About time

It’s about time that I correct an error on my last post.  I wrote: They have spent about $50 million in construction and they’re starting to work on another $50 million construction project.” I was way off on the $$.  Rather than $50 million, they have spent $500 million & they’re about to spend another $500 million.  Whoops!  Big difference.  That’s what I get for not checking the numbers before I start typing!

Before going to the gym:
misc 001
Peanut butter toast.

It’s about time that I started doing an abs class. The one I went to on Saturday was amazing!  I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for me to challenge myself that much at home.  I did take quite a few breaks during the different exercises because I’m just not fit enough yet to keep up!  That’s how it always starts out though so I’m not going to let myself get down on that fact.  My abs felt fine on Saturday and I was worried that I didn’t get as good of a workout as I would have liked.  Sunday morning however, oh my!  My abs were screaming! Every time I turned over, I was in pain.  This is a good sign though 🙂  They haven’t stopped hurting yet, but I can’t wait for the next class!

It’s about time that I took the spinning class with the instructor from Saturday!  I feel like each instructor has a different specialty move that kills. His favorite thing was for us to stand up and only move from the hips down & keep the upper body completely still.  Ouch! Very challenging!
misc 003
My mom wasn’t sure whether or not she wanted to do another ab class.  She is pretty good at making herself do floor workouts at home.  After talking to her today, she’s thinking she might try out another one though!  I guess the soreness she has been feeling since the class is making her realize how awesome the workout we got there was!
Post gym:

misc 005
Scrambled eggs with cheese + buttered toast

misc 005
Breakfast was divine. English muffin, egg, cheese, & ham sandwich.
Later,  I took Lexi Lexi took me to the dog park!
misc 006
misc 010
As soon as we started walking up to the gate, I heard someone calling my name from inside.  I looked up and it was my godmother!  She was there with her sister and her son’s dog, Robbie.  Robbie is only about 4 months old so he’s full of energy!
misc 013
After a while, a mother and her daughter showed up with their two dogs.  One was an extremely playful husky [named “Moo” for the coloring of his coat] and the other was a timid chihuahua [named “Taco”].
misc 017

Taco was held for most of the time they were there so I didn’t get a picture of her.

After Moo and Taco left, Robbie kept trying to mate with Lexi… It’s kind of interesting to see a tiny little dog trying to get on top of a bigger dog.

misc 024

While walking around some of the trails, I tried to snack on a pear.
misc 028
Lexi decided that was a good time to go to the bathroom though and I didn’t exactly want to carry a bag of her poo while eating.

misc 034
Instead, I cut up the pear when I got home and ate it with some almond butter.
misc 037
Yum!  I only ate about 3/4 of the pear & then I ate the rest today with more almond butter.
misc 038
+ some of
misc 039
= still not satisfied.
misc 040
Much better.

misc 045
Lexi was pooped.  She just kept walking around the downstairs looking for a new place to lay down!

misc 047

Later on, I guess I ate this 🙂 Strawberry shortcake + cottage cheese.

misc 002
It was about time that I start using up the milk again.  This is why we don’t usually purchase milk.  I’ll use it for a few days and then neglect it for a while.
Have I ever mentioned that I love cereal?  I don’t usually eat it though because it doesn’t fill me up.
misc 009
For lunch I made myself an egg & cheese sandwich. I had a hard time deciding exactly what I wanted to make so it turned out kind of weird.  Started out wanting a ham, cheese & mayo sandwich but we are out of mayo.  So then I decided mustard would be okay.  After spotting the eggs in the fridge, I changed my mind and made this instead.  The mustard ended up not going well with the sandwich so I pulled off the piece of bread that had the mustard along with the slice of cheese from that side.

misc 013
Grabbed a plum for the ride to school.  It wasn’t ripe enough for me but it still tasted pretty good.
misc 016
I had this little thing after the plum.

misc 006
Jon Alan picked this up at 7-11. I should have resisted, but man was it good!

Jon Alan and I were going to go on a walk today but the weather was not cooperating.  Instead, I stopped by Movie Gallery and picked up some movies we would both enjoy I’ll pretend that we both like.
Misc 018
I’m pretty bad completely horrendously horrible when it comes to returning movies on time. I might as well just buy every movie I rent considering all the late fees I pay.
misc 003
It’s about time I signed up for powerplay.  Actually, the woman that works there already signed me up for the lowest level back when I had a really bad late fee.  It cost less to just have me pay for this rather than pay the late fee.
misc 005
I like renting three movies at a time so today I upgraded to the 3-out plan.
Misc 021
We started off with The Invention of Lying which was even better than I was expecting!  The way they live in that movie is just crazy.

It’s about time that I eat dinner which means…

It’s about time that I post this!


5 responses to “About time

  1. mmm your eats look yummy. Let us know how the movies were!!

    • Thanks for the comment! I watched The Stepfather last night. Holy crap it was scary! haha. I’ll be writing about it in my next post 🙂

  2. fattiefatterton

    Awesome post, my friend.

    I feel the same way about my classes at the gym – it’s just a better workout there than when I try to do it on my own.

  3. lol don’t make me blush!! It took a lot of hard work to get to where I am running wise. That 8 minutes used to be my race pace at it’s fastest.

  4. Oh I can’t wait for all the movie reviews!!

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