Too much?

Food 002 
I tried to make this burrito blogworthy.

Food 003

Jon Alan surprised me with this jar of goodness the other day.  I was a little scared to try it, but it’s really not that bad!

Food 004

& with cookies, it’s even better! 

Food 008

So good! 
3/4 of the waffle had butter, syrup & about 1/2 a
The last 1/4 had vanilla yogurt blends ice cream! 
Dessert & dinner all in one!
Food 009

So far, not too bad.  I was an eating machine yesterday though….

Food 011

Yogurt with cherrios & blueberries.  I probably could have gone without this.  Oh well.

Food 016

Jon Alan snacked on this.  I took one look at it and decided it was blogworthy 🙂

I ended up eating the rest of the peach along with even more yogurt.  Hmmm…. not the most nutritious day ever.  I’ll have to get my butt back on track today.

Is it possible to eat too much yogurt? 
I’m guessing yes, hoping no!


5 responses to “Too much?

  1. your burrito looks yummy. i’m thinking mexican for lunch!

  2. Waffles…yum…I so need a waffle maker in my life! 🙂

  3. I actually save yogurt for my post run shakes but all your eats are making me hungry!

    good thing I had lunch!

    Happy Monday

  4. WOW that chocolate looks amazing!!

  5. I’m saying no haha…. Yogurt is so good and so good for you.

    I don’t know how man kind could live without it

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