SeaWorld [part 1] & Surprise blogger run!

I’m going to warn you now, I took 271 pictures since my last post.  Thankfully for you, I’m not going to post all of them.
[Side note: mozilla just crashed in the middle of my post!  Not cool.  I’m so glad wordpress saves the draft every now and then!  I still lost quite a bit though :(]

Let’s go in reverse!
I just ate a post-run bowl of applesauce (still hungry though so I’m going to grab something else in a couple minutes!)

I emailed Caitlin when I got  to Florida about meeting up for a run.  She showed up around 10 and we ran a slow but fun 5.65 miles.  Total time: 1 hr 1 min 8 sec.

It was so nice getting to run with someone new!  We talked the entire time and thankfully both of our legs felt like lead so we were on the same page about taking a few walking breaks.

Pre-run I had a piece of toast with peanut butter. I’ve decided that isn’t very good for pre-run fuel for me since I ended up getting a cramp.  Looks like I’ll be sticking to oatmeal from now on!

Yesterday’s run:
Distance: 4.6 miles
Time: 44 min 6 sec

Once my dad and I got back, I had some cereal (frosted flakes, I’m guessing) and then started getting ready for SeaWorld!

When Janell picked me up, I was still pretty hungry.  Cereal never does anything for my hunger!  We ended up stopping at Subway on our way.

I had a 6 inch meatball marinara sub with provolone cheese and two white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.

Best cookies eh-vah!

SeaWorld time!

First stop, Manta.
I would be lying if I said the ride didn’t make me feel sick!

Thankfully, we weren’t on it when it got stuck!

Then we went through the awesome new aquarium they have going along with the new coaster.

String rays = one of my favorite animals
Growing up, we would go to SeaWorld all the time.  Usually, our first stop was the dolphin area; however, I was constantly begging people to walk over to the string ray petting area with me!  I think the main reason is because it’s so easy to get them to go over to you!
The aquarium is awesome though, because it takes you under the string rays!  Doesn’t it look like they’re smiling?

Next stop: the underwater dolphin viewing area!
The male dolphins were feeling a little frisky yesterday, being the blogger I am, I took a picture!

Moving on…

After looking at the show time, I knew that I wanted to go see the Sea Lion & Otter show.  Aka- the “let’s ignore the trainers” show.  Which actually, is what makes it so great!

While everyone is finding a space in the stands, there is a mime that walks around making fun of everyone!

That was the view of the anchor when the otter was supposed to be putting it down… & that is why I love the show 🙂 Later on, the otter came out to steal the treasure map.  First, he made a pit stop at the anchor to let it down!  I took a video of it, with me laughing like an idiot in the background, but I’m having enough trouble with the internet as it is.  Plus, I have no idea how to put videos on youtube!  I’ll try to once I get back to Virginia.


I really really really need to take a shower!  The internet here isn’t liking me right now, so I’m going to finish up the rest of the SeaWorld pictures a little later!

What’s your favorite animal?


10 responses to “SeaWorld [part 1] & Surprise blogger run!

  1. I love seaworld! That’s my favorite theme park in FLA.

    I’m in the H wave for the Monument Ave 10k. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

    • SeaWorld is amazing 🙂 Awesome! I thought my dad might be running in that one, but he’s signed up for the one right behind yours! Good luck in case I don’t see you!

  2. So fun!!! My favorite animal…golden retrievers!

    You looked so cute on Caitlin’s blog…such a cute pic!

  3. How many days a week do you run?

    • It varies, A LOT. Usually, I shoot for about 4 times a week. I don’t run by myself (except for on the treadmill at the gym. ew! lol) so it really just depends on if I have anyone to run with me!

  4. traynharder23

    PEANUT BUTTER! LOL! you are so cute with caitlin!

    i LOVE the shark exhibit in sea world! LOL!

    burpee: do you need me to VIDEO DEMO IT?! lol; basically you squat down and jump your feet back into a pushup, do a pushup, and then jump feet back up to your hands, and jump up and clap overhead.

    • Ew! Who would want to do that? haha. Sounds hard! You must be a beast to be able to do that! A video demo would be great lol. But the computer symbol demo would be even better 🙂 haha.

  5. Yay! I love running with other bloggers! 🙂

    I love sea creatures too. But I love all cats first and foremost!

  6. Looks like a fun day! 🙂

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