Monument 10k expo

First off, check out what’s going on with my computer.
monument 10k expo 001
😦 Apparently, it’s bad to pick up your computer by the screen.  Whoops!  Thankfully, I was planning on buying a new computer before I transfer to a 4-year school anyway.

monument 10k expo 003 
Lexi lucked out and my dad decided to come to Richmond with me rather than waiting until tomorrow to drive here.  She was so excited when I started telling her she was going to get to go on a “car ride.”
monument 10k expo 005
We took my car, but my dad drove.  I don’t mind being a passenger on long car rides 🙂

monument 10k expo 008

monument 10k expo 014
I was starving by the time we got in town, so I snack on a Rice Krispies Treats bar on the way to picking up Christina.

The expo was amazing!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take too many pictures and most were kind of blurry.
First, we stopped to get our bibs.  The lines actually weren’t bad at all!
monument 10k expo 015

monument 10k expo 016 
I upgraded to a technical t-shirt 🙂
Monument 10k 001
Monument 10k 002
The shirt is actually kind of see-through-ish.  I wore it yesterday to the movies and ended up putting on a long-sleeved shirt underneath it.  For running, it won’t be an issue and it’ll actually probably help the fabric get more of a breeze to my skin.

One of the first booths we came to was one selling old tech t-shirts for only $3! 
Monument 10k 003
They said there weren’t any issues with the shirts, but I’d have to disagree now that I’ve tried it on.  The top of it kind of puckers up in a really strange way.  I think it’s probably because the shoulders are too narrow; however, the rest of the shirt fits me perfectly so I wouldn’t have wanted to go for a larger size.  I did see a few people wearing the same shirt at the race and the girls seemed to have the same puckering look.  The guy I saw wearing it didn’t appear to have any problems though so maybe the guy sizes were fine and it was just the girls?
Monument 10k 006
I believe this year was the 11th anniversary which would make this shirt from last year.

I still really like the look of the shirt though and even if I knew of the problem at the time, I probably still would have bought it.  It isn’t too serious of a problem and you can’t beat $3!  Looking back, I’m thinking I should have gotten more than just that one! (They had a few different designs).


There were two SPIbelt booths at the expo.  One was selling the belts for $21 dollars and you got a free one time use body glide sample for free with the purchase.  The clips to attach your bib to the belt was an additional $1.  I wasn’t completely sold on the SPIbelt at that booth so Christina and I went on to look at other things.  The person working the booth did allow us to have the body glide sample for free though before we left!
Monument 10k 005

I think I’m going to keep it for emergencies.  I’ll probably put it in my gym bag and use it either if I forget my body glide or if I run out.  Body glide is amazing.  My legs love the stuff! 🙂

When we were about to leave, I went over to the other SPIbelt stand and found out that they were only $20 there!  Plus, you got the clips for free!  Another difference, the ones at the second table had two folds in the belt for energy packets. 
Monument 10k 003
&&& these had two compartments, a small one and a large one, where the first booth’s SPIbelts only had the large compartment (I think, I might be wrong on that one). 
Monument 10k 002
I put a $5 in the small compartment in case there was anything I wanted to buy after the race & I put my phone in the large compartment.
I told my dad about the SPIbelt and we ended up each getting one.  My dad got a pretty good deal on it though!  It was $20 for one and $35 for two so my dad only had to pay $15 for his.
Monument 10k 001
We both wore ours during the race and he didn’t have any issues of it bouncing around.  Mine did bounce around a little at the end but I think it was just because it wasn’t tight enough.  It was the whole belt moving around for me, not just the compartment.  Also, the bib ended up getting all tangled up on mine at the end.  I did have my jacket tied around my waist as well, so that may have been the cause of it.  My dad didn’t have the bib issue with his.

monument 10k expo 019 
We grabbed some samples of these chips while walking around. 
I tried: 
Original flavor Krunchers kettle cooked potato chips,

eatsmart Naturals MultiGrain Totilla chips (only ones I didn’t like),

eatsmart Naturals MultiGrain Sunflower chips (favorite! Reminded me of SunChips)

There was one other but I can’t figure out which one that was.


monument 10k expo 018

Ashley!  She was flown up to VA to work the Bondiband booth!   It was really great to see her again.  We talked blogger for a while and I ended up getting one of the Bondibands she was selling. 
Monument 10k race 064
I wore it during the race and didn’t have any problems with it at all.  This one has nonslip fabric on the underside so it stayed right in place.  Also, my face was pretty sweat free after the race which may have been thanks to the headband.

We did see quite a few Bondibands on the ground throughout the race, so maybe they didn’t stay on those runners as well as mine did.  Or, maybe those runners took them off?  Not sure 🙂


monument 10k expo 020

The Monument 10k expo this year was a lot of fun!  Of course, I don’t have anything to compare it to; however, it was a nice one in my opinion!  I’ve heard of expos where the lines are crazy long and we didn’t have any problems with that when we went.  We did hear that the lines were pretty crazy at other times though, so maybe we just lucked out!


After the expo, Christina and I were dropped off at her car and we went by Tropical Smoothie Cafe on our way to her place.
monument 10k expo 022
She had a buy one get one free coupon for their wraps so we got two & split them.
Popeye’s favorite:
monument 10k expo 023 
Contained: chicken, creamy spinach and artichoke spread, low fat mozzarella, tomatoes & a white tortilla

Buffalo Chicken:
monument 10k expo 024 
Contained: Chicken, low fat mozzarella, tomatoes, romaine, buffalo sauce, light ranch & a white tortilla

I don’t like hate raw tomatoes, so we got them on the side for Christina.  Both of the wraps were awesome!  The popeye’s favorite probably had too much cheese, but I love cheese so I didn’t mind!  The Buffalo Chicken wrap had my lips burning so the combination of the two wraps worked well together to give my mouth a little relief from the spicy chicken!  The romaine lettuce gave the Buffalo Chicken wrap the perfect crunch!


The night before the race, I did not sleep well at all.  I think it was mainly just pre-race jitters.  Last night, I slept like a baby!  The exhaustion from the past couple days made me fall asleep pretty instantly!

I’m starving so I think I’m going to make breakfast now.  Then I have a lot of race recapping to do!  This may take a while!


8 responses to “Monument 10k expo

  1. Your poor computer!! Your nails look wonderful, love the color! What a cool race t shirt! LOVE The spi belt!! Such cute polka dots! mmmmm that wrap looks yummyy

  2. Aww sorry about the comp 😦 I actually droped mine so it curretnly has cracks all in it hehe woops!
    Looks like a good expo! YOUR DOG IS ADORABLE BTW!!!!! ❤ ❤

  3. Aw my dog loves to go on a car ride too! Congrats on running the race. I think finishing any type of race is a huge accomplishment. Some people aren’t able to run at all. Let alone a 10k.

  4. Here is your offical!

    Bib #23168 Time: 55:48

    Wahooo we are now seeded!!

    Cant wait till the next race…let me know what your doctor says.

    • I didn’t even think about it that way!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You beat me by 2 seconds! Congratulations! I can’t wait until the pictures are posted. I still need to make an appointment 😦 lol.

  5. Yikes go see a doctor to make sure it is nothing serious. Come run the 15K with me on April 17th It is through Ginter Park…. I cant run 9.3 miles with out you –> wait im not sure i can run 9.3 miles period!

    Anytime you wanna come back to Richmond lettme know 🙂

    P.S. Wore one of the head bandy things for football…stayed on the entire time.

  6. 15K run … On April 17th I just signed up. I hope you can run it!

  7. Come run this again with me for 2011! Im gonna miss you if your not running it 😦

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