There’s no place like home/SeaWorld [Part 2]

Sitting in the Charlotte airport again!
I finished Dear John on the first flight.  It was one of those endings that left you wondering whether you should be happy or very upset. I’ve seen The Notebook and A Walk to Remember and loved both of them; however, this was my first book by Nicholas Sparks that I’ve ever read.  In the end, I really enjoyed the book.  It left you sort of guessing what was going to happen.  I already bought The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks shortly after we landed and I’m going to start reading it on the next flight.

The book version of Dear John described Savannah as a brunette, so I didn’t imagine Amanda Seyfried as that character.  In comparison, I’m not going to imagine Miley Cyrus as the female character in this book.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain why!


We stopped at a place called Carolina Pit BBQ where I got the breakfast on a biscuit meal.  I didn’t want meat on it, so I traded country ham for my dad’s orange wedge.

Eats from yesterday:

A piece of the best bread ever (which I’ll have to post the recipe for eventually!) warmed up and topped with taco sauce and mozzarella cheese.  This was actually only half of the piece, the other half was topped with butter, but apparently, I was too hungry to take a picture!  Oops!

Dinner was two slices of pizza.

Dessert is a must when visiting family.  Vanilla caramel ice cream. The picture does not do this justice!  It was delicious!

Next time I’m in Orlando, I need to go to one of those fro-yo places I see all over the blogs!  I kept bringing it up to the people in my family, but no one was interested 😦 plus, no one even knew where one was located!

Time for some more SeaWorld pics:

It took me a second to realize that was an octopus! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen one before! lol.
Not sure what the pink thing is, but it’s pretty cool too, in my opinion.

Leafy sea dragon! Awwwwwesome!  Like a seahorse with a plant growing on it or something.  🙂

Little lobster-ish thing?  I’m so technical, I know.  You know you aren’t a marine biology major when…

To whoever is going to buy me a sting ray for my birthday: Any of these will do!
Hey, a girl can dream.

When anheuser-busch sold SeaWorld, they took the clydesdales with them.  SeaWorld did get a hold of two different horses to keep in the stables though.

This horse looked down right sad. 😦  I just wanted to take it out to that field behind the stables and let him run wild!

This picture was taken right after this horse was put back in the stable.

[My computer must hate me.  I spent the last 5 minutes waiting to it to stop freaking out!  I love this computer; however, I’m going to be really happy when I find out what school I’m going to this fall so I can buy a new one.]

The dolphin nursery at SeaWorld has a fence around the tank, keeping people at a distance.  Therefore, I was unable to take very good pictures of the dolphins.  I did learn a few things while watching them swim around though.  Since dolphins like to “get frisky” for fun, the females get pregnant quite often.   The woman talking about the dolphins at this area told us that they have actually trained the dolphins to pee in a cup so they can do pregnancy tests on them!  Janell also added that they do the tests once a month.  How crazy is that?

Time to head on over to the gate now.

SeaWorld [part 3] will feature the last of the pictures.  I believe all that is left are the gators & manatees!  Even though they move around very slowly, I could probably sit and watch manatees float around all day.  They some how manage to still be entertaining!


7 responses to “There’s no place like home/SeaWorld [Part 2]

  1. I am so glad you are havng fun Sammi!! 🙂

  2. hope your having a good time! I am jealous its warm there. your food looks great

  3. Hey! I’m new to your blog 🙂

    I love Nicholas Sparks books! I think I’ve read almost all of them. You’ll be hooked very soon!

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting! I’ll be checking your blog out when I finish writing this 🙂 For some reason, I didn’t think I would like his books. They’re amazing though! I’m already hooked lol. I have a feeling all of them are going to make me cry 🙂 Which one is your favorite?

      • I’ve cried during and after most of them! My favorite is A Walk To Remember (so much better than the movie..which I also love) but that’s such a typical answer. The Choice is a really good one that hasn’t been made into a movie!

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