not sure how bad the lines were at the beginning; however, I can’t imagine them being too bad with all of the porta potties available!

This might be TMI, but I could not force myself to do “my business” before the race started.  I had to go on the way to the porta potties but failed once I got in one.  Then, Christina and I ran around the block trying to get me to be able to go, but again, no luck.  I went ahead and just gave up and hoped that I wouldn’t have any bathroom issues during the race.  Luckily, I ran the whole thing without having to go at all! 
Monument 10k race 009
Monument 10k race 013

Pumped and ready to go!
We started walking up to the starting line looking for the “PB” wave group and didn’t see the sign for it!  Well, that was because they were doing the countdown for it as soon as we got up there!  We were actually on the other side of the fence though so we had to go around and squeeze our way up to the starting line.  For a few seconds we stood there wondering if we should just wait for the next wave to start, but we decided to just go when some other “PB” runners got up there and went for it.
Monument 10k race 014
It actually worked out great!  We didn’t have the whole shuffling thing to deal with trying to weave in and out of people because everyone in our group had already left.  It was clear sailing running for a while.
Monument 10k race 016
Monument 10k race 017
It wasn’t long before we got up to the crowd and had to start weaving through people.  I actually really like starting in the back because it’s so empowering to pass people rather than being passed!
Monument 10k race 021
Gonzo told us that her outfit wasn’t giving her any troubles, but she said that she thought that “the animal” was struggling with his costume!  I would have been too!

Monument 10k race 025
One great thing about this race, there were people cheering you on EVERYWHERE.  I don’t think there were any blank spaces on the sidelines!
Monument 10k race 027
Monument 10k race 028
There was a line of trees that had these signs posted up cheering on some of the runners!
Monument 10k race 029 
Not so sure what that means… lol.
Monument 10k race 030 
Fun cheerleaders! 
Monument 10k race 036 
This running duo actually got 2nd place in the individual/duo costume competition!
Monument 10k race 043
This squirrel chasing an acorn took first place in that category!  I’m sad I didn’t get a better picture of his costume 😦
Monument 10k race 037
I’m getting the hang of this whole “running while taking a picture of yourself” thing!
Monument 10k race 039
Loved these shirts!
Monument 10k race 044
I thought this was interesting!  When I passed them the first time, I didn’t have a chance to take a picture so I made sure to the second time around!
Monument 10k race 045 
The first time we went by, there was a little girl meditating in the flower, but unfortunately she was gone when I took the picture!
Monument 10k race 047
Dorthy & the tornado from the Wizard of Oz!  I actually didn’t even notice Dorthy until I looked back at the picture after seeing her with the tornado on the costume page of the race website!  I was happy that she ended up in the picture too, even though I didn’t plan it :)  I believe they got third place for the duo/individual competition.

I felt great during the race.  It didn’t really get challenging until I had to keep up with Christina at the end!  My foot, thankfully, didn’t hurt at all during the race.  There weren’t any points where I wanted to slow down.  All I was thinking the whole time was “faster, faster, faster!”  Every time I looked down, my pace was faster than the last time I looked.  It was great motivation and gave me the goal to keep up the negative splits!

The weather prediction for Saturday morning was saying 31 degrees.  I definitely dressed way too warmly!  My jacket came off right away and I tied it around my waist so I wouldn’t lose it.  The gloves ended up coming off as well and I carried those in my hands for the reminder of the race.  All that did go back on after the race though!

I’ve never been to a race with such an amazing energy and audience.  This is definitely a race that I want to start doing every year!

There were about 5 water/powerade stations.  I believe I took 4 of the waters.  The powerades were given out after the line of water and I didn’t take any of those.  Partially because I forgot to wait for the powerades at each station and partially because I didn’t want to get powerade all over myself.
I was actually really surprised with all the drink stations!  Normally, I expect just 1 at a 5k and 2 at a 10k.  It was nice having a lot!


After Christina and I passed the finish line, I stood over by one of the fences to recollect myself (and not puke!)

We ran into this fun duo and I had to stop and take a picture!

Monument 10k race 048

That must have been hard to run in!

Monument 10k race 049

Monument 10k race 050
We saw these girls early on in the race, so we asked to take a picture with them when we saw them after the race.  What a fun costume idea!
Monument 10k race 052
We thought having the “Runner’s Food” sign behind us would be perfect for the blog!
Monument 10k race 053
The “Runner’s Food” tent contained about 4 different areas to walk through with people handing out powerade, a plain bagels and bananas on either side of the walkway.

The bagels were alright; however, I heard that they more flavors available in previous years.  It wasn’t a disappointment for me because there were tents everywhere giving out free samples!

Monument 10k race 068 
I love free stuff!  There were also containers of yogurt given out. 
Best picture I could find.  Liberte Mediterranee Strawberry yogurt.
It was AMAZING.  Seriously.  The fat content was a bit much but the flavor and texture was divine!  It was extremely creamy and definitely something I would try again!
Monument 10k race 056
Obi-Run-Kenobi actually had people waiting to take a picture with him! We just had to get in line and take a picture too!
Monument 10k race 058

I actually took two pictures of this guy.  He asked me to take a second one because he wasn’t doing “the face” during the first one! 
Monument 10k race 060 
Funny story about this stand.  It was a cheese stand where they were handing out stickers.  Also, they had cards to fill out with your information because someone was going to get picked for a large amount of free cheese!
Well, Christina came up to me and told me that the guy gave her a cheese sample.  He told her that it was his last piece but he would give it to her.  She walked away to get some bags to put our swag in and the man asked gave me another sticker and told me that I needed to put it on my bib so I would remember the cheese!  I took it and responded by saying that I keep all of my bibs so I would definitely remember.  Then he came closer and, in a secretive way, handed me a cheese sample and said that it was his last one!  I told him that he already said that to my friend and he said “I say that to everyone!” haha
Monument 10k race 059
I love cheese 🙂
Monument 10k race 065

Monument 10k race 064


I can’t wait until next year!


10 responses to “Monument 10k Race Recap

  1. I love all of your pictures. Man I’m jealous of all of that free stuff you got. 🙂 Congrats on your time, you did awesome!

    • Thanks! I’m so glad I brought my camera with me to the race! I almost didn’t, but now I think I’m going to bring it with me more often! I felt kind of bad taking that much stuff, but they were telling us to! 🙂

  2. WHOA! What a SUPER fun race! I LOVE all of the costumes, especially Obi-Run Kenobi. Ha. And the Animal and Gonzo. And the Oompla Lumpas. Wow. I need to start planning my Chicago Marathon costume.

    And what a huge race! And what loot! I love Luna.

    You did such a great job! I am so happy your foot was fine. 🙂

    • We were planning on dressing up but never thought of a costume! I was disappointed that Obi-Run Kenobi didn’t place in the costume competition but there were so many great costumes! When’s the Chicago Marathon? Thanks 🙂


    I can’ t wait to run a real race! that one looked like a hoot!

    glad you had a blast and GREAT JOB!

  4. fattiefatterton

    Great recap! I loved the costumes. I’ve heard really great things about that Liberte yogurt.

  5. Just want to congratulate you!!! Look like an awesome time!!! The costumes are great I nevr knew they did races like that haha have you heard of the one in NYC where everyone races in high heals!?!? 😉
    WOW talk about a lot of free samples, your really lucky!!
    Great recap girl, have a goood day! ❤

  6. Congrats Sammi! I am smiling SO big for you right now!!! Awesome! Awesome!

  7. 🙂 I love this blog!!! So much fun … did you see that those yougurts had 14g of fat –> Rediculous. There are so many costumes I forgot about too. Ok start thinking about next years outfit!

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