Spring cleaning!


I needed an excuse to use my new mug that I got at SeaWorld!
Tea seemed like the perfect fit.

It didn’t exactly hit the spot.  Only drank about 1/4.  I really need to go shopping for some new tea!  This one was a berry flavored bag, but I think I prefer regular tea flavors.

Simple, yet delicious.  2 fried eggs (runny yolk, of course) with two pieces of buttered toast.
The word of the day: procrastination!

I have quite a bit of accounting homework I need to get finished before class on Monday night.  For me, this means I’m getting a lot of cleaning done!

How’d that elbow get in there?
Reorganized my racing bibs!  The old positioning didn’t leave enough room for the most recent one.
Plus, I was able to add future races to that spot on the mirror.  Note: I’m not sure if I’m going to run that race tomorrow or not.  If rain is on the schedule for tomorrow, I’m going to go to a spinning class with my mom instead.

Lunch break!  Pork bbq sandwich.

Then back  to cleaning/organizing:

Who else adores plastic bins like this one?  I could easily find excuses to have fifty of these things!
Inside: Running gear, what else?
Bonus: this bin gives me the perfect place to store my yoga mat & gym bag.

My room looked like it had been ransacked when I got back from Florida.  That, or hit by a tornado.
Clothes everywhere (both clean & dirty), gym bag & suitcase opened up in the middle of the room and basically everything else I own throw on the floor.  Current condition: I can actually see my floor!  Woohoo!

It’s so strange how excited I get when I can get up in the middle of the night and not worry about stepping on anything while walking to the bathroom!

Unfortunate truth: It’s most likely not going to last.  Cross your fingers that I keep it clean for a while!

Do you manage to keep your room clean all the time or does it go through dirty phases like mine?


5 responses to “Spring cleaning!

  1. my room always goes through dirty phases. I usually get to the point where I can’t handle it any longer and clean my entire room until its spotless just to get messed up again by clothes.

    Your bbq sandwich loooks very tasty. I know we are not too southern but I feel we are southern enough to still love our bbq

    • That’s exactly how it is with my room! You know who has really good bbq? dairy queen 🙂 haha. At least, it was really good when I got it when I was hungover once… lol.

      You still doing that race tomorrow?

  2. My room is usually always clean but my closet…now that is an entirely different story!!

  3. Come on, run that race in the rain! 🙂 It would be fun and refreshing! 🙂

    My room is usually pretty organized, but I have a walk-in closet to throw things in to, so that is probably why.

  4. um….I thought my SeaWorld Mug was the BEST EVER…but now I have a crush on YOUR MUG…so stinking cute!

    you’ve been busy Chica! good for you!

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