Two–a–day love

What a great workout day today was!

Started with an energetic 5.39 miles this morning with my dad and ended it off with a 1/2 hr spinning class this evening with my mom.

I have to thank Kim & Kelly for helping me out with the shoulder problem! Now all I have to do is actually remember to shake out when I run.  Maybe I’ll need to write it on my hand or something?  I’m naturally the most forgetful person I know, but it’s even worse when I’m running!


Most of my day was spent in a really uncomfortable situation.
Given a list and description of five employees, I had to pick two to layoff and put the other three in order of next to layoff – last to layoff.
Did I mention this was all fictional?  It was still really hard though!  Especially since I am going to get graded on what I wrote.  I’m guessing I did an okay job because the teacher responded with “outstanding work…”  Why he ends all his emails with “…” I may never know.  Unfortunately, the only information that I was given that was non-biased was the length of time everyone had been with the company.  I did the whole “last hired, first fired” thing and ended up laying off a fictional man in a wheel chair 😦

Even though I ate a really late lunch, I got hungry a little earlier than I would have liked.
What in the world am I talking about!?  My lunch was actually on the early side.
I could erase that and pretend it never happened.  But it did, so I wont.  The worst thing is, when I got hungry I was thinking to myself “Why am I hungry so early?” 
pb&j 001

PB&J sandwich.  I don’t really like toasted bread for sandwiches, but the only way for our bread to last is in the freezer and I am too lazy to thaw some out when I want it.

pb&j 002 pb&j 003

I didn’t put nearly as much filling in it as I should have.  The bread part was dominating that sandwich (in a not so good kind of way) but I was too involved in firing fake people to get up and fix it.


By the time I got finished with my test, I had to bust my butt to get out the door in time to meet my mom at the gym.

I promise one of these days I’ll make it there on time!

Luckily, I got there right on the dot.  The Wednesday night 5:30-6 class we go to is actually a starter class.  The good thing about cycling though is that it doesn’t really matter.  I still got a really good workout and pushed myself as much as I would have at any of the cycling classes.  My legs were screaming at me the whole time but I was loving every second of it!

I took a shower at the gym after spinning so I wouldn’t stink up my microeconomics class.  When I was getting ready to leave, I met this sweet little girl who is going to Washington D.C. for her 8th birthday!  All I could think of was “What a strange thing to want for your birthday.”  It’s pretty awesome though, if you ask me.  Which you didn’t, but pretend you did :)  Yay for 8 year olds wanting to see the white house & museums!  She’s been asking her parents for this trip for the past three years according to the woman she was with!  Crazy.

By the way: Does it bother anyone that I use spinning and cycling interchangeably?  I don’t mean to.  It just happens 😦 (they do mean the same thing though, right?)


When I left, I stopped by Food Lion for some grub. I went to take a picture of it when I got into class and realized I forgot my camera in the car.  To make matters worse, I somehow forgot to save the picture of the pear 😦
Let’s pretend this was my d’Anjou pear.  It wasn’t the prettiest pear in the world, but it tasted nice and juicy and amazing!

Pretzels & cinnamon goldfish were also consumed.  That gross looking piece of random food in the bottom right of the bag was a leftover piece of a clif bar, which I also ate 🙂
I didn’t eat the whole bag worth of food.  Just about half.  Gaaaaah carbs.  Too many carbs! 

While we’re on the subject of too much of one food type, I want to mention that I’ve decided to do actual research *gasp* for that health post I’m going to do.  I’ll have it to you all within the next couple days though!


Plans for the next few days:

  • Statistics test tomorrow morning
  • Possibly getting sized for my cap and gown (not sure if I actually care enough to go to the graduation.  I’m just graduating from my community college and I’m not all that excited about it.  It feels kind of weird to have a graduation half-way through my college experience.)
  • Work tomorrow night at 5:30
  • Christopher Newport University Friday for a tour!
  • Work Friday night at 5:30
  • Spinning class Saturday morning(?)
  • Work at 3 on Saturday & Sunday

I’m sure I’ll be running at least a couple times during the next few days, but I’m unsure of the details on that.


I’ve yawned way too much while writing this post so I think it’s about time I hit the hay. 

Good night!


2 responses to “Two–a–day love

  1. I forget to shake it out sometimes too 😉

    Imagine how much harder it would be to lay someone off in real life! I would love to be a manager someday, but wonder if I could handle that.

    How cool that girl wants to go to DC! I only went this year but think I would have liked it when I was a kid. They have a lot of kid oriented stuff at the museums.

    I am not sure if cycling and spinning are different! I just call it “bike” but I don’t use one of those spinning bikes.

  2. I always forget to shake out until it is too late! haha! I always remember when my upper back starts feeling stiff…oops! haha!

    That sounds like a really cool class assignment…I think that is what I miss most about college. Those really cool “real-life” case studies. Okay…are you now convinced that I am DORK?!

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