Hello, Windows Live Writer!

Boy, oh boy. 

I had the hardest time getting Windows Live Writer to work!  Last night, I decided that I would check it out and see if it makes blogging any easier/more fun. Well, when I got to the step where it was trying to connect to my blog, I reached a dead end.  Apparently, windows live writer goes through internet explorer to connect.  Since my internet explorer has been having problems for quite a while now, it wasn’t working!  Every time I tried to open internet explorer, it would say that there was a connection error.. blah blah blah… and couldn’t connect to the internet.  I knew it wasn’t simply an internet connection problem for my computer as a whole because firefox wasn’t having a problem.

After googling with no avail, I finally went to sleep and considered it a lost cause.  When I woke up this morning, I really wanted to try again.  Eventually, I came upon a website where a replier said to go to tools-internet options-connections->LAN settings & make sure the only box checked was “Automatically detect settings.” Worked like a charm!

I guess I jinxed myself last night when I stated that oatmeal doesn’t hurt my stomach.  Actually, things rarely cause my stomach pain.  Something I ate last night is apparently an exception to that.  My stomach started hurting around the time that I wrote that last post.  I was hoping that dessert would fix it (don’t ask me why I thought dairy would help stomach issues…).
dessert 001
I’ve mentioned before how much I adore the Edy’s Yogurt Blends.  This was no exception.  Utterly amazing.
dessert 003
Paired with strawberries & blueberries,

dessert 004


Time to go get ready to run!


One response to “Hello, Windows Live Writer!

  1. fattiefatterton

    I always think that ice cream will fix my tummy issues. 😀

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