Decisions, decisions

Last night, Jon Alan and I went to see Alice in Wonderland.

Loved. It.

I don’t quite remember the old movie (I haven’t seen it in forever), so I’m not sure how similar they were.  The effects were amazing though and the same can be said for the acting.  In my opinion though, you can’t go wrong with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, & Anne HathawayStrange combination; however, it worked.

[edit to add: I’m not picky when it comes to movies.  Seriously, I love pretty much any movie I see.  After reading Meghann‘s post about not liking it, I figured I should probably add the fact that I love all movies.  It wouldn’t be good if people went out and saw it thinking it was going to be amazing & then have me get a ton of comments saying “that movie sucked!” lol]

On the way to the movie theater, we stopped at a local mexican restaurant for dinner.  No pictures 😦 sorry.  It didn’t look too special, so you’re really not missing much!

I did take a picture of what I ate once we got to the theater!

So good.

Last night, I made the decision to just go to the spinning class today rather than the 5k I mentioned.  This morning, I woke up way earlier than usual and started debating which one I would rather do.  In the end, I decided to do the spinning class.  I don’t get to see my mom nearly as much as I would like to, so this is the choice that allows me to spend some time with her.  Plus, I called her and she said that Jordan, one of my sisters, is going today too!

Jordan lives about 3 minutes away from me (and that’s running, not driving) so we’re just going to carpool to the gym 🙂

Does your family ever influence the exercise activity you do?


One response to “Decisions, decisions

  1. I don’t remember what the orginial Alice and Wonderland was about either. It wasn’t my favorite as a kid but I do want to see this one! Mainly because I love Johnny Depp! 🙂

    I am glad you had a fun morning with your mom this morning. My Dad does body pump with me and I LOVE IT!Working out with my dad always makes me smile!

    Happy Saturday Sammi!

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