Monument 10k PR!

55:57 Garmin time! 

Avg. Pace: 8:58 min/mile!

Mile 1—9:51
Mile 2—9:06
Mile 3—9:08
Mile 4—8:58
Mile 5—8:41
Mile 6—8:23
0.24   —7:28 pace

I think I started my Garmin early and I know I stopped it a little late so I’m hoping for an even better official time! (Hey, seconds count!)

My dad’s watch time was 50:40 woo-hoo dad! 

Christina and I were able to stay together for the whole thing 🙂 No shoe tying or slow running today!  I pushed her for the majority of the time and kept her notified on our paces.  Then at the end, she took off and it was me having to struggle to keep up!  Worked like a charm.  We finished pretty much side by side 🙂

Monument 10k race 065
Christina grabbed two of the flowers pretty early in the race and mine actually stayed the whole time!

This was probably the best race I’ve ever been to!  The crowds were great and everything was really well organized!  I’m so glad I didn’t let my foot issue get in the way of me running today!

Foot update: It didn’t hurt at all during the race!  Nor did it hurt while we were walking around after 🙂 the only time it started hurting was on our way back to the car, but it was more towards my ankle that I was experiencing the pain.


I just wanted to give you all a quick update on how the race was!  I’ll be posting about the expo & about the race later on!

Along with a ton of pictures!


8 responses to “Monument 10k PR!

  1. WOW! Great job! 🙂 I got my notification of your finish time then I got your 5K time. LOL! You did great, and look at those splits! I am so happy for you and SO happy your foot feels great. What a great start to the weekend!

    • Thanks!!!! That’s so funny! Did it send you the times to go with it or just a general “crossed the 5k line” text? I’ve never signed up for anything like that so I don’t know how it works 🙂 Thank you so much!

  2. Congrats girl!! That’s so awesome. I cannot wait to see the recap!! I’m such a running nerd 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m working on the expo recap right now (almost finished!) and then I’ll start working on the actual race recap. I have so many pictures from the race! I love reading the recaps too! Running nerds are awesome 🙂

  3. AWESOME SAUCE!!! you rock! speed demon you are.

  4. Fattie Fatterton

    Congrats my friend!! Woot woot!!!

  5. Job well done girl! ❤

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