Christopher Newport University tour

Early morning run:
Distance: 2.64 miles
Time: 23:15 min:sec
Avg. Pace: 8:48

Wonderful start to the day! Crazy to think the time it took me to run that route used to be around 33+ minutes.

Breakfast was healthy(ish?)
CNU visit 005 
2 egg, ham, cheese omelet + buttered honey wheat toast

CNU visit 007 
+ cottage cheese & strawberries.  It ended up being a little too much food though so some of the cottage cheese & strawberries ended up back in the fridge.

Then it was off to Christopher Newport University!
CNU visit 008
The Paul and Rosemary Trible Library
Did you know… the president (Paul Trible) of CNU was once a congressman & then a senator?  Me neither. 
Also, the school wasn’t nearly what it is today back in 1990.  The 90’s is when he became the new president and started making big changes for the school.  They have spent about $50 million in construction and they’re starting to work on another $50 million construction project. 

The buildings are absolutely beautiful!
CNU visit 009 
One of the residence halls. 
CNU visit 010
Another residence hall.  This is the one that we went into.  The first one & the one in this picture are supposed to be mirror images.  It’s kind of cool the way the security is set up. 

  1. ID scan to open the front door
  2. ID check at the front desk in the lobby
  3. ID scan to open the door to your side of the residence hall
  4. ID scan to get into your room

Gotta love safety!

CNU visit 013

Inside the residence hall

CNU visit 012

Love, love, love fireplaces!

Sign of construction on campus:

CNU visit 014

This is going to be a new science building which will be opening up in 2011 (I believe)

CNU visit 016
CNU visit 015
2 pictures, one building.  Forgive my lack of patience to use the panoramic feature on my camera.

CNU visit 021

My dad & yours truly. 

CNU visit 022

…? I don’t remember what this building is.

CNU visit 024
Okay, that’s what it was!

CNU visit 025
The bookstore where I got my shoppin’ on.  Purchases: a CNU shot glass, blue CNU running shorts, & a little something for my mom.  My dad was also generous enough to buy me the NIKE fit dry CNU t-shirt I was eying 🙂 Lately, my white shirts have been getting some major sweat stains.  😦 stupid sweat glands!  I kept this in mind and picked out a gray one rather than the white.

CNU visit 026
This building is actually three stories but we only stayed on the first floor.  I want to take my mom to the school one day in the near future though so we’ll have to venture on upstairs next time!

CNU visit 028
Then it was time to actually go inside the library.  Can you say “OMG!”?  It’s gorgeous inside!
Upon looking at the inside picture I took, I’m going to spare you all.  It’s bad.  Like really bad.  Blurry, bad lighting, plus just a bad view of the inside. 
Unfortunately, I can’t find any pictures of the inside online.  I’ll have to make a mental note to take a picture when I go back with my mom.
For now, another view of the Student Union:
CNU visit 029
This one, along with the next picture, was taken from the steps of the library.

CNU visit 032

The campus is only about a 10 minute walk from end to end.  That fact + the weather = bikes galore!

CNU visit 033
Used the bookstore coupon for the items mentioned above.  Then it was off to Einstein’s to use up the other one!  Einstein’s is located in the library and they have a nice selection of starbucks drinks to choose from!
CNU visit 034
I got my usual, tall chai tea latte.  & like usual, I burnt my tongue right away on it!  I’ll never learn.


Once we got home, I ate a burrito for lunch.  Lazy + boring = no picture.  It’s for you own good.


Tonight: work at 5:30 which means I need to hit publish asap and start getting ready!

Tomorrow: Abs & more class 8:30-9:00 am with my mom!  Followed by the 9:15-10:15 spinning class with my mom as well 🙂
Then work at 3:00.

See ya!


7 responses to “Christopher Newport University tour

  1. Fattie Fatterton

    How exciting!! You’re taking me back to my first trip to college. Oh, I had such a good time!!

  2. What a beautiful day to visit campus!

    I always get sweat stains on my white shirts too! I am so so sweaty!

  3. Hey! I’m actually not familiar with this university so I had to google where it is. It is gorgeous!!! That’s the part that I loved the most when I visited my school…the landscape and architecture. Did you get to see current students interacting/out and about on campus? that’s a pretty good indicator of involvement.

    I want to go back and look at colleges!!!

    • I’m not surprised you aren’t familiar with it! It was only started back in the 60s and then the real growth of the school has been in the past 10-20 years. It was a gorgeous day yesterday so there were a lot of students walking around campus 🙂 We also got to walk past a couple classes that were in session and we saw one going outside for the class. Apparently they do that quite often when it’s nice out. I’ve passed the college before just driving down the road it is on, but that doesn’t give you nearly the same experience! It really is gorgeous 🙂 new buildings are a plus 🙂

  4. What a pretty campus! And that picture of you and your Dad was gorgeous!! !Love it!

    Also…that is AMAZING that you have taken 10 minutes off your run time! Sammi…that is amazing!

    • Thanks! I have to take baby steps to get up to your speed, but one day I’ll get that fast! (hopefully! lol) I probably get really annoying for my dad because every time we get to this one part of the route, I start talking about how awesome it is that I can run that far and that fast 🙂 lol

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