Going for it!

My foot is feeling great today, so I decided I’m going to do the race tomorrow.

I’m really excited about it!  Christina and I have plans to go to the expo together and then possibly grab something to eat after (carb load!)  I may even wear something special for the race tomorrow, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

As for goals, I don’t really have one for tomorrow’s race.  If my foot starts acting up, I’ll most likely be slowing it down and taking it easy. I’d like to get under an hour on this one and I know it wouldn’t be an issue if my foot was doing well. But I’d rather wait to PR than mess it up!

I had a burrito for dinner.  No picture.

Food 003
Fried egg, cheese, ham, on an english muffin sandwich with a side of strawberries.

Food 004

Then some heavy handed drizzles of yogurt on top!

The yogurt definitely made those strawberries amazing!


Well, it’s time to go pack now! 

I’m staying at a friend’s house near Richmond in preparation for the race.  As much fun as it is to wake up two hours early to drive to the race location, I’d much prefer to stay near the race and get some extra sleep!  Plus, this is the only way I can actually go to the expo 🙂

Next up: My first expo!  So excited!  Word on the street blog is that Healthy Ashley is working a booth there so hopefully I’ll get to see her again!


4 responses to “Going for it!

  1. Good luck with your race tomorrow! I hope your foot holds out for you!! Can’t wait for a recap 🙂

  2. That’s so wonderful!! Can’t wait to hear the recap!!

  3. It was so good to see you yesterday! Sorry the meet-up last night didn’t work… ugh, it was late!!

    Good luck today!!!! You’ll have tons of fun, I’m sure.

    • I was so happy to see that you were working it again yesterday! I was worried that you were only doing it Thursday. It was good to see you too 🙂 We’ll definitely have to meet up next time. If I knew I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep last night, maybe I would have gone out even though it was late! lol. I did have tons of fun 🙂 You should try to actually do the race next year! It was awesome!

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