Jordan, one of my sisters, left me a comment on my last post which got me thinking.

Her comment was about whether or not I should post my full name on the internet.  I’ve thought about it a lot actually.  The conclusion that I’ve come to is that it isn’t very hard to figure that information out without me giving it out.  Race results include that sort of information.  So should I not post about the races I do? 

I still try to keep some things secret.  My town is not something that I am going to come straight out and say.  Neither is my place of work or the school that I currently attend.  If you think about it though, that information is clear on other media websites.  Back when I had a myspace and facebook, all of that info and then some was written on the front page.  I believe even if you set it to private, you can still see certain things such as last names and cities.  Back when I had those, anyone could randomly search through schools and eventually find me.  That’s not the reason I don’t participate in those kinds of things anymore; however, it is something to think about. 

Most of the big name bloggers give out a lot of information.  Not that I compare to people such as Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point or Meghann from Graduate Meghann when it comes to readers. 

On the other hand, there are some that do not give out even first names for the most part.  The wonderful Fattie Fatterton, for example.

What do you think? 
Is it even possible to keep identities a secret on the internet anymore? 

Today was a lovely two-a-day. 
Exercise number 1: The run
Exercise partner: my dad

Mile 1: 8:42
Mile 2: 9:22
0.98 miles: 9:28 pace

Wait, positive splits aren’t a positive thing?  Whoops!
Here’s what happened.  I started out waaaaay too fast.  For the first .5 mile, I pretty much stayed under an 8 minute pace.  My dad actually asked me to slow down!  Don’t worry though, I paid the price.  We turned on the trail around 0.7, I started feeling the heat.  Plus, the trails are quite hilly.  By the time we got half way through, I was drenched in sweat.  I thought about stopping to walk around the 2 mile mark but decided to just slow down a little instead.  I’m happy with the overall time though!

Distance: 2.98
Time: 27:33
Avg. Pace: 9:14


Exercise number 2: Spinning
Exercise partner: my mom

It was just the thirty minute class tonight, but that’s a good thing!  My legs were lead after that run.  Usually, I don’t like the instructor for the Wednesday night class, but she delivered tonight!  She did the same “no bouncing” thing that the instructor from Saturday’s class did.  Thankfully, hers didn’t last nearly as long as his did. 


Once I was showered, I left the gym and headed straight over to food lion.  The whole time I was in the shower, I was daydreaming about what I should buy.  In the end, I decided on some yogurt with granola in the lid.
food 002
When I was looking at the selection, I noticed that they also had ones with oreos and m&ms in the lids!  I made myself look at the nutritional info (yes, I was hoping the oreos one would be more nutritious than the granola) and ended up getting the granola one.
food 004

It was definitely a good choice 🙂 If only I had a spoon.  I ended up using the foil lid to scoop it out!

food 001

I also had four of these.  When I was younger, I did not like fig newtons at all.  My tastes have changed over the years though so when I saw these, I decided to pick them up.  So good!  I’m not sure how they compare to the newton version, since I haven’t had those in years, but these were really good!


I’m hoping for a long run tomorrow. 
Friday = Rest day
Saturday = Race day!  I’m not sure if I’ve ever been this excited about a race before!  Well, of course other than my first race. 

I can’t believe I’m almost a little over a week away from my first 8 mile race!  I also can’t believe how confident I am about my ability to run it!


Time to watch a little bit more of greek (I’m finally almost caught up!) and then sleep time!

I should just go straight to bed minus the greek, but what fun would that be?


13 responses to “Privacy

  1. I’ve totally thought of that too! But I figure my whole name is everywhere like you said and when I contact people I use my whole name.

  2. fattiefatterton

    Awwww, you’re so sweet. When I get the new website up, it will be under my first name, at the very least, and it will probably be pretty easy to figure out my last name, too.

    When I first started my blogs, I was trying to be anonymous because of work and because of a stalker ex. But now I feel confident about combining both parts of my life into one. 😀

    FF aka Angela 😀

  3. I got a few boxes of those Fig Newmans last week and dug into them! My sister, her bf and Steven thought they did not taste like Fig Newtons at all, and said they liked Newtons better, but I liked the Newmans. Yikes. I need to write my Newmans review.

    You know, as much as people try to be anonymous online… it’s really hard. I was able to find a blogger’s address to send her flowers, just using the internet (I wanted to surprise her). Scary. I don’t put my full name on the internet, but people see it when I reply to comments.

    • Really? Hm. Maybe I should try out the Newtons again and see what they taste like lol. I should remember, but I don’t. Geez. Well, my family isn’t in the phone book or anything like that so maybe it’d be harder to find my address. I’d hope lol. Same thing here. I try to respond to most comments I get, especially if it’s from someone knew to my blog. So everyone that has ever left me a comment has my full name already. It wouldn’t be as much if just responded rather than responding with an email as well, but I like to make sure people see my response.

  4. I haven’t ever worried about it. I figure it isn’t hard to figure out and I try to be as careful as I can with things but eh…maybe I am just too trusting.

    • I’m know I’m way too trusting. It’s hard not to be. I’m more forgiving and trusting than I should be. I try to be careful about it too, but you’re right. It isn’t hard to figure things out. And the people that we should be worried about are the kind of people that would go to great lengths to figure it out anyway.

  5. It’s not that you post the information, it’s the combination of the information that you post. Jordan and I were discussing this the other day. I’ll call you after work this afternoon and explain it.

  6. I tried to keep my last name off the blog for a really, really long time, but it eventually it was impossible because of the book. I think if you want to keep things private (i.e. not make it possible for employers to find out), don’t share that type of info. I’m less worried about stalkers than employers, I suppose! But many people use their blog as a resume builder! So maybe it’s a good thing to share?

    • I’m not worried about my current employers. They’re not too professional themselves 🙂 lol. I do try to be careful about what I say on the blog for that reason though. I’m hoping that it will end up being a positive thing rather than a negative when it comes to a business standpoint.

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