I’m so excited!

Today I am officially sending out my “Plan to Attend” card for Christopher Newport University!

random 008 
[Is it weird that I get disappointed when things only ask for the middle initial?  I love my middle name- Rae– & I’d much prefer to write the whole thing rather than just “R”
I just realized I put the wrong date on the card.  I actually filled it out yesterday.  Weird.]

I was holding off on it for two reasons:

  1. I was still unsure about my official college decision
  2. I had questions about summer classes

As for number one, I truly feel that CNU is a better match for me compared to William and Mary.  Of course, I still haven’t heard back from W&M, but I don’t think that their decision will influence mine.  Picking a school that is already stressing me out this much is just way more pressure than I want to deal with right now.  I know that when I look back on this, I will be confident and happy with my decision.

With number two, there are still three classes I have to take before I can apply for the business college.  I was going to ask them about possibly taking those classes during the summer; however, they are not available during the summer.  Then I checked the local community colleges and they aren’t available there either.  I may look into Old Dominion University and see if they have those classes this summer but I’m not too worried about it. 


Another reason I’m excited: I’m also sending my Upper-class Contract Acceptance form for housing and dining plans today!

It’s hard to actually admit that I’m a “Cluttered and Clean” person when it comes to my living space. Wouldn’t it be nice to have “Neat and Clean” as the actual response?  At least the answer isn’t “Messy” though 🙂

As of right now, I’m hoping to get into a CNU apartment rather than a dorm.  I talked to someone from housing who told me that the apartments is probably where I will be placed anyway because I’m going to be 20 this fall!  If I do get the housing I want, I either want a 5-meal plan or no meal plan at all.  It’s required to have either a 14 or 19 meal plan if you live in a dorm though so we’ll just have to see where I get placed.


I’m going to call and talk to an advisor about my plans though.  It would suck to go along thinking I’m doing things correctly just to find out that I’ve messed myself up when it comes to getting into my major.  After reviewing my classes, there are three that are not going to transfer over.  Unfortunately, they were required at my school when it comes to getting my associates.  Oh well.  Nothing I can do about that now.

Update: I won’t be assigned an advisor until after they receive my “plan to attend” card.  So for now, I just have to do my own research and wait to hear back.


Next I need to go to the doctor’s office and get shot up.

Just kidding.  Sort of.  I need to make sure I’m up to date on all of the immunizations that are required.  When I started community college, we asked the doctor for all of the normal college student shots, but I need to get the form filled out by the wonderful Dr. Mathew.  Plus, I’m not sure if all of those are still up to date or not.  Hopefully, I’ve already gotten all of them and won’t need anything else!


random 001 
Oatmeal!  Topped with brown sugar and strawberries.  Plus, I sprinkled a butt-load of cinnamon in the water.

random 002

I know how to make my taste buds happy!

random 003

Then because I’m a hardcore athlete pig, I also ate a sensible amount way too much vanilla ice cream topped with agave nectar & cheerios.  Hey, at least it wasn’t Haagen-Dazs topped with hot fudge and brownies!


Onto yesterday…
I planned on going to the gym before class; however, I woke up and just did not feel like leaving that early. 
random 002

Breakfast was an egg & cheese english muffin sandwich [I’m a creature of habit, ish]

Then off to school.
Class was boring. There are a couple girls in the class that obviously don’t pay attention at all.  One of them is consistently twenty minutes late for class because of her job.  I would be able to ignore that if she made an effort to study outside of the classroom.  The questions she asks makes it obvious that she doesn’t try on her own.  I just want to ask her “have you ever opened the textbook?”  because a lot of the answers to her questions are clearly outlined in the chapters. 

The first 15 minutes was spent going over a project that we have coming up. Then he went over a problem that was quite easy, if you’ve been paying attention.  The problem ended with that girl and another woman asking him questions for the next 30 minutes.  If you are having that much trouble with the class, meet with him during his office hours.  I’m sorry but it is a waste of my learning time to sit there listening to him repeatedly go over things that we have been learning for the past two weeks.  The worst part is, we just had a test on what they were asking about!  I’m going to assume they failed that big time. 

After they finally stopped asking him questions, we had time to go over only two more examples.

Then it was off to a graduation test.
Apparently, ever year the graduation class gets tested on something different.  This year, it was writing.  We had 50 minutes to write an essay.  Easy-peasy. 
Any guesses as to what I wrote about?

Glad to get that over with!

Gym time!


I remembered my headphones!

I switched back and forth between CSI and Tool Academy.

Warning, my splits are going to look funky.  The treadmill cut off halfway through my workout & when I turned it back on, I just went ahead and upped the speed and went from there.

0.5 mile warm up @ 10:00

1 mile                       9:40

1.5-2.45                    9:13       Cut off

0.5 mile                    8:57

0.5-1.5                     8:34

1.5-1.9                     8:00

1.9-2.0                     7:30

Total distance: 4.45 miles

Total Time: 40 min 20 sec

Total avg. pace: 9:03

My right foot started hurting during the second half of the run.  I decided to just keep going and monitor how it feels. It ended up feeling better by the end of the run; however, I’m going to remember that for the future in case it happens again. 

I tried to do an incline at the beginning, but my left knee always hurts when I use an incline so I ended up putting it back down to 0.0 when that happened.  Not too worried about it since I get plenty of hill training when I run outside.

The whole way home, I was daydreaming about what I was going to eat.  I ended up stopping at the store and stocked up on exactly what I wanted!

It resulted in a super exciting lunch!
random 003 

Oh my, was it good!

  • Buitoni 100% Whole Wheat Three Cheese Tortellini (about 1 cup dry)
  • Jarred Artichoke Hearts
  • Jarred Sundried Tomatoes
  • Barilla Marinara Sauce

random 005

This was my first time ever cooking with artichoke hearts & sundried tomatoes. After consuming it, I’ve decided that it will definitely be made again!

The only downside to this meal: the sundried tomatoes were $8!  Thankfully, it didn’t take very much of them to make the meal.  Am I going to buy them again?  Not sure.  I’m not out of them yet though so I’m definitely going to use them to the fullest! 

Anyone have tips on making homemade sundried tomatoes?

random 004

Work was, well, interesting.

My poor first table.

  • I couldn’t open the bottle of wine without help
  • I split the woman’s glass of wine (only on the tablecloth, thankfully)
  • I almost dropped the man’s soup on the woman
  • The soup I almost dropped was the wrong one
  • I brought her a side salad when her entire was a salad (I took it back once I noticed my mistake)

I believe that was it.  I did leave the soups of their bill though to make up for my horrible service.  They said it was unnecessary, but I felt so bad that I insisted.

Exciting part: They left me $20 on a $67 tab. 

I guess apologizing like crazy and trying to make it up to them paid off!


Breakfast this morning:

random 001
Lasagna that Jon Alan brought over.  They had a big lunch party at his work yesterday so he took me some leftovers.

The first couple bites tasted kind of minty for some strange reason.  It was pretty good though after that 🙂

My stomach decided that the piece I had was too small.  Rather than eating more of it until I got full, I switched over to something with more of a portion control.
random 003
Banana topped with peanut butter & blueberries

random 005
Soooo good!  This may look a little familiar if you read this post.  I used pom arils that time though. 

random 006

Use the softest blueberries you can find.  Amazing!


I just ate another square of lasagna.  Pretend I posted a picture of it.  🙂



Spinning with my mom at 5:30-6.

Shower time at the gym.

Pigging out time on the way to school.

Microeconomics class at 7 (gross)


What are you excited about today, my optimistic readers?
Or not excited for, my pessimistic readers?

(As you can see from the ranting that I do on my blog, I can be a little bit of both!)


10 responses to “I’m so excited!

  1. Congrats on officially deciding to go to CNU! Where does John Alan go….will you guys be close?

    • Thanks 🙂 He works full time a city over from CNU. Right now he’s sticking with community college classes until he has to start taking classes at a university. He’s looking at Old Dominion University which is only about 30 minutes from CNU. Right now he is waiting to hear back from an apprentice school that is actually only about 15 minutes or so from CNU and if he gets in, he’ll probably be getting his own place down the street from there. 🙂

  2. fattiefatterton

    Sammi, I’m so excited for you!! This is a huge moment in life. 😀

    Oh man, I have had classes with those types of people and it drives me crazy. That is when the professor/teacher needs to say, let’s discuss this after class, as we need to move on.


  3. I hope your right foot feels better next time.

    I am excited you are sending your planning to attend card! I am anxious to hear where you are placed for housing, and to hear about the classes.

    I hate classmates like that. But get used to it. They turn out to be your coworkers!

    If you apologize and are sincere to people, they understand! I always tip well when we get great service 🙂

    I am excited that I have Friday off and can sleep in… yay!

  4. (You probably shouldn’t post your entire name on the internet, it’s not safe since this isn’t private…)

    But sending in your intent card is exciting!

    • I know, and I’ve thought about it. If someone wants to figure out who I am, all they have to do is go look for the results for any of the races I’ve done. It’s not hard to find that info.

  5. Omg you’re eats look good, especially the tortellini (my fave) and congrats on sending in your card!! That’s exciting!

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