Who needs it?

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to read The Last Song with Miley Cyrus as the main character?  Well, I guess that jinxed me!  The dialogue is definitely being heard in her voice… oh well!

I started off the flight reading; however, I made myself fall asleep once I started feeling a little motion sick.

My eats have been a little bit on the random side since I got home.  In addition to the pictures below, I’ve also had a couple frozen burritos in the past two days.  They’re so easy when I’m hungry and don’t feel like cooking; however, they’re boring when it comes to appearance.

Toasted peanut butter & apple butter sandwich.  I love apple butter!

Breakfast this morning was delicious.  2 fried eggs, fried sliced potatoes, & a slice of fried ham.  Hmmm… I just typed the word “fried” way too much!  It’s not like it was deep fried though.

Who needs ketchup when you have runny yolk? Not I!

Meet my mom at the gym for the 4:15 spinning class.  It was a new instructor and even though it was a little hard to get into the music, I really liked her!  I can’t wait to go running tomorrow!  The whole drive home for the class all I could think about was going for a run!
Who needs make-up when you have sweat?

I stumbled across some expired instant oatmeal.

I have a bad habit of thinking things are still okay to eat even when the date has passed…
The texture was sorta totally creeping me out.  I grew up always putting half & half or some sort of creamer on my oatmeal, but I don’t do that very often anymore.  Apparently, the stuff isn’t that healthy for you lol.

Better.  French Vanilla creamer does wonders.
Overall, fail.  Hopefully, it was just the fact that it was expired and not that it’s just always disgusting! 
Has anyone else ever tried this oatmeal?

Jon Alan surprised me tonight with something heavenly!  Strawberry milkshake from Hardee’s.  I have a total weakness for ice cream, so it only makes sense that I also have a total weakness for milkshakes as well!

It’s a little on the early side for me to be so tired, but I am.  Time to listen to my body & go to sleep!
Good night!


One response to “Who needs it?

  1. Oh, awesome, awesome apple butter, how I miss you.

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