Cranky runner

When I get tired during runs, I get SUPER cranky.  Towards the end of this morning’s run, my dad tried to talk to me and I asked him to wait until we got home because I needed to concentrate.  Then I started talking about how I was trying not to cry.  He said he doesn’t understand why running makes me want to cry and I got all cranky.  I’m not sure exactly what I said in response, maybe “shut up” possibly “stop.” Honestly, I don’t remember.  Then he increased his pace and ran home ahead of me.

It actually made me want to cry more because I felt bad for snapping like that.  He’s probably use to it though because I get like that a lot when I run.

Does anyone else get super cranky during hard runs?

I was having a hard time breathing, my legs were hurting, and I wasn’t happy with my pace.  It still isn’t an excuse for being rude though and I need to learn how to correct my mood rather than letting it get worse.

I’ll post again later with the time, distance and splits.

Time to go get ready for statistics 😦

Edit to add: My dad didn’t go out ahead of me because he was angry or anything.  He needed to push himself harder than I was allowing with my pace and we weren’t talking anyway so he went ahead.


One response to “Cranky runner

  1. awwww, sorry you had a cranky run. I have not had that feeling..I usually run BECAUSE I feel cranky.

    but than again my farthest run is 4 miles.

    maybe things will change when I hit 10.

    you are doing great! maybe it’s a blood sugar thing???

    I have been eating low GI these past few weeks and I totally know my limit. 2 days low grains even….oh boy. Lady has no wick!

    have a great day and GO TO IHOP!

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